Verse from the Veda to Spread the Righteous Act of Caring for the Suffering

A Caring Woman Giving Water

The humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the US is a crisis that needs amending, yet the country is in decline. Since I was born seventy years ago, the country has suffered a significant decline in morality, and recently, a significant drop. This is a result of Trump Administration policies, because Don is a racist, sexist, megalomaniac with a mission to destroy.

The Rgvedaschool supports all people, no matter their sex, sexual preference, race, religion or non-religion, rich or poor, whatever. The school loves to be around people from all around the world, and as such, supports immigration. We want people fleeing violence south of the border to come here to be safe, settle down, and have families, yet when they arrive, they face violence. Young childen are separated from their mothers and housed in cold cages, abused, and no concern to ever reunite parent and child. Yes, there are humitarian groups doing the religious duty of helping those in need, but the government and its agents at the border do not.

The Trump administration has criminalized humanitarian aid, and recently, two caring souls from the group ‘No More Deaths’ were arrested and face twenty-year prison terms for leaving water and food in the Sonoran Desert to help refugees and migrants survive exposure and dehydration on the deadly journey across the U.S. border. To make matters worse, Border Patrol agents routinely destroy or confiscate the water, food and other humanitarian aid they discover, condemning those seeking safety.

The religious thing to do is help people, you know, the Golden Rule says to care for others as you wish to be cared for.

Here is a verse from the Veda to spread the righteous act of caring for the suffering.

Gone is the vehement desire to roar aloud with people and offer, perhaps, to care for the disturbed.

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