Verse from the Veda about the Doctrine being Hijacked

Over the period known as the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of Humanity, much of the Sacred Teaching vanished and a little remained to split into the various religions of today such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Sikhism, Voodoo, Santeria, and so on. All of the religions claim a divine origin, which is true, but all have strayed, and even if all came together to form one religion, critical steps to attain the heavenly state are not found. There are inner and outer teachings to master; the outer is kindness to all breathing creatures that cry because all are one family living in the same abode upon the same air.

The religions previously mentioned are earthly religions, and to follow their doctrine to death leads to rebirth upon the earth, repeatedly until the Sacred Teaching is mastered. A serious problem is that their holy texts are translated from Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic, Avestan, Arabic, and so on, as a common language rather than a Sacred Text. A result of the poor translation of their spiritual texts is a misguided doctrine and to follow does not result in the promise, i.e. eternal bliss in the heavenly state. The religions of the earth do not teach the Sacred Doctrine and as a result, today a hellish state exists upon the earth with a high number of people with a high degree of anger and low degree of morality.

If you have any interest in reaching the heavenly state, begin by following the moral teaching of kindness to any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. For those with a greater interest the knowledge of heaven for heaven is available on this site now for knowing and attaining. Here is a mantra from the Veda about the teaching of heaven spreading in the wrong direction.

The invisible protector of the universe comes down and back traveling the path, yet the knowledge of the good path directed with one aim has spread in many directions.

To be devoted to the doctrine, compassion is like behaving properly towards a lover with an inner part produced in meditative absorption.

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Verse from the Veda to Care for Others to Care for Others

The enlightened spread all over the earth and attained many names. In the Rigveda, the highest state attainable by a human on the earth is that of a Buddha, and enlightened beings attain a body of light and eternal happiness to prove the doctrine. In other ancient texts, the awakened attain the name of Magi, Āditya, Messiah, Asura, Priest King, and so on. Ṡākyamuni Buddha was the last enlightened being to grace the earth and with passing, the Sacred Knowledge faded away. It disappeared for the whole of the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of humanity that began about 700 BC. It was a dangerous, brutal, bloodthirsty time to be alive, and accordingly a portion of the time in Europe is called the Dark Ages. It is now over, but ignorance and danger will continue upon the earth for a long time to come. The next Golden Age is many thousands of years away, but for those interested, the knowledge to become golden is here now. The path is long but shortened by understanding, and greatly shortened by devotion and living accordingly. Here is a mantra from the Veda.

To spread the knowledge to tread the good path with good fortune and a light to investigate, with that to become an authority, and an authority is powerful with the power of love to care for others, for those to care for others and so on.

Verse from the Veda to Find Happiness

The Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, advances to all people throughout the universe via the principle of life and sensation, a breath from heaven, for a person to rise to heaven. The knowledge that spreads throughout the universe obviously spread throughout the earth. Unfortunately, such was many thousands of years ago when the Shining Ones graced the earth as shining examples of the Holy Teaching. They were people like us who listened to the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe and lived accordingly. They became enlightened and glowed with light and happily served the less fortunate upon the earth. The teaching was preserved via the Oral Tradition so an unbroken thread continued upon the earth until the lineage ended, at which time the text was carved or painted on walls or scribed on palm leaves for preservation. Although there is a claim by some of being enlightened, there has not been such a person upon the earth in over three thousand years yet the spiritual teaching to follow to become is available. The knowledge is preserved in all the ancient spiritual texts of the world, preserved in the texts of the Rigveda, Upanishads, Quran, Bible, and so on, yet not transmitted due to inept translations. Here is a mantra to give you the idea.

The first Angiras gained vital force for themselves, then the fire was ignited through good thoughts and deeds. Together they found happiness and the light by gathering the breath within, essential to liberate the bound soul to the Eternal Spirit pervading the universe.


Verse from the Veda to become a Hero

Eternal KnotThe Bhagavad Gita is one of the three foundational spiritual texts associated with Hinduism with over fifty illogical English translations. The Gita is a portion of the Mahabharata, and every translation I looked at, places it on the eve of a war. The Mahabharata War is said to have taken place around 3000 BC. Some writers consider it fact, while others see it as an allegorical struggle of the human condition. Without an accurate translation, it is best to see it allegorically. In many nations today, a person becomes a hero by fighting in war, but here, to become a spiritual hero, the great battle to consider is abandoning the ego to fight for the good of all. To be kind and compassionate to all breathing creatures that cry, yes, all creatures of the land, air, and water. There are many mundane translation of the text, but here is the spiritual mantra to consider.

Mortals become heroes by growing great with the air, and though great devotion gain great power for great deeds, like cutting off the ego in the great battle to live to serve a great many.


Verse from the Veda about Philosophy

Buddha in MeditationIn the west, we tend to think that philosophy began in Greece with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and others, or earlier thinkers like Thales and Pythagoras. Around 500 BC Pythagoras practiced the love of wisdom, or philosophy, and at the same time, there were many religious philosophies in China like Confucianism and Taoism, Zoroastrianism in the Middle East with its dualistic cosmology of good and evil, and elsewhere.

The Avesta is the key scripture of Zoroastrianism, which begun around 1,500 BC. Written in the Avestan Language, which is similar to Sanskrit, which was in use in India by 3,000 BC, and as long as the languages have existed, a body of religious philosophy has existed. The Rigveda is in Sanskrit and the oldest spiritual text in existence. The philosophy is of the Oral Tradition, which has existed as long as people have existed, but written down when writing developed around 3,000 BC.

The Sacred Text uses many names for the philosophy it advances such as the Middle Way, the way, the good path to good fortune, the Philosophical System of AH, the Doctrine of the Absolute Unity of Spirit, and so on. The school has yet to find where the philosophy appears in a structured way, maybe because it is not so complex. Anyway, here is what I have on the site about The Five Principles of the Philosophical System of AH.

Every living being is given the breath of life to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the earth or not, but if you do not master the system and have moral impurity you will experience life after life wondering here, in this place, no wonder it is called the hereafter. Living upon the earth can be difficult and dangerous, but to abandon the world to become a Buddha to come to enjoy freedom from suffering.

A Buddha is the highest state a human can attain and the enlightened of the world attain many other names as well such as Rishi, Angira, Aditya, Serpent King, Magi, Messiah, Shining One, and so on. Their teaching was, is, and will be the Philosophical System of AH. In ancient times, when the philosophy was understood and mastered countless Shining Ones walked the earth in service to humanity on any given day. The Holy Mantras say thousands have won the race with yama, death, and since the philosophy disappeared, zero. Here is a mantra from the Veda.

A cover in comparison is collected into a heap, empty, but connected to people with the air for filling a form. To bind to AH with competence to be present to reach to the suffering, and love for those in confusion is the Philosophical System of AH.


Verse from the Veda about the Universal Rule

Buddha in MeditationThe philosophy to follow to attain the heavenly state has many names, such as the way, the Middle Way, the path, the good path to good fortune, the knowledge of happiness, the Philosophical System of AH, the Universal Rule, and so on.

Shakyamuni Buddha, Angirasa Kumara, was the last Buddha to roam the earth. Kumara means a prince, a child, or an heir apparent in Sanskrit, and the prince was an Angira, a person of the lineage of Rishis, seers possessing extraordinary perceptions. They are most notably associated with the Rigveda, the oldest religious text in existence. The lineage ended before the text appeared in Sanskrit around 1,000 BC, and nowadays, the Buddha is mistakenly thought to have taught the Four Noble Truths. The philosophy delivered by the Buddha was the Nyaya System, the Universal Rule. Nya in Sanskrit means to give up or resign and aya means a favorable fortune.

A philosophy is a theory of the principles or laws regulating the universe and knowledge. A system of forming an arrangement of things into a whole and for that, a course of conduct is given. The Sacred Text is a call to become a saint, a wonderworker, a tireless promoter of unity among all people, and to go towards to help the disadvantaged and the disturbed of the world is the religious calling. There are many titles for the spiritually enlightened, but only one way to attain a title, and that, master the philosophy and abandon the ego. The text says it takes virtue and going beyond, and herein is the same teaching all enlightened beings adhered to for that. Here is a mantra from the Veda, from the Nyaya, the Universal Rule.

Yes, stand fast with a measure of AH, to become bright long for stillness and to come is a name of Buddha and the knowledge of heaven.

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Verse from the Veda for Compassion for Everyone

Giving Water to a TravelerA few days ago, Google released a series of four short three-minute videos, documenting thirty-seven years of transformation on the earth. There is an introductory video, one of the growth of cites, one on the decline of forests, and one on the rise in sea level due to melting ice. Google has thirty-seven years of satellite images it spliced together to illustrate change in different parts of the world.

The effects of climate change now and loom in the future are scary to contemplate. Because of water drying up in some places and building up in others there is going to be a mass migration to places with clean water and dry land. Because clean water and dry land will be in short supply for multitudes of people, people will need to learn how to get along with one another. The way they get along now is not sustainable.

It is scary and if people continue to follow the religion they are following or not following, things will continue to deteriorate on the earth. The moral decline over the last fifty years is staggering, and to continue declining at such a pace is scary to contemplate. I live in the violent, intolerant, sexist, racist, homophobic United States. Christianity is the main religion. I cannot completely blame the religion for the mortal decline, but such positions feed a congregation in some churches and mega-churches. And to follow such positions, at death, leads downward not upward.

For those to consider the Holy Doctrine, to follow the doctrine leads higher in this lifetime. The philosophy is compassion for all breathing creatures that cry, yes, all. Be a peaceful and caring person. Consume a vegetarian diet, and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. Do not harm any creature. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly, so all can enjoy life upon the earth. Aha and here is a verse from the Veda for compassion for the whole of the earth.

To come and go or be secure to the Lord to be present with to take the part of, yes, for compassion for the whole of the earth.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

Verse from the Veda to Part the Cloud

Almost as far back as I can remember I have heard that the end times are near. It seems like a steady stream of “prophets” have made the claim throughout my life, but the times have come and gone. Twice in recent times, more people than usual were taken by the claim. For the New Year’s Eve ceremony ushering in the year 2000 I rented a large hall with all the amenities expecting a large gathering, yet about a third appeared, the rest were too scared. Some had acquired an electrical generator, stocked up on food, water, and such, and hunkered down for the darkness to arrive. At sunrise, we gathered in front of the altar for prayers and blessings and rose up to enjoy the day.

Then again, in 2012, the same thing happened. People thought the Mayan calendar was ending, and therefore, the world was ending, but the calendar does not end because it is circular, and the world did not end. At sunrise, we gathered in front of the altar for prayers and blessings and rose up to enjoy the day.

Through people’s negligence and greed, the earth is slowly becoming a more inhospitable. The rivers, lakes, and oceans are polluted, the air contains toxic particles, the weather is becoming extreme, and food is declining in nutrition. In the last fifty years, people’s morals have declined immensely, and today, morality is turned around. People are quick to anger and fight and have a wide assortment of very dangerous weapons on hand, some with the ability to decimate the earth, so yes, the time is dangerous.

The earth could become uninhabitable for humans, but life will go on. The world is not going to end any time soon, and the universe is growing. The Manvatara or day of Brahma is the period between the birth of the universe and its dissolution. It has ten ages and each lasts 4.32 billion earth years, so 43.2 billion earth years. Scientists currently estimate the universe to be about 14 billion years old and expanding, so there is lots of time to enjoy. The teaching of Brahma is to enjoy life upon the earth and be kind to others, do not take away the breath or the sunshine from any creature of the land, water, or air. Here is a mantra from the Veda to part the cloud.

There is no end to the region of vastness as it proceeds to the beginning. A day of Brahma is the period between the birth of the universe and its dissolution. To begin, the dust gathers into dense worlds in the universe, and as the clouds part the sun appears with light, brilliant as a particle or spread out.

Verse from the Veda that has Existed Since the Beginning

The religions that people fervently worship on the earth today such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and so on, will eventually disappear, just as the many religions of the past. Since the Holy Doctrine is for people to reach the highest state of enlightenment, a Buddha, Buddhism will likely survive, but the current doctrine will not.

Just as religions come and go, the gods come and go. Many people today have heard of the Greek gods like Zeus, Apollo, and Athena, but maybe not Hephaistos, Artemis, and Demeter, there are twelve or so. Some people have heard of the Norse gods like Thor, Vanir, Odin, Frigg, and Loki. Some have heard of the gods of the Rigveda like Agni, Indra, Usha, Ashvins, Varuna, Aryama, and Mitra. Nevertheless, what all these gods did and how they were worshipped only scholars might know. I am a scholar of the Rigveda and know that the Vedic gods are nothing more than untranslated Sanskrit words, and when the school translates the Sacred Text, all the gods disappear with a few exceptions, such as the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Lakshmi.

Agni becomes fire or the sacrificial fire, Indra is power, the Maruts are the wind and the Shining Ones, the Ashvins uphold heaven and are the Two Divinities, Usha is the early morning or the dawn, Mitra is a friend, Rudra is Divine Father, Ida is Divine Mother, Vayu is the wind in the body, and so on. Most Sanskrit words have many meanings so a translator as many options. As a translator, I use the translation because it is immensely helpful in understanding the mantra. The mantras of the Rigveda are not praise of some forgotten god, as many folks believe, but the Holy Doctrine for people to eliminate suffering and rise up to heaven in heavenly bliss to return to the earth an enlightened being to help people.

The religions of today are not useless as their various charities are of tremendous help to people in need. Their work is evident all over the United States because so many people are in need. Such a shame for a rich county like the United States to have so much poverty, homelessness, and hunger, and without the religious organizations, so many more people would be suffering.

The Doctrine of Heaven says to care for people in need, and a virtuous activity to volunteer in the food shelves, clothing distribution centers, and housing the homeless. Donating items to be given away is virtuous and virtuous activities up a person’s chance of attaining the heavenly state. More than that is necessary for heaven and that is where the religions of today fall short. So if your wish is eternal happiness, care for creatures with compassion, and seek the teaching that has existed since to beginning.

Here is a mantra from the Veda to know.

To serve the family become splendorous for those in the field to see an invisible power form a likeness to other beings there below, and the mind has been transformed, purified by attention to the teaching that has existed since the very beginning.

Verse from the Veda You Might Not Have Heard

I saw a news story about Pope Francis, chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church, wherein same-sex marriages cannot be blessed. He said they can’t be blessed because God can’t bless sin, but he should learn the Holy Teaching of heaven wherein all beings are blessed. Sex and sexual issues are not a new issue for the religion, but it supports an ongoing unrighteous position about it. If the act of loving does not harm anyone, what is the issue? The issue lies within the doctrine of the church and the pope and anyone else who has an issue with two people coming together in marriage. God and Goddess love and bless everyone, and such is the Holy Doctrine.

The Catholic Church along with the many branches of the Christian religion certainly treat females as subservient to males, which is certainly not the righteous position to take either. I am not sure what their issue is here since the Holy Teaching is equality, compassion for all loving breathing creatures.

The Catholic Church just like the many Christian branches do not condone the killing of animals and eating of meat. The problem here is that Christians do not know of Holy Doctrine because the church does not teach the Holy Doctrine. If they did, they would know of Holy Teaching of equality, compassion for all loving breathing creatures that cry.

Recently the pope met with the most revered Shiite Muslim leader, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, in Najaf, Iraq, to urge peace between the two religions. Since both religions are sexist and dangerous and do not teach the Holy Doctrine of compassion for all loving breathing creatures that cry, such a marriage seems dangerous, but we pray for peace.

The moral teaching of heaven is not difficult to understand. I present it often enough, but here it is again. Compassion for all breathing creatures that cry is the Holy Way. Be a peaceful and caring person. Consume a vegetarian diet, and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. Do not harm any creature. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly, so all can enjoy life upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda you might not have heard.

You may have heard that a loving God dwells within mortals, but have you heard that to spread wide with the air to praise, the Goddess praises with light and thoughtful words to benefit all mortals.