Verse from the Veda to Learn and Master

A still from the movie “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. DeMill. An imaginary depiction of God carving the Commandments in stone.

Over the last two or three thousand years, many different religions and spiritual practices have sprung up around the world in place of the teaching of the Supreme. All the main religions of the earth today claim a divine connection, although it is meager. They have all stayed far from the path, and some more than others. Usually I write unfavorably about Buddhism because the Sacred Knowledge is to become awakened, to become a Buddha. So at first glance, you might think that the Path is Buddhism as practiced today, but it is not. Buddhism as taught today does not recognize the Path of the Heavenly Father, so at the end of the long road for Buddhists is not the heavenly state, but death and rebirth upon the earth, and that is not the goal.

Every major religion being practiced upon the earth today has various ends, or goals in mind for its followers, yet those objectives are unproven. For believers in the various paths, all require an enormous amount of faith. Currently, the philosophy promoted by the Rgvedaschool, the Good Path to Good Fortune, is unproven as well. Nevertheless, as you come to understand the various components of the Path, you will understand it logically and faith will not be an issue. As you come to understand the basics of the philosophy, you will be able to extrapolate the Grand Plan from the lesser. Yes, that is true, and when the day comes and a person masters the knowledge and becomes a Buddha, a Magi, Messiah, or a Shining One, the proof will be clear and evident.

The issue is that all the major religions are based upon a very poor translation of their Holy Books. The translations do not hold up under scrutiny. They are fabrications and skewed to be in line with various man-make beliefs. For those who are interested, please look at the page on this site called Poor Translations Lead to Misunderstanding. I believe you will be as shocked as I was in discovering how poorly the Sacred Text has been translated by so-called Scholars.

Here is a verse from the Lord to learn and master to be favorable offering to others.

To grow great with the air to stay with the Lord to bestow wealth upon the worthless who do not.

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