Verse from the Veda About Being Different

I am sad to hear that the Christian churches are going to open soon. Church gatherings are dangerous at any time because they offer no salvation, but especially now. Such gatherings have become centers for covid-19 spread, so there is no good reason to open, and especially now. They offer hope and the possibility of salvation, but it is just talk, the earthly religions do not lead to heavenly delight, only suffering and death upon the earth.

The Christian teaching is full of lies with very little validity, although a house for people to worship and gather as friends is provided, but such is an issue, especially now. Now as always, it is far better to follow the religion of heaven that does not meet in closed spaces, it meets in the fields and forests of the earth. Space is vast, so no problem in getting away to follow the heavenly way and work on salvation.

I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last couple of months. Stars not visible for many years due to pollution are visible again. The air I live upon is much cleaner. Some people call it a lock-down, but nothing changed for me, I still regularly visit the field where I live for worship and meditation.

Be a lemming on the way to slaughter, or choose to be different, and follow the Holy Way to heaven, and here is a verse from the Veda about just that.

The darkness is consumed by light, the earth is a wide abode where horses like neighing and cattle like feeding in the pastures. Be like that or choose to be different, and come to fill with the heavenly air to enjoy with a light to spread around.

Verse from the Veda to Remove the Cause of Illusion

When I began translating the ancient texts, I was surprised to discover certain notions. I think a good illustration of that comes from the word dog. The Sanskrit word for dog is shvan, and all the published translations of the Rigveda, reference the animal, but in every translated mantra of the Rgvedaschool, the word dog is a verb and comes before the noun. To dog refers to following, pursuing something closely, such as dogging or hounding the Sacred Knowledge. I asked a few people how long they thought the word expressed the concept of following something closely, and like myself, thought it might be a few generations. Since it appears in the Rigveda that is likely four thousand years old, the concept might go back to the beginning of domesticated dogs, maybe twenty-thousand years. Who knows how long, but it points out translations of the oldest religious text in existence that have no meaning, and translations of the Holy Text to dog.

A few billion years ago, in the event called viraj, the physical universe came into being with a thunderous AH, which is an ongoing process. At that moment, the Divine Absolute, Brahma, separated into male and female, two divine forces to move everything of heaven and earth. The Sanskrit word viraj also means far and wide, preeminent, and the cosmic feminine force. It sounds like virage but has an opposite meaning to the English word mirage that means illusion. The play of opposites is a key feature of the Rigveda, and nothing is greater than knowing and basing one’s life upon the truth rather than a lie. Today, in the era of fake news to know the truth is critical. Know the difference and dog the righteous path.

Here is a verse from the Veda to remove the cause of illusion.

AH sustains the Shining Ones and to AH for a mover to produce the understanding, for the multitudes to be inwardly inspired, and with love in the heart to gift the knowledge and AH to people to remove the cause of illusion.

Verse from the Veda to Rejoice Along with the Field

The Creator is divine to provide all creatures with a beautiful and holy place, and a breath to live upon and flourish. All seasons have their beauty, but I enjoy the spring the most. Spring is certainly an exciting and active period of the yearly cycle. All of the birds and animals around this part of the world have become quite active, many loudly proclaiming their activity. The vegetation all creatures rely upon, either first or second hand is beginning to rise from the earth or emerge from the trees and bushes.

Plants and creatures are much the same in liking the sunlight, although some are more active at night. They are also much the same in a liking to tending. Yes, plants love attention and nursing or just enjoyed for their beauty or scent. They love when a person bows down to reverence or caress and what one breathes out the other breathes in. Plants are even caring enough to clean the air other creatures live upon.

Plants with the proper amount of sunlight, moonlight, and water, will flourish, but tended to aides their growth and productivity. When tending to the garden, I chant the Holy Syllable AH, and the plants and animals respond.

Here is a verse from the Veda to rejoice along with the field.

Really, the rice ripens quickly in the rainy season and enjoys songs of praise, devotion spreads light and exhilarated people rise for that and rejoice along with the field.

Verse from the Veda about the Sound of AH

All of the ancient spiritual texts of the world speak of producing the AH sound, inhaling a breath through the nose with AH to exhale a breath with AH from the mouth. All of the ancient texts, such as the Rigveda, Bible, Upanishads, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, and so on, say it. At least they do when the texts are translated accurately, which they are not, and such is a major problem upon the earth. People fall prey to the false narrative the religions of the earth provide, or the rejection of a Divine Religion.

The ancient texts give many examples of the sound to produce. They say the sound is similar to that of a donkey, an ass, and the recommendation is to produce an imitative sound of an ass to avoid becoming one in this or your next life upon the earth. The sound is similar to the humming of bees, the whine of a mosquito, howling wind, roar of thunder, rushing river, bleating goat, or a little animal called a Kabundi, are a few examples. Take a drink of water on a warm day and AH might just come out. Make love to your partner and AH will likely happen.

A Shruti Box is ideal for chanting Sacred AH in the fourth note of the scale, the key of F, but there are natural and unnatural sounds to chant along with for fun. Today, we have the hum of a refrigerator, whine of a vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, snow blower, weed wacker, really, any machine, and the roar of an airplane or a highway. Although, best to be away from the highway because the purpose of chanting AH is cleaning the body, and clean air is ideal.

Here is a verse from the Veda about the Sound of AH.

To be of help to dog an imitative sound of a bleating goat and produce with speed in the fourth note of the scale, know that and if weak the wind of AH controls for to beat like the heart to become strong.

Verse from the Veda about Sacred Space

People who follow the earthly religions worship inside buildings, where in many places worship has stopped because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of the structures are ordinary looking, but many are extremely ostentatious.

Christians like to worship in houses of worship called churches, and some in huge cathedrals. Catholics worship in cathedrals or basilicas, Hindus in a temple called a Mandir. Muslims pray in mosques, Japanese Buddhists in shrines, other Buddhists in temples or a place in people’s homes. Sikhs worship in a fancy temple called a Gurwara, and followers of the Judaic religion worship in a synagogue.

To become a devotee of any of the earthly religions leads to much the same result. A follower will live and die upon the earth to be born again upon the earth, life after life upon the earth while heaven is around. I do not follow or admire any of the earthly religions because their teaching is full of misinformation, and ultimately a dead end road to follow. Followers of the religion of heaven do not worship in fancy temples, shrines, cathedrals, or structures of any kind, they worship in the fields and forests of the earth, and these places are safe to worship in right now.

Here is a verse from the Veda about Sacred Space.

The air comes from the temple of space and is a Sacred Place beyond suffering. To bestow the breath with blessings to all to enter and to become vast for devotion and hold steady, to become an immortal and movement ceases.


Verse from the Veda for Healing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I hope that everyone is aware of the threat of the covid-19 virus and is taking the necessary steps to remain healthy and alive in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully you have heard that it is best to avoid large groups of people in confined spaces, keep space between other people, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and so on, and here are a few other ideas to put in your toolbox.

A Juice diet (carrots) or water for 1-3 days and lots of Vitamin C, 1 gram per hour or so. Garlic has strong antiviral activity, 2 caps 3x daily. Drink plenty of water and sufficient rest.

Many people have the herb, Thyme, around the house and it inhibits the growth and development of germs. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Useful in chronic respiratory and lung problems, throat and bronchial problems, and the onset of colds and influenza. 2 tsp. per cup of boiling water, steep 10 min. 3x daily, but avoid continual use as it hinders mineral absoption.

For many people, Ginger is a panacea. It covers the main symtoms of the infection, chest and lung congestion, sinus congestion, fevers, runny nose, aches and pains, colds, influenza, and coughs. 5-8 thin slices of Ginger in water, simmer 10 min. 3-5x daily.

Spend time outside in the sunlight as light is a natural disinfectant. The Veda says light is cleansing and purifies the body. It says roaring aloud AH to and from heaven is cleansing to the body and mind, and filling up for holding to AH is the basis of happiness. Although not critical here, something to consider a little later. Check it out and see if the teaching is true. It is good to know the truth and not follow a lie.

Since it is wise to stay away from people, do that, and make use of your time for meditation and acquaint yourself with the Sacred Teaching. In religious circles, it is called a retreat, and highly valued among devotees.

Here is a verse from the Veda for Healing During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The faithful are the best for encouraging the unfaithful to stop, to offer a mantra to think about, AH to sanctify, and water results in producing the intention for water along with AH is healing.

Verse from the Veda to Urge People to be Different

Every so often, I have difficulty making a decision, but luckily, most of the time it comes down to a simple issue of going or staying. I can easily weigh the options, but sometimes cannot decide, and in cases like that, I resort to divination. There are many ways to divine, some very elaborate that reveal lots of useful information, and some simple like the one I’m about to describe. As you can discern from the name, you are asking the divine, the celestial, for help on the earth, and I take it as a sacred action.

For this divination, I have a coin-size flat rock with an engraved image similar to the Milky Way Galaxy on one side, no image on the other. One side represents God who is without form and the other is the Goddess who has form. I will say a short prayer and state my question, and in this case, “Should I stay or go?”

I flip the rock into the heavens and let it fall unto the earth. If the rock comes up with no image, God says, “Go and have fun and harm no one.” If the rock comes up with an image, the Goddess says, “Stay and beautify the home in meditation.”

The hope is that eventually a person will master the meditations, and to master the meditations, the text says happiness results, to happily go and help others overcome suffering.

Such is the teaching. Do not harm any breathing creature that cries. Since the teaching is peaceful existence with animals, birds, fish, and such, a vegetarian diet is critical. You have no chance, zero, of tasting the delights of heaven by harming others, and upon the earth, you have the choice.

The Milky Way Galaxy contains well over 100 billion planets, and likely thousands of habitable planets like the earth. No matter how many planets sentient beings inhabit, the Holy Teaching of the Divine Absolute is the same. I have enough familiarity with the earthly religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism to know that they have diverged from the Heavenly Way, and likely the same misfortune throughout the galaxy, but hopefully not.

Here is a verse from the Veda to urge people to be different.

The mantras to praise urge all people to be giving yet people are much the same and seek to be different, but the way to win the joy of heaven is to be the same and become majestic with a breath from heaven.

Verse from the Veda for a Perfect Savior

Since the last post about peace not war and treating others kindly, the United States government collapsed, and only a tiny bleep from its people. Although the country was not perfect, it was seen as a beacon of hope for many. My grandparents immigrated here, my partners grandparents immigrated here. It is the same for many people I know, and of course, I know many who immigrated themselves. They all sought a better life here, but that has all changed, immigrants are no longer tolerated. The light that shined so brightly across the world has gone dark.

The Constitution of the United States that stood for a little over two hundred years was shredded last week. The constitution begins with “We the People” which means that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens. That, like the light has now disappeared, now the people serve a dictator.

Who knows what the future brings, but stay strong and hold to the teaching of compassion for whatever creature grasps for the breath and cries.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Here is a verse from the Veda for a Perfect Savior.

To be strong the Lord rises within to enjoy, and to become divine and compassionate, to be perfect as a Savior for the world.

Verse from the Veda to Enjoy Eternal Happiness with the Creator

It seems odd that the oldest spiritual texts in existence appear to be about war, or like the Bhagavad Gita, the eve of the great Mahabharata War. In the Rigveda, my specialty, the invaders of India are the Aryans of northern Europeans.

It is a huge mistake to take such nonsense seriously, and the problem lies with the translators. Even though there are numerous translations of the mentioned texts, like the Bible and the Quran, all of the available published translations are horrible and lead people astray of the Holy Teaching.

Most religious people have never translated a portion of the religious text they claim to follow, and likely, few of those who lead the group. I have never met a Christian who has translated any portion of the Bible yet take the text as the word of God. The Bible, just as the other texts, was translated by men who did not, or do not know the Holy Word, so it is dangerous.

To know the Holy Word know that the message is peace not war. The message is to enjoy living upon earth, do what you want, but do not harm any breathing creature that cries. That means humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and so on. Treat people kindly whether religious or not, man or woman, gay, straight, young, old, small, fat, white, dark, whatever. Do not discriminate as all are your family upon the earth.

Go ahead and read the various translations, and where you find the Holy Word, believe it, and when you find something other than that, reject it.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy eternal happiness with the Creator.

The Goddess generates a great wealth to enjoy on the earth, and with the wisdom of God in heaven to follow, to enjoy eternal happiness with me.

Verse from the Veda to be with the Lord in Space

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump will begin today, and I hope that he is impeached and removed from office as soon as possible In just a few years he along with his conspirators have destroyed what was once a great nation. Everything Trump does is for his own benefit when the Sacred Teaching of God in Heaven is to act to benefit others. Almost everything he says is a lie, which is why he calls real news fake news – to delegitimize the truth, and that is not the Holy Way. Trump is a killer. He recently killed an Iranian man and three years ago, he had a young American girl killed in Yemen. The Sacred Teaching of Heaven is very clear on that subject, “Do Not Kill.” Trump is very cruel, unbelievable cruel in that his administration can separate young children from their mothers to be put into animal cages and treated like animals when the Sacred Teaching of the Goddess of the Earth is to treat everyone as family. The teaching is to be kind to everyone, no matter his or her race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, non-religion, rich, poor, young, old, whatever. If everyone followed the teaching of God and Goddess we could all enjoy living in paradise, but his administration fosters division and bigotry, so it is quite different. It is such a weird thing to have the president of this country work for the benefit of Russia. I think if he remains in office, we could all soon enjoy the same restrictions the people in Russia endure.

It is troublesome that about the third of the country does not know or seem to care about any of that, and even more troublesome is that some so-called religious people, Christian Evangelicals, support Trump and his ungodly activities. They should ask themselves if the Savior they pray to would act like that or put up with that. To attain the heavenly state one must be a moral person and follow the Holy Teaching of kindness toward others. Donald Trump is an evil person and I pray for him to change, and now I pray for his impeachment and removal from office, so this country can once again be a beacon of righteousness to the world.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be with the Lord in Space.

To be with the Lord in space to become righteous and intentionally remove the ego, the unrighteous enemy that oppresses people.