Verse from the Veda to Liberate Oneself

About ten years ago, Earthwatch Institute declared bees to be the most valuable species on the planet, and recently the Royal Geographic Society of London similarly declared the bee to be the most important living being on the planet. Almost 90% of the major food crops humans live upon are reliant upon bees for pollination, and of course, thousands of animals and birds live upon plants pollinated by bees.

I completely agree that bees are the most important species, because if they die off, we will die as well. Unfortunately, for us, the bees are disappearing. There has been a steep decline in the population of wild and domestic bees over the last few years due to climate change, pesticide use, pollution, and so on, so who knows what will happen. On the bright side, I have many bee friendly plants growing in the yard, and this summer I did notice a slight increase in bees.

Bees are certainly important to the planet, and the most dangerous creature on the planet is man. Obviously, humans are the most dangerous, but of the species, man is the worst. That is why the Lord of all creatures presents humans with the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, to overcome. The knowledge is not complex so every person can understand – be kind and helpful to all creatures, so that all can enjoy.

Here is a verse from the Veda to liberate oneself.

To be a killer, angry all the time, or ignorant of the knowledge to become exhausted and die, for protection to rise up and liberate oneself with the sound of service, and use effort filling with the breath for the inspiration instigates the love of giving.

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