The Five Principles of the Philosophical System of AH

1. Compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry is the Golden Rule from the Golden Age, the universal religion promoted by the Creator of the universe.

2. The philosophy of compassion for others is based upon the act of breathing. The breath comes to living creatures from heaven for a life of enjoyment and giving back completes the Sacred Circle.

3. There is suffering in the world, a cause of suffering, an end, and to walk the path to good fortune, not taking away the breath and enjoyment of the sunshine for any creature that grasps for the breath and cries is critical. Do what makes you happy, just do not impede the happiness of others.

4. If you do not master the mantra of the breath and have moral impurity, you are sunk. The mantra is breathing in and out and being devoted to listening to the sound continuously.

5. Heaven is a reward for service to all upon the earth. Service to heaven is service to the community, volunteering, and virtuous to smile while caring for others.

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth
The Manjushri Kumara, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom.