Verse of the Veda to Follow upon the Earth for Heaven

A Caring Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

Because of the toxic environment in the United States these day, I registered to vote and voted. It is very disappointing that almost half of the people in the country support the current president even though he is doing everything he can to destroy the country. I am not sure why such people want to live in a dictatorship or oligarchy because the freedoms they enjoy now will become severely limited. I think an intelligent idea is to find out how life is like for an average person in Russia, China, North Korea, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and so on, and then decide.

I find it problematic that the Christian Fundamentalists in the country preach a doctrine opposed to the Word of God. They are a confused bunch that gives a bad name to religion because the God and Goddess support all the living, no matter the race, sex, sexual preference, religious preference or non-preference, and so on. The group has been erecting signs around the country that say, “In God we trust.” Well, they still have time to reform and follow the Holy Teaching of kindness to others. The Holy Word of God to trust is to not harm or kill any living creature whether human or animal, and if you have the desire to spend time with God, you need to follow the Holy Way.

Here is a verse from the Holy Text of Heaven to follow upon the Earth.

The stream of the river has a strong flow and to rise from to send forth,

To offer an oblation to gift with the breath,

And to anoint to break a wicked person to observe holding back for.

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