Verse from the Veda to Live With

Muslims around the world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan by restricting their diets. Although it is called a fast, it is more of a modified diet. During Ramadan, the devoted will not eat or drink anything between sunrise and sunset even though the avoidance of water during the day and the eating of a large meal before bed is not a healthy diet.

Such dietary regulations are not authorized by Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, since they provide all manner of nutritious and enjoyable food to enjoy. They say to enjoy the fruits, grains, and vegetables, and avoid the flesh of any creature living upon the same breath as you.

Following a misguided religion will not bring about salvation, while living in accordance with the Holy Teaching will.

Here are some verses from the Veda to live with.

You have a choice of sweet and nutritious food, food for delight,

And a nectar to be able to be kind and protecting to all.

The Source of the Universe has a promise to come with assistance,

And a delight not consumed for a loving and truthful friend.

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