Verse from the Veda for Meditation

Tonpa Shenrab – 19th century painting, Collection of Rubin Museum of Art.

People have been engaged in spiritual practices for eons upon the earth. There is no doubt about that, but the Rgvedaschool is interested in knowing when the knowledge of the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of the God and Goddess of Heaven and Earth, became known.

Today upon the earth are countless different spiritual practices and religions, and all the same in being different from the Holy Religion of the Supreme. Associated with the earthly religions are various ancient texts, which have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and so on, and unfortunately, the translations are not in accordance with the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge. The Rig, the Sacred Texts, have been written down in Hebrew, Avestan, Aramaic, Arabic, Sanskrit, Pali, and so on, and unfortunately, only the Rgvedaschool has been able to decipher the Holy Text. Understandably, there are many translations of the ancient texts upon the earth, and people consider them to be divine, to be the Holy Word of God, but the translations are anything but. The Sacred Texts are not written down in the common languages, they are composed in a Sacred Language, and the Sacred Language is identical. All of the ancient spiritual texts of the world can be translated in an identical manner. When one knows the code, all of the texts can be translated identically, utilizing the same dictionary, and the same philosophy is advanced in each. All are the guidebooks Brahma has given us to enjoy a life of peace upon the earth.

The Sacred Knowledge of Heaven has been around since the beginning, but when it was discovered by humans is unknown. Kanva Ghora, the Founder of the Vedic School, lived during Tretayuga, and for the sake of discussion, the Rgvedaschool is of the opinion that Rishi Ghora lived during the rising, rather than declining Tretayuga, 16-20,000 BC.  It would make perfect sense, since it is the Holy Teaching that brings about a Golden Age upon the earth. To give credibility to the idea, the Bon Religion traces it’s lineage to Buddha Tonpa Shenrap, 18,000 BC.

Here is a verse from the Lord to meditate upon.

The wind for authority is deep in the body for cutting for a name of Buddha.

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