Verse from the Veda to Make Love, Not War

The earth is a very beautiful place, full of wonders, and all the elements are here and available to live happily and peacefully in paradise. Such is the Holy Teaching of Heaven, and to follow all creatures will have the opportunity to live happily and harmoniously together on the earth. The biggest obstacle to that are people. Some people go astray because they do not know any better, some because the religion or spiritual leader is astray, and some because the people they hang around with are astray. There are numerous reasons why the earth is not paradise everywhere, and the way to correct that right now is do what you want to be happy as long as it does not infringe on the happiness of any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. That includes all the beautiful and fun loving creatures of the forests, pastures, air, and water. Certainly, there are creatures that attack and kill other creatures, but people can be better than that, and a person claiming to follow the teaching of heaven should be better. Back in the 1960s, Make Love, Not War was a popular American counterculture and anti-war slogan and since then the slogan has spread around. It is a virtuous activity and we owe our existence to love.

Here is a verse from the Veda to make love, not war.

God and Goddess are lovers,

Both are constant companions,

And display the association forever for all to love.

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