Verse from the Veda from the Oral Tradition

In ancient times, just as today for Indigenous People, knowledge and culture is preserved and transmitted from one generation to another via word of mouth. The Oral Tradition was and is a vital part of the Sacred Teaching and since the advent of writing, the knowledge disappeared, and many religions have sprung up with only bits and pieces of the doctrine. The knowledge to reach the highest state of a human to be with God and Goddess and glow with light does not appear in their doctrine. It is sad to say that the main religions of the world today claim a divine origin when it is so meager. In truth, the truth has disappeared, and unfortunately, until one masters the true teaching no Messiah, Buddha, Aditya, or Savior will grace the earth. The Shining Ones disappeared a few thousand years ago, but you will know when one appears upon the earth, because they will have mastered the oral techniques to shine with light. Knowing the True Path is a good beginning for religious students of any faith, but to bring about enlightenment, they must live virtuously and master the path.

The inept translations of the world’s most ancient spiritual texts written in Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Avestan, Pali, Sanskrit, and so on, are a problem. The ancient texts are the Holy Word and you will find that here, but as of 2019, there is no other translation associated with any religion in line with the Sacred Text and the world is in a state of confusion because of it. Key features of the Savior are the compassion for all life and the ability to shine with light, not just a glow about the head as in religious paintings, but a body of light. If you do not see that in your Guru, Spiritual Leader, Pope, Christ, and so on, such a one has work to do.

Here is a verse from the Oral Tradition of the Sacred Teaching.

To serve, a Buddha roars to be empty to praise and obtains the Authority to prove the Sacred Syllable, the Oral Tradition to love for to get to go with a measure to an appearance, to rise in with the love to convey.

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