Verse from the Veda to Know Well-being

It was back in the 1960s that I first read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi, and no doubt, considered it one of the greatest books ever written. Then, in the 1990s I facilitated a book club, where the only book considered was Autobiography of a Yogi. We started at the beginning of the book and read a sentence or paragraph for inspiration and discussion. We met once a month for a couple of years and possibly covered the first four pages.

I remember very little of the book, so I dug out a copy and researched a little on the internet. I remembered Yogananda’s guru was Sri Yukteswar whose guru was Lahiri Mahasaya, but did not remember anything about Babaji. It is claimed by some that in 1953, Babaji said he was born in 203 in a coastal village now known as Parangipettai, in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, Chola Kingdom. Yogananda said he met him, and even said that Jesus Christ went to India and conferred with Babaji.

One of Babaji’s gurus is said to be Agastya Maitravaruni, a highly revered sage from ancient times. Agastya is one of the rishis, sages, associated with the Rigveda. He composed Hymns 165 to 191 of the First Mandala. The spiritual text was likely written down in Sanskrit around 1500 BC, and the lineage of rishis associated with it, such as Agastya, had likely ended by 3000 BC.

In the autobiography, Yogananda said, “The Mahavatar (Babaji) is in constant communion with Christ; together they send out vibrations of redemption, and have planned the spiritual technique of salvation for this age. The work of these two fully-illumined masters–one with the body, and one without it–is to inspire the nations to forsake suicidal wars, race hatreds, religious sectarianism, and the boomerang-evils of materialism.”

At this point, the credibility of Yogananda, his guru, his guru, and a handful of others declines. I know the claim is that Babaji mastered Kriya Yoga and the technique to generate a new body, and with that, hide away in a cave in the mountains for thousands of years. What does he do all day? I think a new body full of energy would be great for serving people and creatures in the valley. Yes, if he is so enlightened, he should come down and inspire us to forsake war, racial hatred, religious sectarianism, and many other evils as well. Come down and show us the way. Come down and show us the way. Come down and show us the way.

To promote peace in the world today, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine said, “If you want to be a Leader of the World be a Leader of Peace.” If you want to be that person, fill the belly with the Holy Air and hold still and master the Holy Way. Here is a mantra from Agastya to consider.

The desire to destroy is powerful in people but to need power to destroy the bind to become empty for the love of heaven to fill. The air has a way of curing people, and to gain a wealth to hold like an intimate friend come to know well-being, arise bright and cheerful with the love of heaven to serve people to know a new way to love.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

The Maharishi (Great Sage) Agastya

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