Verse from the Veda to Enjoy Eternal Happiness with the Creator

It seems odd that the oldest spiritual texts in existence appear to be about war, or like the Bhagavad Gita, the eve of the great Mahabharata War. In the Rigveda, my specialty, the invaders of India are the Aryans of northern Europeans.

It is a huge mistake to take such nonsense seriously, and the problem lies with the translators. Even though there are numerous translations of the mentioned texts, like the Bible and the Quran, all of the available published translations are horrible and lead people astray of the Holy Teaching.

Most religious people have never translated a portion of the religious text they claim to follow, and likely, few of those who lead the group. I have never met a Christian who has translated any portion of the Bible yet take the text as the word of God. The Bible, just as the other texts, was translated by men who did not, or do not know the Holy Word, so it is dangerous.

To know the Holy Word know that the message is peace not war. The message is to enjoy living upon earth, do what you want, but do not harm any breathing creature that cries. That means humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and so on. Treat people kindly whether religious or not, man or woman, gay, straight, young, old, small, fat, white, dark, whatever. Do not discriminate as all are your family upon the earth.

Go ahead and read the various translations, and where you find the Holy Word, believe it, and when you find something other than that, reject it.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy eternal happiness with the Creator.

The Goddess generates a great wealth to enjoy on the earth, and with the wisdom of God in heaven to follow, to enjoy eternal happiness with me.

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