Verse from the Veda for a State of Happiness

Ātman is the Sanskrit name of the life giving aspect of the air we breathe. Ātman refers to the principal of life and sensation, the transcendent unitary self, a witness, the breath, soul, or spirit. The breath rules the world and fits the definition of God perfectly, nothing happens without the breath and the moment the breath stops, life and sensation stop. Every movement in the universe requires the wind and for humans the wind comes with the breath. All God’s creatures are family and live upon the same air, so it is not surprising that God’s Teaching is to be kind and helpful to every creature that cries and grasps for the breath.

Here is a verse from the Veda for a state of happiness.

The wind to send forth with sound to draw towards and to be low spirited the breath to raise for to make a flow of sound a state of happiness to reach to like better than, to impart the knowledge to an appearance suffering the death of that.

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