Verse from the Veda to Break Existence to Pieces to Set Free

Rigveda in Sanskrit means the “Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge” and it is the oldest spiritual text in the world. It is commonly associated with Hinduism, although the teaching is to become a Buddha, and as such, a little closer to Buddhism. Truthfully, it is unlike any of the manmade religions upon the earth, because it is divine. It is the spiritual philosophy of the Creator of the Universe, and it is unique among the religious texts because Brahma is the composer of the first line and a Rishi, a Seer, the composer of the other line or lines of each mantra. In ancient times, the Rishis were a lineage called the Angiras, who late in life became Buddhas, Shining Ones, Magians, Priest Kings, Messiahs, Saviors, and so on. The lineage disappeared before the Dark Age of the Kaliyuga, and not one person has reached the enlightened state since. Such is the reason no other ancient spiritual text is a dialogue between the Holy Spirit and a human, albeit a human with extraordinary powers.

Here is a verse from the Veda to break existence to pieces to be free.

The Grandfather and the Goddess Wind are identical and to come to heaven to drive AH equally, heaven calls on for protecting and serves the very young, and for an appearance to AH with speed for those or good-bye!

The wind breaks to pieces existence to set free or good-bye, to satiate with eternal happiness and a certainty to serve the Wind of Heaven.



2 thoughts on “Verse from the Veda to Break Existence to Pieces to Set Free

    • Most alphabets in the world begin with the letter ‘a’ and it has the sound of AH. AH is the first of the Sacred Syllables. It is a sound. Take a drink of water on a warm day, and it might come out of you by itself. During sexual activity or excitment, it might also come out by itself. It is the first sound in the universe and it is eternal, and it comes to you with the breath. Please read through all the pages in this site and I think you will come to understand. Thanks much for asking.

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