Verse of the Veda to Keep in Mind Today and Every Day

The Upanishads are a group of texts of the Oral Tradition written down in Sanskrit about 700 BC. Around the same time, the syllable OM gained popularity, and unfortunately, it offered no escape from the Age of Darkness that settled upon the world. The Kaliyuga is now over and the light has returned with the Sacred Syllable of AH and the ancient verses of the Creator. Although the text appears in two lines like the Rigveda, the Upanishads are different. The lineage of Rishis and Buddhas associated with the Rigveda came to an end with the ascension of Buddha Shakyamuni, but luckily, the Holy Teaching of the Creator never ends for the receptive. The Upanishads are words to live with because the teaching is the path the righteous traveled in the past for ultimate happiness, and just as, they are words to live by today.

Here is a verse from the Veda to Keep in Mind Today and Every Day.

To be in custody or move to the right,

To hurt a mover to be equal to move tortuously,

But to stop to be gone.

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