Verse from the Veda with the Knowledge of Heaven for people to Rise to Heaven

The Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, is advanced on with the help of the principle of life and sensation, a breath from heaven for a person to rise to heaven. Yes, everyone has a chance if they follow the teaching of heaven. The Sacred Knowledge of the Breath is the teaching spoken aloud by the Supreme Absolute during the last Golden Age upon the earth. That was many thousands of years ago when the Shining Ones were here. They listened to the Supreme Spirit Pervading the Universe and lived according to the teaching. They became enlightened and glowed with light and happily served those less fortunate upon the earth. The Sacred Teaching was preserved via the Oral Tradition by passing on to others who did the same, so an unbroken thread continued upon the earth until the lineage ended, at which time it was carved into walls or written down for preservation. The Sacred Teaching is preserved in all the ancient spiritual texts of the world albeit with the problem, the translations do not do it justice. However, for those interested, the school has cracked to code to advance the teaching of heaven for everyone to know.

Hear is a verse from the Veda with the Knowledge of Heaven to rise to heaven.

The Shining Ones love to grasp for a breath from heaven on the one side for the Knowledge of Heaven on the other, to be powerful to stop for that and to finish a measure to fill with for restraining to arise.

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