Verse from the Veda for People to Live Together in Peace

One group of people I associate with associate with many paths. The group is comprised of about twenty people. Among the group are five African-American, a couple from the Philippians, one person from India, Kuwait, China, Thailand, and the rest appear white like me. My Mother is Finnish and Father is a mix of Swedish, German, and Scottish. My Maternal Grandparents immigrated from Finland and Great Grandparents on the other side.

If you are not Native American, you are here because of immigration. In the process of immigration, the Native population was slaughtered and displaced, and I am extremely sad about that. I occasionally visit an area where during the late 1800s; many natives were interned and died, and if I wander off the walking path to the interior of the island, I can still be struck with an overwhelming sadness and many others experience the same.

We cannot go back and undo what was done, but if we all live together peacefully and care about one another today is a way to heal. I enjoy meeting people from different cultures so I am for immigration. The group has an equal number of men and women, and some are couples but most are not. Some fit the category of LGBTQ and some do not. Some are fit and some not so, just as some are religious and some not. Those who are religious follow the earthly religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam, and we get along. We care about one another and have fun together, and such is the Holy Way.

Here is a verse from the Veda for people to live together in peace.

The highest knows the thoughts in the mind of everyone and brings the air to move the thoughts higher, and a guide to the highest is a kind and peaceful person devoted to caring for others.


Verse from the Veda for Healing

I chant the mantra of the breath every day. The best time to direct the Sacred Syllable to heaven is before sunrise and after sunset, but I enjoy chanting in the sunlight as well. Long ago I made an oath to chant a certain amount of mantra each day, but this summer, added a mantra for each death in the United States due to Covid-19. Taking an oath is an important undertaking on the Holy Path, and holding to it. You do not have to do anything elaborate in making an oath, but consider it seriously, and say you will do such and such without fail. God and Goddess know everything about you, and gladly provide you with encouragement, and it is said that by holding to an oath, favors occur twice as often. 

I am very happy to chant for less and less people each day, and hope the trend continues. So sad when so many people were dying each day due to the virus. Many days over two thousand deaths, and a thousand, so many because the government response was and is so bad, but thankfully, the number has come down. 

Even though the mantra of the breath is very simple it still takes time and effort to chant a couple hundred mantras, or a thousand.  Two thousand might not seem like a large number, but chant the mantras and it becomes a large number, and sadly, that is how many people were dying each day in the country. 

I draw in one breath for each person who can no longer draw in a breath, and send off the Sacred Syllable AH, as a cry, for each. I chant mantra every day, but it is different when chanting or moaning for someone who just died. I do not count every mantra, only the ones that feel right. 

Be careful and stay healthy, and especially now, during the pandemic. The virus effects everyone no matter the age, sex, religion, and the best preventative is to be careful and stay healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat vegetarian, drink plenty of water, and chant mantra, the Sacred Text says chanting AH with water is healing. 

Here is just such a verse from the Veda for healing. 

Water is divine to offer as oblation, and to serve with a measure of AH is healing.

Verse from the Veda to become an Authority

I have wondered for a while why people are becoming so ignorant. I cannot say that all people around the world are becoming dumb, because I am ignorant about that. I live in the United States and there, many people have fallen away from reality to support fantasy. One idea I have is that because of air pollution, the life-giving part of the air we all breath is less prevalent, and less oxygen to the brain lessens the ability to think. Another issue is that people have fallen away from watching legitimate news such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, or reading major city newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and so on, and are reading and watching fake news on the internet. And people who watch fake news call real news fake news so it is confusing, but there are ways to sort things out.

One way to find real news is to look for journalistic standards of reporting. Professional high-quality, investigative news sources have explicit editorial policies and they follow a code of ethics or professional standards, such as the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. If you do not find an editorial policy or a statement of ethical standards on a news source is a red flag indicating suspect content. Legitimate news sources make mistakes on occasion, but reliable sources issue corrections for errors and inaccuracies they subsequently discover. Fake news sources do not issue corrections as they are not accountable for their content. They create or partially fabricate misleading information as well as outright falsehoods.

In the three plus years of the current presidency, just about everything Trump says is a lie, and it is dangerous. Trump’s angry outbursts, his racist, sexist, bigoted remarks are very dangerous. His attack on science, attack on the American health system, postal system, and every government agency is dangerous. America is currently experiencing a great deal of social unrest, very high unemployment, the highest number of Covid deaths of any country in the world, a quickly growing number of homelessness, hunger, and feelings of helplessness. Currently about 50 million Americans do not have enough money to feed themselves or their families, so it is sad to see that almost 40 percent of Americans support the person responsible such things.

The Holy Teaching of heaven is speaking of peace and the truth, and acting in the benefit of all people. God and Goddess care for all creatures, and the teaching is similarity. Be kind to all, young, old, man, woman, no matter how others look, or if you can understand their language of not. Help those in need so that all can be happy on the earth as God and Goddess intend. Service to heaven is served upon the earth, and on judgment day, so shall ye be judged.

Here is a verse from the Veda to become an authority.

To spread the knowledge to tread the good path with good fortune and a light to investigate, with that to become an authority, and an authority is powerful with the power of love to care for others, for those to care for others and so on.

Verse from the Veda to be a King with the Knowledge of Heaven

I find people despicable who claim themselves religious, people of God, yet live ungodly and support ungodly actions. There is a segment of Christianity that seems to have completely lost its way. Evangelical Christianity believes that salvation is grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement, although it appears some believe salvation is through grace and Donald Trump. Let me remind them of the Trump Death Clock in Times Square, New York, that estimates US. Covid-19 deaths due to his inaction or wrong action. The current estimate is that 101,276 people have died in the United States as a result of his mismanagement. Obviously the Holy Teaching of heaven is compassion for breathing creatures and obviously Trump does not, and people who support him must not as well.

Death from the virus is only part of the ugly situation, but because of mismanagement, fifty million people are out of work, and many will never get their job back. If they were able to get unemployment benefits, they might be OK for a while, but others who relied on the stimulus check might or might not see that. Food distribution centers are very busy already, homelessness is at an all-time high, crimes against people and robbery are way up because people are poor, and help is not coming. The Holy Teaching of heaven is caring for the suffering, and while the distribution centers are following the teaching, those in the Trump administration, and the Republican Party who have the power to help are not.

Out of the many despicable acts of Trump, I think the worst is the taking of migrant children from their mothers without any intention of reuniting them. The main reason given for the action is cruelty, and this cruelty continues today. A couple of months ago a judge ordered the Trump administration to release migrant children from ICE detention centers because of COVID-19, but that has not happened. Evidently evangelical Christians and Trump supporters are fine with that. No need to say, this behavior is totally against the Holy Teaching of heaven.

Just about everything Trump says is a lie, and the Holy Teaching of heaven is truthfulness. Trump is a sociopath, and those with the antisocial personality disorder cannot understand other peoples feelings, often break laws, and make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause. Trump does not care if people suffer and die, does not care how many, and such is not the Holy Teaching. Those who support Trump support and encourage his ungodly activities, and such is not the way to heaven. Salvation does not happen through grace, it happens through knowing, living, and mastering the Holy Teaching of heaven.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be a King with the Knowledge of Heaven.

To be acceptable to heaven today master the calling and become a King, always happy to call on to care for others for those to become mindful and call on others, and to become a King with the knowledge of heaven is best for caring for those.

Verse from the Veda to Succeed

The main religions of the earth offer no protection from becoming sick and dying from Covid-19, and in general, offer no protection from becoming sick and dying. Recently some people of faith opened their houses of worship and people gathered and became sick. All over the world the disease has spread when people gather indoors for religious ceremonies or whatever, and especially during large gatherings of people indoors loudly celebrating their savior.

Whether you are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or Christian, you will certainly die, and whether you received protection by following the doctrine is debatable. Such religions worship in structures, and as I mentioned in the previous post, the bigger and more elaborate the building the more ungodly, and at this time, more dangerous. God does not bless structures, but blesses open space, which is the church where I worship. I worship in the field, the forest, by the river, anywhere outside where it is safe, and the Holy Spirit freely flows to become holy.

Today, no Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or Christian has returned from the promised land as proof, so no one really knows if being a faithful Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and so on has any benefit in that regard. In the end, the faithful die, so we know the religions do not protect the body, and since they provide no proof of an afterlife in heavenly bliss, we would have to conclude that the religions do not offer a way to succeed.

The Sacred Teaching is to succeed and then offer the proof to others so they can succeed. I am a devotee, but have not succeeded. I can verify portions of the text, and comprehend it logically, so I do not doubt it, but have not succeeded. The teaching says when one is old to plan on returning home to heaven. At 70, I consider myself old, and since I am a devotee I have begun working on the methods to attain the enlightened state, and if I succeed, you will know the way. If you take on the work and succeed, then I will know the way. Either way, when successful others will know.

Here is a verse from the Veda to succeed.

For heaven on the earth, fill a mountain of AH coming from heaven with blessings to succeed, and to stop and hold tight like riches in the hand and succeed to become tender and loving and loosen the grip for giving. The air leads every prayer, carries the thoughts to heaven, blesses the righteous to serve, and opens a wide doorway to heaven for everyone.

Verse from the Veda for a Wonderful Life

I can imagine a world as God and Goddess intend, although now-a-days, it seems unachievable. An intelligent person would think that with all the religions in the world for people to follow, and since most of those of the earth consider themselves religious or spiritual, to live in a world as God and Goddess intend should be achievable. Not only achievable but the norm, but where we are is far from. I cannot speak for the world, but in the United States where I live I can say for certain that this place is going in the wrong direction. Obviously a great blame must be placed on the various religions in this country, especially Christianity, since that is predominant. I assume Christian ministers and priests speak about living a peaceful life and treating people kindly. That is the Holy Teaching of God and Goddess, and it is necessary to follow it to attain a wonderful life and everlasting happiness with the Heavenly Host. So why is it that so many people claiming to be religious do not follow the teaching?

I assume that all the earthly religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikh, and so on teach the Golden Rule of treating others kindly, helping people in need, you know, service. That must be the foundation and purpose of the religion, and if not, it is not in line with the teaching of heaven. Although I think religious people are fine with that, there seems to be an issue with people treating people alike, no matter the sex, age, color of skin or eyes, religious affiliation or not, sexual preference, and so on. Treating dissimilar people similarly seems to be the shortcoming, but one thing I have found that works on overcoming shortcomings is work on it. Work on it and work on it and if one is determined, I think, one can attain success. Take the time to meet someone who looks different. Go toward them in a friendly manner and most likely they will be friendly in return. I utilize that technique often and it works, it really works.

I enjoy meeting people who look different than me. We can look different, act different, and have different philosophical and religious ideas, but that is the enjoyment of it. With all the differences, most of use are the same in seeking happiness, and such is the Holy Teaching. Treat all kindly so that all can live happy.

Here is a verse from the Veda for a Wonderful Life.

A wonderful vision when Mitra appears in the flames, or Surya, or Varuna, but the Supreme Absolute is present everywhere. Stable at the center of all that moves, and to fill up with the air to push out the navel upon the earth to be together with a wonderful presence.

Verse from the Veda Says Do Not Take the Breath Away

As a young and inquisitive 14-15 year old, I took to reading Max Muller’s Fifty volume Sacred Books of the East series. The books were not available in the bookstore or library of the town. At the time, I made a little money delivering daily newspapers, and over time saved enough to visit the bookstore and order one of the books. This went on until a little after high school, but I never read all of the books. For instance, never read the Rigveda, my specialty today, until I was into my late 50’s.

Early on in life, I took to Buddhist teaching, lived my life accordingly, kind-of, and meditated. When I moved to a large city thirty years ago, many opportunities to study were available. When the Tibetan Buddhists began arriving in the city, I practiced with them. Now, there are many Tibetan monasteries around, but I no longer attend. I am no longer a Buddhist following the Hinayana or Mahayana, but kind-of a Buddhist following the Rigveda, one of the most important texts associated with Hinduism. Kind-of a weird thing, I think, but illustrates an ignorance in the religions.

Today, I am not a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Muslim, but follow the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of Heaven. The teaching is to own no property and all the religions mentioned are too materialistic. Their halls of worship can be extremely large and ornate and filled with religious symbols and idols to worship, but God does not bless statues and structures. God does not bless counties. God blesses creature’s big and little, male, female, young, old, two or four feet, tail or no tail, yes, and the teaching is to care for all. Do not kill or harm any creature. A vegetarian diet is required, and with water and the God given breath to live happy and peaceful on the earth. Yes, do not take the Sacred Breath away.

Here is a verse from the Veda that says do not take the breath away.

To become bright and lovely the rays of light dawn in with a flow of water to offer to mortals, mortals are alive because of an association with the breath, and to become divine, never hinder that for anyone.

Verse from the Veda from the Creator of the Universe

There is no way in Hades that a religious person can justify support for Donald Trump, the unrighteous wicked person currently occupying the white house at the end of Black Lives Matter Boulevard. No person who is a supporter of God, and certainly not a supporter of the Goddess, could support such an evil person. He is a racist and sexist, a provocateur of violence, constantly lies, hobnobs with ruthless dictators, and seems to corrupt everyone around him. He and his cronies have decimated the country so much that the pandemic in the United States is much worse than the rest of the world with no end in sight. In just a few years, he has taken a country respected in the world to one the world looks upon with disgust.

Many people are sexist, but that is no excuse for being sexist. Most religions today are sexist, male dominated with no mention of the Goddess. Stop, look around, there would be no world if there were no Goddess. Thousands of years ago, religion and way of life was very different on the earth for the Goddess was worshiped.

A religious person who follows the Veda is peaceful, friendly, supportive, and caring to all no matter what, and such are not qualities of Donald Trump. It does not matter if you can understand another or not, if the person is young, old, male, or female, treat them kindly. Do not harm any breathing creature that cries and all can enjoy life upon the earth, just as God and Goddess intend.

Here is a verse from the Veda from the Creator of the Universe.

I am eternal and like the sun but supreme, and for all to see to give a wondrous place and the vital breath of life to enjoy, young or old, whatever, it is for all to enjoy.

Verse from the Veda and Pete Seeger

Like many others in the United States and around the world, I watched in horror as American cities burned, businesses looted and destroyed, with angry mobs roaming the street. Luckily, since then, tempers have tempered and hopefully change will happen. I do not understand why racial issues develop because I like people of other races. Yes, Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. I live in an area rich in diversity and we get along just fine. People want to be safe and happy and treated fairly, and such is the Holy Teaching of Heaven for the earth. Do not harm any breathing creature that cries, do not discriminate, treat all people kindly no matter the race, sex, age, religion, non-religion, whatever.

A couple of days ago I listened to a recording of songs by Pete Seeger, an influential American folk singer and social activist. As a member of the folk group the Weavers, he was blacklisted during the 1950’s anticommunist McCarthy hearings. During the 1960s, he was a prominent singer of protest music in support of disarmament, civil rights, workers rights, and environmental causes. In the late 60’s he released an album called “God Bless the Grass” and every song was about environmental issues. Throughout his career, he wrote many wonderful songs, the best known are “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, If I Had a Hammer, and Turn! Turn! Turn!.”

The album contains a recitation by Studs Terkel of words Seeger wrote on a rock while canoeing with his youngest daughter. He was dismayed at all the littered bottles and cans on the beach… the words were never put to music.

Here is a verse from Pete Seeger.

Cursed be the nation of any size or shape,

Whose citizens behave like naked apes,

And drop their litter where they please,

Just like we did when we swung from trees.

But blessed be the nation and blessed be the prize,

When citizens of any shape or size

Can speak their mind for any reason

Without being jailed or accused of treason.

Cursed be the nation without equal education,

Where good schools are something that we ration,

Where the wealthiest get the best that is able,

And the poor are left with crumbs from the table.

Blessed be the nation that keeps its waters clean,

Where an end to pollution is not just a dream,

Where factories don’t blow poisonous smoke,

And we can breath the air without having to choke.

Cursed be the nation where all play to win,

And too much is made of the color of the skin,

Where we do not see each other as sister and brother,

But as being threats to each other.

Blessed be the nation with health care for all,

Where there’s a helping hand for those who fall,

Where compassion is in fashion every year,

And people, not profits, is what we hold dear.

Here is a link to hear Studs Terkel reading Blessed Be the Nation on YouTube:

And here is a verse from the Veda.

Be kind and say prayers for those who strike and insult others, and please heaven with acts of compassion on the earth.

Verse from the Veda About Being Different

I am sad to hear that the Christian churches are going to open soon. Church gatherings are dangerous at any time because they offer no salvation, but especially now. Such gatherings have become centers for covid-19 spread, so there is no good reason to open, and especially now. They offer hope and the possibility of salvation, but it is just talk, the earthly religions do not lead to heavenly delight, only suffering and death upon the earth.

The Christian teaching is full of lies with very little validity, although a house for people to worship and gather as friends is provided, but such is an issue, especially now. Now as always, it is far better to follow the religion of heaven that does not meet in closed spaces, it meets in the fields and forests of the earth. Space is vast, so no problem in getting away to follow the heavenly way and work on salvation.

I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last couple of months. Stars not visible for many years due to pollution are visible again. The air I live upon is much cleaner. Some people call it a lock-down, but nothing changed for me, I still regularly visit the field where I live for worship and meditation.

Be a lemming on the way to slaughter, or choose to be different, and follow the Holy Way to heaven, and here is a verse from the Veda about just that.

The darkness is consumed by light, the earth is a wide abode where horses like neighing and cattle like feeding in the pastures. Be like that or choose to be different, and come to fill with the heavenly air to enjoy with a light to spread around.