Verse from the Veda to become Divine

Such a horrible situation in Ukraine, a peaceful country, its citizens fleeing to a neighboring country while another very large and aggressive neighbor is bombing, firing missiles at schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, buildings, whatever. About a million people have left home with little more than the clothes on their back and a suitcase. I have heard that up to 2,000 innocent civilians have already been killed. A horrendous situation indeed, and I think it is going to get worse. I fear that the beautiful cities in Ukraine are going to be reduced to rubble in the same way as the beautiful cities of Aleppo and Idlib were in Syria. I fear the Russian army will destroy the country, and those who have fled will have nothing to return for. There are many small counties in the neiborhood that should rightly be concerned, and they are. In fact, just about the whole world is worried, and has condemned the Russian actions. 

Yes, there are good people who live under good governments who treat their citizens pretty well, and it seems that they have united in their condemnation of Russia and its disgruntled dictator Vladimir Putin. It is very disheartening to hear neo-Nazis like Donald Trump, Pompeo, and Tucker supporting Putin, a person who jails and poisons his critics, and in past wars, deliberately targeted innocent people. There is nothing uplifting or spiritual about these people, so ungodly I do not know how they put up with themselves. 

A few days ago, Pat Robertson, the Christian media mogul returned to “The 700 Club” a show he hosted for 55 years on the Christian Broadcasting Network. In his return, he claimed that Putin was simply following God’s wishes when he invaded Ukraine – to fulfill a biblical prophecy. Oh, my God, where does Pat get his crazy ideas? I wish is his retirement, he come to know the loving caring God that wants all people and creatures to live in peace upon the earth. 

The Rigveda says that people are much like cows in the pasture, the best of people are like that, but the worst are more viscous than animals as they kill their own kind. I think most people believe they are more advanced, more intelligent and spiritual, a higher evolutionary being than animals, but I wonder. 

For those to rise above, the Holy Doctrine is compassion for all breathing creatures that cry. Be a peaceful caring person, consume a vegetarian diet and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly so all can enjoy life upon the earth. Such is the doctrine of peace for the whole of the earth and here is a mantra to consider. 

To become blameless and divine God and Goddess sit in the lap and sow good things to all. Supreme Being is auspicious to watch over everything and a sage is similar to care for all of the earth. 

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

Peace in the World

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