Verse from the Veda to Lift Up

I currently reside in a large city. The population is very diverse, I see and meet people who have come from all over the world, and I feel very comfortable with that, in fact, moved here because of that. Since a teenager, my musical interest has been primarily religious/spiritual and traditional from cultures around the world, and because of the city’s diversity, I have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of live ethnic music.

I love eating in restaurants serving Mexican, Central and South American, Island, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, African, really, cuisine from just about everywhere. I enjoy cooking dishes from those areas and beyond, and can do that because there are grocery stores selling the necessary ingredients.

I cherish diversity and feel so much fuller because of it. I would not want to live in a less diverse place. Paradise will look much like here because all the children of heaven will be there. You will find wide diversity, non-discrimination, non-harming, kindness toward all, and such is the Sacred Knowledge to follow for heaven upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda to lift up.

Space is unborn and the air that comes from is the sustenance of all, and comes to you to fill up to hold to lift up from the earth. The earth is a cherished place but to love to be with me in heaven where there is no pasture.

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