Rishi Ghora

Trustee of the Rgvedaschool

I am the trustee, the caretaker, of the Rgvedaschool until the Headmaster arrives. Rishi Kanva Ghora was the celebrated Rishi of Tretayuga and the Founder of the Veda School. Tretayuga began around 7000 BCE so the school has had a long history, albeit forgotten over time. The Founder was of a lineage of Rishis, Seers, who became enlightened, a Buddha, but with the ascension of Buddha Shakyamuni the lineage ended and the Sacred Knowledge seemed to disappear from the earth. In its place many religions have sprung up, with parts of the teaching, but none other than the Rgvedaschool promote the complete teaching to master to be with the Supreme Teacher. The school, just as the teaching, seemed to have disappeared before the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of the World, but lo and behold, we are now on the other side of the darkness and the teaching and the school have reappeared for those interested in becoming enlightened.