Verse from the Veda for a Perfect Savior

Since the last post about peace not war and treating others kindly, the United States government collapsed, and only a tiny bleep from its people. Although the country was not perfect, it was seen as a beacon of hope for many. My grandparents immigrated here, my partners grandparents immigrated here. It is the same for many people I know, and of course, I know many who immigrated themselves. They all sought a better life here, but that has all changed, immigrants are no longer tolerated. The light that shined so brightly across the world has gone dark.

The Constitution of the United States that stood for a little over two hundred years was shredded last week. The constitution begins with “We the People” which means that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens. That, like the light has now disappeared, now the people serve a dictator.

Who knows what the future brings, but stay strong and hold to the teaching of compassion for whatever creature grasps for the breath and cries.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Here is a verse from the Veda for a Perfect Savior.

To be strong the Lord rises within to enjoy, and to become divine and compassionate, to be perfect as a Savior for the world.

Verse from the Veda to Enjoy Eternal Happiness with the Creator

It seems odd that the oldest spiritual texts in existence appear to be about war, or like the Bhagavad Gita, the eve of the great Mahabharata War. In the Rigveda, my specialty, the invaders of India are the Aryans of northern Europeans.

It is a huge mistake to take such nonsense seriously, and the problem lies with the translators. Even though there are numerous translations of the mentioned texts, like the Bible and the Quran, all of the available published translations are horrible and lead people astray of the Holy Teaching.

Most religious people have never translated a portion of the religious text they claim to follow, and likely, few of those who lead the group. I have never met a Christian who has translated any portion of the Bible yet take the text as the word of God. The Bible, just as the other texts, was translated by men who did not, or do not know the Holy Word, so it is dangerous.

To know the Holy Word know that the message is peace not war. The message is to enjoy living upon earth, do what you want, but do not harm any breathing creature that cries. That means humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, and so on. Treat people kindly whether religious or not, man or woman, gay, straight, young, old, small, fat, white, dark, whatever. Do not discriminate as all are your family upon the earth.

Go ahead and read the various translations, and where you find the Holy Word, believe it, and when you find something other than that, reject it.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy eternal happiness with the Creator.

The Goddess generates a great wealth to enjoy on the earth, and with the wisdom of God in heaven to follow, to enjoy eternal happiness with me.

Verse from the Veda to be with the Lord in Space

The Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump will begin today, and I hope that he is impeached and removed from office as soon as possible In just a few years he along with his conspirators have destroyed what was once a great nation. Everything Trump does is for his own benefit when the Sacred Teaching of God in Heaven is to act to benefit others. Almost everything he says is a lie, which is why he calls real news fake news – to delegitimize the truth, and that is not the Holy Way. Trump is a killer. He recently killed an Iranian man and three years ago, he had a young American girl killed in Yemen. The Sacred Teaching of Heaven is very clear on that subject, “Do Not Kill.” Trump is very cruel, unbelievable cruel in that his administration can separate young children from their mothers to be put into animal cages and treated like animals when the Sacred Teaching of the Goddess of the Earth is to treat everyone as family. The teaching is to be kind to everyone, no matter his or her race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, non-religion, rich, poor, young, old, whatever. If everyone followed the teaching of God and Goddess we could all enjoy living in paradise, but his administration fosters division and bigotry, so it is quite different. It is such a weird thing to have the president of this country work for the benefit of Russia. I think if he remains in office, we could all soon enjoy the same restrictions the people in Russia endure.

It is troublesome that about the third of the country does not know or seem to care about any of that, and even more troublesome is that some so-called religious people, Christian Evangelicals, support Trump and his ungodly activities. They should ask themselves if the Savior they pray to would act like that or put up with that. To attain the heavenly state one must be a moral person and follow the Holy Teaching of kindness toward others. Donald Trump is an evil person and I pray for him to change, and now I pray for his impeachment and removal from office, so this country can once again be a beacon of righteousness to the world.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be with the Lord in Space.

To be with the Lord in space to become righteous and intentionally remove the ego, the unrighteous enemy that oppresses people.

Verse from the Veda to Acknowledge the Sunrise

The word Savitra is found in the Sanskrit Dictionary and means a ray of light, the solar rays, or belonging to the solar dynasty. Belonging to the solar dynasty is an offspring of the deity named Aditi, infinite space, called an Aditya. According to the school, the Adityas were a dynasty, a lineage of people who became enlightened upon the earth. The Rishis associated with the Rigveda were of the lineage, as well as the last Buddha to grace the earth, Buddha Shakyamuni. The family name of the Buddha is Gautama, as well as, Angiras. The Sanskrit words of Gautama or Gotama refer to a Rishi, and in fact, a Rishi belonging to the family of Angiras with the patriarch of Rahugana.

The word Savitri also appears in the dictionary, and sometimes appears in the literature as Savitr. The word means stimulator, to arouse, vivifier (vivify means to bring to life), the divine influence of the sun, and most interestingly, it refers to the sun before sunrise. After sunrise and before sunset, the sun is called Surya.

Personally, I love the sun. I enjoy being in sunlight, but to enjoy the divine influence of the sun, I wake before dawn for that.

Here is a verse from the Veda to acknowledge the sunrise.

The dawn to acknowledge, and to AH to take pleasure in, the right time for giving praise on a day of Brahma.

Verse from the Veda to Delight in the Holy Way

Happy Solstice to everyone, and yes, the sun shines on everyone. I am a sun lover, feel good when the sun shines and I always look forward to its rebirth each year. However, the excitement of the solstice lightens with the fact that it heralds the winter. Over the last ten years, I have noticed a slight increase in summer temperature, but also colder, snowier winters. There was a severe cold spell last winter the likes of which I had never experienced, and it killed off half the squirrels around here.

When the weather is cold and snowy here, it is hot and dry somewhere else, and currently many areas around the planet are experiencing protracted heat with little rain. Australia is hot, dry, with many large wildfires burning out of control around Sydney. A couple of days ago, I looked at temperature around the world, and on that day, Australia stood out like a sore thumb. On the map, the color purple to dark purple brown indicate heat and Australia was hot and inflamed. While much of Australia was 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit, nowhere else in the world hit 100, nowhere in Africa or South America.

Africa is hot and dry, and 45 million Africans are or will soon experience food shortages. It is especially bad in eastern and southern Africa where crops are failing because of a lack of rain. In many areas, there is still food, but it is becoming expensive, too expensive for the poor. A new report says more than 45 million people are or will soon struggle to find enough food across 14 countries in Africa, due to the compounded effects of years of drought.

South America is hot and dry in some places, wet in others. Already occurring is accelerated glacial retreat in the Southern Andes Mountains, reducing water for farming, drinking, bathing, and so on. The same thing is happening all over the world in mountainous regions. In the lowlands like the Amazon basin, about three quarters the size of the United States has experienced so much deforestation in recent years that some researchers see it becoming a savanna. The rainforest is losing forest due to excessive heat, lack of rain, fire, and farming, to the extent that in a recent editorial in Newsweek, Thomas Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre wrote, “The precious Amazon is teetering on the edge of functional destruction and, with it, so are we.”

Over the next decades, hundreds of millions of people will be forced to leave their homes because of the effects of climate change, and I hope that people and countries become more tolerant of others, and care for others in need. Give them food, water, shelter, comfort, and so on.

Here is a verse from the Veda to delight in the Holy Way.

A Savior carries water to be together with the thirsty, and happy to chant the knowledge and illustrate by example, to inspire a life of giving and delight in the Holy Way.

Verse from the Veda on How a Buddha Shines


A Rishi is on the path to Buddhahood, and will become a Buddha, one liberated from all existence. By definition, a Rishi is a seer, a person with extraordinary perception, and one is associated with every hymn in the Rigveda because they composed a portion of every verse in the text. That makes the text unique among the world’s ancient spiritual texts, because every other is exclusively the word of Brahma. The Rishis became Buddhas and were of a lineage called the Angiras, and many used Angiras as part of their name. In fact, the last Buddha to grace the earth, Buddha Shakyamuni, used the family name of Angirasa Kumara, and was of the lineage. There are nineteen Rishis connected with the first book of the Rigveda and well over a hundred with the whole of the text.

Followers of Hinduism honor the Rigveda while Buddhists disparage, yet the Veda is the path to enlightenment… to become a Buddha. Such is the confusion upon the earth today, and easily explains why a Buddha has not graced the earth in thousands of years.

Here is a verse from the Veda on How a Buddha Shines.

For the knowledge of how a Buddha shines with light, the brightest obtain the air to be present with the Holy Spirit.

Verse from the Veda to Make Love, Not War

The earth is a very beautiful place, full of wonders, and all the elements are here and available to live happily and peacefully in paradise. Such is the Holy Teaching of Heaven, and to follow all creatures will have the opportunity to live happily and harmoniously together on the earth. The biggest obstacle to that are people. Some people go astray because they do not know any better, some because the religion or spiritual leader is astray, and some because the people they hang around with are astray. There are numerous reasons why the earth is not paradise everywhere, and the way to correct that right now is do what you want to be happy as long as it does not infringe on the happiness of any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. That includes all the beautiful and fun loving creatures of the forests, pastures, air, and water. Certainly, there are creatures that attack and kill other creatures, but people can be better than that, and a person claiming to follow the teaching of heaven should be better. Back in the 1960s, Make Love, Not War was a popular American counterculture and anti-war slogan and since then the slogan has spread around. It is a virtuous activity and we owe our existence to love.

Here is a verse from the Veda to make love, not war.

God and Goddess are lovers,

Both are constant companions,

And display the association forever for all to love.

Verse from the Veda to Lift Up

I currently reside in a large city. The population is very diverse, I see and meet people who have come from all over the world, and I feel very comfortable with that, in fact, moved here because of that. Since a teenager, my musical interest has been primarily religious/spiritual and traditional from cultures around the world, and because of the city’s diversity, I have the opportunity to hear a wide variety of live ethnic music.

I love eating in restaurants serving Mexican, Central and South American, Island, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, African, really, cuisine from just about everywhere. I enjoy cooking dishes from those areas and beyond, and can do that because there are grocery stores selling the necessary ingredients.

I cherish diversity and feel so much fuller because of it. I would not want to live in a less diverse place. Paradise will look much like here because all the children of heaven will be there. You will find wide diversity, non-discrimination, non-harming, kindness toward all, and such is the Sacred Knowledge to follow for heaven upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda to lift up.

Space is unborn and the air that comes from is the sustenance of all, and comes to you to fill up to hold to lift up from the earth. The earth is a cherished place but to love to be with me in heaven where there is no pasture.

Verse from the Veda to Liberate Oneself

About ten years ago, Earthwatch Institute declared bees to be the most valuable species on the planet, and recently the Royal Geographic Society of London similarly declared the bee to be the most important living being on the planet. Almost 90% of the major food crops humans live upon are reliant upon bees for pollination, and of course, thousands of animals and birds live upon plants pollinated by bees.

I completely agree that bees are the most important species, because if they die off, we will die as well. Unfortunately, for us, the bees are disappearing. There has been a steep decline in the population of wild and domestic bees over the last few years due to climate change, pesticide use, pollution, and so on, so who knows what will happen. On the bright side, I have many bee friendly plants growing in the yard, and this summer I did notice a slight increase in bees.

Bees are certainly important to the planet, and the most dangerous creature on the planet is man. Obviously, humans are the most dangerous, but of the species, man is the worst. That is why the Lord of all creatures presents humans with the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, to overcome. The knowledge is not complex so every person can understand – be kind and helpful to all creatures, so that all can enjoy.

Here is a verse from the Veda to liberate oneself.

To be a killer, angry all the time, or ignorant of the knowledge to become exhausted and die, for protection to rise up and liberate oneself with the sound of service, and use effort filling with the breath for the inspiration instigates the love of giving.

Verse from the Veda about Becoming Compassionate

Woke up today knowing the day would be beautiful, and it is, a wonderful fall day with the sun brightly shining. It is also a sad day, as I mourn the passing of Elijah Cummings, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 1996. Elijah forwarded legislation on voting rights and civil rights, and recently, as the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, investigating the criminal activities of the Trump Administration. Over the summer, the Honorable Cummings was often the target of Trump’s anger. Trump tweeted a string of racist remarks, a tweet that said the representative had failed badly, and his congressional district was a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Cummings responded by tweeting that he goes home to his district daily to advocate for his constituents, and such is the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of Heaven. Become a supporter of people, yes, but support all living creatures, and encourage others to do the same. Do not harm or kill any creature so that all can enjoy life upon the earth. Treat others as you like to be treated is the Golden Rule to follow. Other than that do what you want.

During the last few months, Cummings made it clear that the country was at a crossroads under Trump’s leadership. After Robert Mueller’s appearance on Capitol Hill in late July, he said, “It’s not about not liking the president. It’s about loving democracy. It’s about loving our country… I’m begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on. Because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children, and your children’s children, and generations yet unborn we’ve got to guard this moment…this is our watch.

I will miss Representative Elijah Cummings; he was a good upstanding statesperson, a role model.

Here is a verse from the Veda about becoming compassionate.

To become a Keeper of the Flock to become wise, a worker of wonders, compassionate, and help now as ancestors of old.