Verse from the Veda About Non-Killing

I find it hypocritical that Christians put up signs in schools in the US that say “In God We Trust.” The motto also appears in Government buildings like the one in the photo accompanying this post. It appears in the United States House of Representatives in Alabama. The motto also appears on all US currency, which many people regard as a god.

What is problematic is that Christians do not know what God thinks. They have a set of 10 Commandments, which they claim was inscribed on a mountain in the presence of Moses. It is a fictional story like all the miraculous events described in the Bible, however, amongst the fiction is one very important commandment to follow for a religious person to taste the fruits of Heaven. That commandment is “Do Not Kill.”

Not too long ago, Christians around the world celebrated one of their holiest days, and many celebrated the holy event with family and friends over a meal containing the flesh of birds, pigs, lambs, cattle, or maybe fish. Nowadays, a person can walk into a grocery store and buy the meat, so they do not have to kill, but by eating the flesh, others kill for them. And having others kill does not absolve them of the sin of killing. I have no idea how many creatures are slaughtered for the Christian “holy” day, but the sad statistic is that about 25 million farm animals are slaughtered daily.

I am well aware that many meat eaters think that vegetarians think they are more righteous than they are, but the fact is, they are. They are the ones who are following the holiest of commandments of non-killing, which is necessary for anyone who desires to spend quality time with God and Goddess. They have teamed together to provide the people of the earth with the nourishment of fruit, roots, and vegetables, and such has sustained religious adherents for many thousands of years. I am sorry that I have singled out Christians, because the same is true for those of the Islamic, Judaic, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths.

It is easy to put up a sign and not know its meaning, and difficult to follow the teaching. Non-killing is a start, then there is non-discrimination regarding ethnicity, religious preference, sexual preference, male or female, young or old, and yes, reach out and help those less fortunate.

Here is a verse from the Veda to follow to be a Holy One.

To kill to be far away from the Lord, but to be like a beast and dart away from is favorable for people.

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