The Five Principles of the Philosophical System of AH

1. Compassion for all living creatures is the Philosophical System of AH, the universal religion of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and all living creatures.

2. The philosophy of giving with compassion is based upon the “to and from” action of breathing. Brahma blows the breath into you for a life of enjoyment and the philosophy is to give back to complete the circle. The breath comes to good and bad people, and to enjoy heavenly bliss, enjoy being caring to all breathing creatures.

3. There is suffering in the world, a cause of suffering, an end, and to walk the Path to Good Fortune, not taking away the enjoyment of the sunshine of any breathing creature is critical.

4. Brahma says if you have moral impurity and have not mastered the Mantra of the Breath, you are sunk. The mantra is breathing in and out and being devoted to listening to the sound continuously.

5. Heaven is a reward for service to all upon the earth. Service to heaven is service to the community, volunteering, and virtuous to smile while helping another.

A Holy Being holding the breath while in meditation





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