Verse from the Veda about Stopping the Violence

The Endless Knot

The Endless Knot

There is way too much killing, and suffering, and anger in the world. I know the School’s last post promoted not killing as the way to live in agreement with the Holy Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and further, it stated, “there are no conditions under which hurting and killing another is justified.”

It is the hope of the Rgvedaschool that people will stop hurting and killing one another, and begin taking steps towards helping another, yes, treating others with kindness. It is one thing for people who do not know any better to kill, but there is way too much killing being done in the name of religion, and this is a very good time for those of the faith to begin living in accordance with the religion they claim allegiance.

At base, all of the dominate religions of the world today, such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism share the tenant of not killing and kindness towards others. So if you claim to be an adherent, a believer in any of the religions, and you kill another, then you are definitely not following the faith. Killing is the most abhorrent of actions, and there are consequences, most likely equally abhorrent, since God is about equality. To be clear, the Holy Doctrine states “Do not kill.”

In the Holy Doctrine, you do not find a lot of rules and regulations and such, it basically says to treat others kindly. It does not matter what age, gender, skin tone, religious preference or none preference, sexual preference, whatever. That is basically it, well it goes a little further by saying do not hurt or kill any breathing creature. The teaching says every breathing creature is to be treated with kindness, as if family. We are, after all, one big family, every one living upon the same breath of the Eternal One.

Here is a verse from the Holy Text of the Creator about stopping for a wicked person.

To be singing beautifully,

And for a wicked person,

Stopping is a most excellent gift.

rgvedaschool winter ground


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