Verse from the Veda with the Knowledge to Help Anyone

A Caring Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

It has been another difficult day for many down here below, you know, down here in the valley. There are wars, famines, earthquakes, and countless innocent people are being killed in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and so on. There are many political and ethnic conflicts in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and if you really think about it, all of the Seven Continents have issues.

Currently there are over 65 million refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people around the world, and it is very difficult for a religious person to believe, but those attempting to flee the violence are finding that other countries have erected barriers. In fact, families showing up on this country’s southern border asking for asylum are either turned away or arrested as criminals, with their children forcibly taken from them and sent to detention centers.

Currently it is difficult knowing what is going on in these secret government facilities because reporters and congressional leaders have been given scanty entry, but what little is being reported is horrendous. Young children, as young as two years of age, are being forcibly taken from their mother’s arms and sent to ill-staffed detention centers, where they are housed in large animal style cages for processing. Mothers are supposed to have access to their children once a week, but they are finding that locating their children is a difficult task. The country has been condemned by the UN Human Rights Council, religious leaders, and others for this inhumane action, and justifiably so. A person with moral convictions must condemn this policy, and to sit idly by is being complicit. The country, once a democracy, is now an oligarchy similar to Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and so on, and such countries are human rights abusers. During the good ole days, America had moral standing, and I say, “Take a stand now or soon it will be too late, because the (would be) dictator seems deficient in morality.”

The administration carrying out this horrible action is currently quoting Bible verses as justification. For those interested, the Biblical verses being quoted have been poorly translated, and when translated correctly, the Aramaic and Hebrew texts speak of being helpful and treating others kindly.

Here is a verse from the Veda with the knowledge to help anyone.

The knowledge is to help anyone with compassion.

Verse from the Veda for Protection Upon the Earth

It has been said that Jesus, who is associated with the Christian Religion, cried in a loud voice before his death, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” The common translation of the text into English is extremely poor and misleading in regards to the Holy Teaching. The first of the two obvious issues with the translation of “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” is that the word “Eli” is short for Elohim. Elohim is commonly translated as God, but the word is plural, and it does not mean Gods, but the God and Goddess. The second issue is that the God and Goddess do not abandon anyone; it is the person that abandons the Divine.

The Holy Teaching is to be kind and helpful to others, no matter their sex, sexual preference, heritage, and so on. It does not matter whether the other is rich or poor or believes in God, the teaching is to be kind to all creatures. This immense universe was created for us to enjoy, and that is the Holy Way. Do not harm any living creature, so that all creatures can enjoy.

Here is a verse from the Veda for protection upon the earth.

Be protected by the perfect words of Grandfather and the Two Divinities of Heaven and Earth. The Heavenly Family is a strong protector and has the truth and the air to be happy, and releases to all for the distress of a chariot can be difficult in the ravine.

Verse from the Veda for Those Claiming to be Enlightened

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

Over the last few hundred years there have been and are currently a plethora of charlatans claiming to be the Messiah, an incarnation of Jesus Christ, a Buddha, an Enlightened Being, an Avatar, a Deity, and so on, with some amassing a multitude of followers, and this will continue until the multitude wise up.

Some, who are living today, reside peacefully in communes with followers, enjoy a vegetarian diet, and good companionship, and there is little to fault with that, but is the claim of these people true? The answer to that question is no, and the way to avoid falling for a false messiah is to know what to look for.

The Holy Teaching is to be kind and helpful to others, no matter their sex, sexual preference, heritage, and so on. It does not matter whether they are rich or poor or believe in God, the teaching is to be kind to all creatures. The Holy Teaching is for a person to become a messiah for helping all beings, and all of the ancient spiritual texts of the world give the way. The Creator has given us the guidance in the Aramaic and Hebrew texts of the Bible, the Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Shiva Sutras, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavadgita, Pali Texts, Avesta, and so on. Although the guidance is there in the original texts, the translation of those texts into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or whatever, is an unholy travesty.

Currently, there is not a single book available for the multitude to read and understand, to practice the way to become a messiah and enjoy the fruits of heaven upon the earth. The reading list is very short and only includes the posts and pages of this site. Only the Rgvedaschool has cracked the code for translating the ancient texts, and one very interesting fact, is that they are all translated in an identical manner with the same dictionary. It is interesting, but understandable because all of the ancient spiritual texts of the world have the same author.

Many thousands of years ago, during the last Golden Age upon the earth, people wised up, mastered the Holy Teaching, and became Messiahs, Buddhas, Avatars, Magians, and so on, and a key feature is the ability to glow with light, not just a glow about the head, but a body of light. Therefore, it is simple, if the person cannot glow with light, they do not know the path to heaven.

Here is a verse from the Veda for those claiming to be enlightened.

With regard to that, the brightness makes clear to stay for living beings collectively and to call on the body has a luster like Grandfather, the shine spreads out and out of to be intent upon the perplexed.

Verse from the Veda for Enjoying a Life of Fullness with All Creatures

The Holy Teaching is to live healthily and happily upon the earth. For every one of the earth to live in that way, everyone must follow the Golden Rule of treating others as he or she likes to be treated. People and creatures of the air, land and sea, like to be treated with kindness, and that is how to approach another. We are family upon the earth, and of course, we do not eat family members. The God and Goddess provide a plentitude of vegetation and air to enjoy a life of fullness upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda for enjoying with all creatures.

For those of the earth, the air to be faithful to or face death, and the air to bind with goes towards to be an associate.

Verse from the Veda with the Wisdom to Overcome Delusion

Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, separated into male and female, and such creates and sustains the universe. This duality creates heaven and earth and the winds that move everything, and when a cold wind meets a hot on a summer day, the power is evident.

Brahma is our Divine Grandfather that divided into our Divine Parents to create and sustain the universe. In the event known as Viraj, Brahma divided into God and Goddess, who are with us every moment of our lives or we would not be here. The God and Goddess are not a belief, but a given as you can see. You can clearly see that the Goddess is visible and God is not but moves everything visible.

Brahma separated into heaven and earth, and a breath from heaven comes to us to live upon the earth. The Holy Teaching is to help others, help all creatures so that all can live peacefully. Heaven and earth are created to enjoy, and meditation and helping others is a cause of that.

Here is a verse from the Veda with the wisdom to overcome delusion.

To be born from a wind going towards and to obtain or be dead, it is unbroken to move or being inactive for a change to come, to press forwards attaining AH for the enjoyment of the earth and the wisdom for the delusion it causes.

Verse from the Veda for Sacrificing the Ego

Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, separated into male and female, and such creates and sustains the universe. This duality creates heaven and earth and the winds that move everything, and when a cold wind meets a hot on a summer day, the power is evident. Duality such as yes and no, good and bad, high and low, here and there, this and that, and so on, give people the ability to think, because without duality there is nothing to compare. Duality is essential for life, but it causes an illusion that must be overcome to attain the Heavenly State, and that is the crucial part of the teaching. The breath is also divided, but by mastering inhalation and exhalation, the illusion is overcome.

Here is a verse from the Veda for sacrificing the ego to be with the Eternal One.

When the ego falls the divided is sacrificed to be with the Eternal One for all, to be mighty for this to hear, and to see in the light to be great standing with the vital force and delightfully helping all people.

Verse from the Veda by the Supreme Being for Being

Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, separated into male and female, and such creates and sustains the universe. Reality is a duality and an illusion to overcome. The Supreme separated into two parts in the event called Viraj in the Sanskrit language, and interestingly, viraj is similar sounding to the English word mirage, meaning something that appears real but is likely not.

Here is a verse from the Supreme Being for Being.

Everyone has the beat of Heaven AH or is departed from the world, to favor the wide space to be in, but divide the Wind of AH for acquiring to cast to a wicked person, and to AH for the ruling of bestowing a kind of breath exercise to guide.

Verse from the Veda by the Wisest of the Wise

Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, separated into male and female, and such creates and sustains the universe. Brahma even offers the Holy Words to follow to enjoy life to the fullest.

Here is a verse from the Absolute Wisest to consider.

Reality is split, singular and absolute.

Verse from the Veda About Caring

A Caring Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

A Caring Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

There are many problems with the Christian Religion, and one is that it leads its followers in the wrong direction. In fact, the religion does not provide a follower with the tools to go beyond, to be with Heavenly Father in Heavenly Bliss. Even the basic teaching of helping others, helping anyone, no matter what their religion might be, their sex or sexual preference, ethnicity, and so on, is lacking in many circles.

It does not matter if the others are human, animal, bird, or fish, because the Holy Doctrine is to care for all God’s Creatures. Do not harm another, but help, must be the message a “Religious Leader” promotes and abides by as best they can.

On the positive side, are the Christian Ministers and Churches that are taking a stand on the deportation of illegal immigrants who are working, have families, and have lived peacefully in this country for many years. Right now, there are about 800 Christian Churches across Amerika giving sanctuary to people like that to protect them. I applaud the efforts of these ministers and their churches, as we live in a world community. Every person is our brother or sister, and to treat others as family is the Holy Doctrine.

Here is a verse from the Veda about caring.

For those who have strayed, the Path of Good Fortune is being wide with the air for removing transgression, and a virtuous friend is like a caring parent and seen on the path caring for others.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

Verse from the Veda About Caring for Others

Holy Person Caring for Others

Last month twenty so-called “religious leaders” penned a letter against transgender individuals titled “Created Male and Female.” It appeared on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website, but among the twenty misinformed religious zealots were representatives of the Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Greek Orthodox, and Islamic faiths. To prove their ignorance, they also reaffirmed opposition to same-sex marriage in the letter. By signing the letter, they show their ignorance of the teaching of our Father and Mother of Heaven and Earth. Our Holy Parents create and support all creatures, and the Holy Teaching is to do the same.

I think, to become a religious leader, one should know God’s Word, so either the signers of the letter were inattentive in their studies, or the instructors, or the schools. Whatever the case, none would have graduated from the Rgvedaschool, because the school adheres to the Holy Doctrine of helping and not harming any creature. The Holy Doctrine is not complicated, so most people would be able to understand.

Here is a verse from the Veda about caring for others.

To like to be respectful and entreat anyone and to serve to care for those will show.