Verse from the Veda about the Sacred Syllable of AH

Like many other languages around the world, the Sanskrit alphabet begins with the letter A. The sound is like the ‘a’ in father or the ‘u’ in up, and it is an expression of surprise, delight, satisfaction, pain, and so on. The sound of ‘a’ is a natural expression of the body, but because it is holy, I write it as AH.

AH is the first sound in the universe and everything is derived and sustained by it. The Supreme Sacred Sound of the Creator is unbroken, eternal, and comes with the breath to all living beings in the fourth note of the musical scale, the key of F. People normally do not hear that sound, but a hissing sound, but if you inhale the breath quickly and forcefully through the nose, you might. If you stop and think about it, you might realize that you have heard and made the sound of AH a million times and the experience will likely be the same for every person around the world. All God’s Creatures make the sound. The inarticulate syllable of AH often accompanies the first breath of life, often quite forcefully. In the very act of creating life, a loving couple might utter the syllable repeatedly. Take a drink of water on a warm day, miss a nail and hit your finger with a hammer, find a solution to a problem, and the sound of AH just might happen by itself. AH is a universal phenomenon.

Here is a verse from the Veda about the Sacred Syllable of AH.

The nectar of AH is extracted for pure happiness, from the air to obtain to serve with compassion.

Verse from the Veda about Compassion for Others

I was born in a small town where everyone looked the same in being white and shared the same religion. At about twelve years of age, a black family moved into the neighborhood and it was scary, in part because I had never seen anyone who looked like that and because I had heard stories of what might happen to the community.

Fortunately, one of the children of the house was my age; we attended the same school and became friends. I also became friends with the two Native American students at the school. It seems strange since I attended a large school, but that was the extent of the diversity.

I now live in a large city that is racially diverse, people have moved here from just about every part of the earth. I love meeting and talking to people of other ethnic backgrounds. I feel comfortable amongst them and now when I visit a town that looks like the one I was born it, it feels scary.

It hurts me to see how this county has demonized people from Muslim and Latin American countries. It hurts me to witness intolerance of people based on nothing more that ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, and so on. One God and one Goddess bless us all, and the Holy Teaching is inclusivity.

 Here is a verse from the Veda about compassion for others.

The relationship is binding, and to urge the disturbed to have compassion for and staying with helps, to convey you to paradise on one side the knowledge on the other from heaven for helping.

Verse from the Veda about Helping Another


Giving Water to a Traveler

I cannot understand why a person would want to shoot people randomly, like the recent incident in the United States where someone killed twelve people before being shot. Quite often, this situation ends with the shooter being killed by police or committing suicide. To me, it does not make sense and in the end, it sets the stage for life after life of suffering. The Law of Karma says that if a person harms another, so shall they suffer, and for this unfortunate person, there will be tremendous suffering. Everyone makes mistakes, but after, you want to have the time to make amends, and here, there is no opportunity. One way to make amends is to engage in good deeds like helping others and save lives, and that to me is an activity that feels good. When I see someone fall, I am normally the first person there. I do not really know what to do other than attempt to discover the severity of the injury and get help if needed, and try to make them comfortable. To me this happens often enough, so assume everyone has the same opportunity.

For instance, recently a friend and I were walking into a building and there was a person in a wheel chair. He was screaming, his arms were flailing about, and the powered wheel chair was spinning out of control. He was knocking over chairs and tables and moving very close to a large glass window. It looked serious and immediately I ran toward the person telling my fiend that I had to stop the chair. I had no idea the power of the chair, because as I grabbed it, I could not stop it, but luckily could slow it a little so that my partner who was familiar with this type of chair could turn it off. He had some cuts and bruises so we asked one of the onlookers to call 911. The person could not speak, but as we stayed with him until the paramedics arrived, he typed us a text, “Thanks, I am ok.”

Another recent incidence occurred over the winter. I was in the house and noticed a loud noise coming from the gutters of the house. I put on gloves, hat, and coat and went outside to investigate but did not hear anything. A while later, the noise started again, but by the time I went outside again, the noise stopped. The third time, I investigate closer, and when I pounded on the downspout I discovered that a squirrel was stuck in the downspout. I could not move the downspout because it was connected above and frozen into the ground. I wondered what to do. I got a screwdriver and removed its connection to the gutter, a hatchet to chop away the ice holding the downspout extension to the ground, and a shovel to pry it out. The squirrel was still stuck so I lifted the downspout, shook it a few times, and happily the squirrel slid out and ran away.

These are a couple of recent incidences, and according to the Law of Karma, if a person helps another, so shall they be helped, and here is a verse from the Veda about helping another.

To be pure is perfect in victory and with dedication to the Sacred Action of helping another to arise to heaven in glory.

Verse from the Veda About Being Pro-Life by Being Pro-Choice

In recent months in the United States, and especially since Mother’s Day, there has been an attack on mothers, and specifically, mothers-to-be. A few days before Mother’s Day, Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, signed into law a fetal-heartbeat abortion ban, which would ban abortions by the sixth week, a time when most women do not even know they are pregnant. On May 14, Kentucky’s House passed the same type of fetal-heartbeat abortion ban. Over the next two days, Alabama’s governor, Kay Ivey, signed into law a bill banning nearly all abortions in the state, and the Missouri House passed a bill banning abortions beginning at eight weeks. In the Missouri bill, doctors who perform an abortion after the eight-week cutoff could face a five to fifteen year prison sentence.

In the developmental cycle, the developing fetus is referred to as an embryo until the ninth week, and after the eleventh-week, the embryo is referred to as a fetus. An embryo is an early stage of development of a multicellular organism, and generally, in organisms that reproduce sexually, an embryo develops from a zygote, the single cell resulting from the fertilization of the female egg cell by the male sperm cell. The zygote possesses half the DNA from each of its two parents. In mammals (animals and humans) and many fish, the zygote will begin to divide by mitosis to produce a multicellular organism. The result of this process is an embryo.

Anyway, the Sacred Knowledge of Heaven is against killing, and specifically, the killing of any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. An unborn child in the womb can cry around the 28th week of pregnancy, but that does not satisfy the other qualification until the first breath at birth. At that point, the spirit or soul enters the body and becomes a person, a cow, pig, chicken, dog, monkey, or any other living breathing creature, which is not to be killed. I am quite sure that a majority of those who support the ban of abortion and consider themselves “Pro-Life” are anything but. I suspect most are meat eaters, and many might even carry a gun and hunt. The hunting of animals is called a sport, but it is killing, and if any of those people want to taste of fruit of heaven, they must stop. Such is the message of God and Goddess because, yes, it takes two to create a life and a universe to live in.

Here is a verse from the Veda about being Pro-Life by being Pro-Choice.

To choose to be like a loving parent to a child, a kin to a kinsman and be chosen as a friend of the Holiest Friend.

Verse from the Veda on Mother’s Day

Vishnu and Lakshmi

It is Mother’s Day today in the United States, so it seems appropriate to write a little about women. It is unfortunate that today, there is discrimination against people for reasons of race, nationality, religion or non-religion, sexual preference, and so on, but around the world, the greatest amount of discrimination is against women. In the United States and around the world, women are seen as subservient to men, and in large measure, the culprit is ‘religious’ teaching. The religious teaching in Christianity is bad enough, but Islam is far worse. Only recently in Saudi Arabia, were women given an ability to drive an automobile. At least, in America, women can drive and work outside the house, but there is vast gender disparity. Those who do work are not paid as well as men because they are not valued as much, but the Holy Teaching of the God and Goddess is equality. At the beginning of time, the Supreme Absolute split into God and Goddess to create and sustain the universe, and without both, you would not be here upon the earth. Look around at the living world and you will see, especially at this time of year, male and female are coming together to create a family.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

Brahma divided himself into male and female, but Brahma in comparison with, is the animating principle in people and other beings.

Verse from the Veda About Non-Killing

I find it hypocritical that Christians put up signs in schools in the US that say “In God We Trust.” The motto also appears in Government buildings like the one in the photo accompanying this post. It appears in the United States House of Representatives in Alabama. The motto also appears on all US currency, which many people regard as a god.

What is problematic is that Christians do not know what God thinks. They have a set of 10 Commandments, which they claim was inscribed on a mountain in the presence of Moses. It is a fictional story like all the miraculous events described in the Bible, however, amongst the fiction is one very important commandment to follow for a religious person to taste the fruits of Heaven. That commandment is “Do Not Kill.”

Not too long ago, Christians around the world celebrated one of their holiest days, and many celebrated the holy event with family and friends over a meal containing the flesh of birds, pigs, lambs, cattle, or maybe fish. Nowadays, a person can walk into a grocery store and buy the meat, so they do not have to kill, but by eating the flesh, others kill for them. And having others kill does not absolve them of the sin of killing. I have no idea how many creatures are slaughtered for the Christian “holy” day, but the sad statistic is that about 25 million farm animals are slaughtered daily.

I am well aware that many meat eaters think that vegetarians think they are more righteous than they are, but the fact is, they are. They are the ones who are following the holiest of commandments of non-killing, which is necessary for anyone who desires to spend quality time with God and Goddess. They have teamed together to provide the people of the earth with the nourishment of fruit, roots, and vegetables, and such has sustained religious adherents for many thousands of years. I am sorry that I have singled out Christians, because the same is true for those of the Islamic, Judaic, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths.

It is easy to put up a sign and not know its meaning, and difficult to follow the teaching. Non-killing is a start, then there is non-discrimination regarding ethnicity, religious preference, sexual preference, male or female, young or old, and yes, reach out and help those less fortunate.

Here is a verse from the Veda to follow to be a Holy One.

To kill to be far away from the Lord, but to be like a beast and dart away from is favorable for people.

Verse from the Veda with the Knowledge of Heaven for people to Rise to Heaven

The Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, is advanced on with the help of the principle of life and sensation, a breath from heaven for a person to rise to heaven. Yes, everyone has a chance if they follow the teaching of heaven. The Sacred Knowledge of the Breath is the teaching spoken aloud by the Supreme Absolute during the last Golden Age upon the earth. That was many thousands of years ago when the Shining Ones were here. They listened to the Supreme Spirit Pervading the Universe and lived according to the teaching. They became enlightened and glowed with light and happily served those less fortunate upon the earth. The Sacred Teaching was preserved via the Oral Tradition by passing on to others who did the same, so an unbroken thread continued upon the earth until the lineage ended, at which time it was carved into walls or written down for preservation. The Sacred Teaching is preserved in all the ancient spiritual texts of the world albeit with the problem, the translations do not do it justice. However, for those interested, the school has cracked to code to advance the teaching of heaven for everyone to know.

Hear is a verse from the Veda with the Knowledge of Heaven to rise to heaven.

The Shining Ones love to grasp for a breath from heaven on the one side for the Knowledge of Heaven on the other, to be powerful to stop for that and to finish a measure to fill with for restraining to arise.

Verse from the Veda About the Value of Being Spiritual

One of the two great epics of ancient India is believed to be a narrative of an ancient war, but is actually a narrative about being spiritual. The text is associated with Hinduism, but is the teaching to become a Buddha. A Buddha is free from suffering and lives for the suffering to foster happiness, non-violence, non-discrimination, so that all can enjoy life upon the earth.

The verse says that you can attain certainty by becoming spiritual, and to become spiritual, become a caring person and foster non-violence and non-discrimination. A spiritual person does not harm or kill another breathing creature, and is not a sponsor of the killing or harming of another. There are many degrees of being spiritual but to reach a state of certainty, it is necessary to be a caring vegetarian who fosters peace and happiness for all.

All the time, people suffer and die because of an unfortunate situation, but this great epic, says that you can overcome and attain a favorable fortune and certainty by being a spiritual person.

Here is the beginning of a verse from the Veda about the value of being spiritual.

To be spiritual for a favorable fortune and certainty…

Verse from the Veda from the Oral Tradition

In ancient times, just as today for Indigenous People, knowledge and culture is preserved and transmitted from one generation to another via word of mouth. The Oral Tradition was and is a vital part of the Sacred Teaching and since the advent of writing, the knowledge disappeared, and many religions have sprung up with only bits and pieces of the doctrine. The knowledge to reach the highest state of a human to be with God and Goddess and glow with light does not appear in their doctrine. It is sad to say that the main religions of the world today claim a divine origin when it is so meager. In truth, the truth has disappeared, and unfortunately, until one masters the true teaching no Messiah, Buddha, Aditya, or Savior will grace the earth. The Shining Ones disappeared a few thousand years ago, but you will know when one appears upon the earth, because they will have mastered the oral techniques to shine with light. Knowing the True Path is a good beginning for religious students of any faith, but to bring about enlightenment, they must live virtuously and master the path.

The inept translations of the world’s most ancient spiritual texts written in Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Avestan, Pali, Sanskrit, and so on, are a problem. The ancient texts are the Holy Word and you will find that here, but as of 2019, there is no other translation associated with any religion in line with the Sacred Text and the world is in a state of confusion because of it. Key features of the Savior are the compassion for all life and the ability to shine with light, not just a glow about the head as in religious paintings, but a body of light. If you do not see that in your Guru, Spiritual Leader, Pope, Christ, and so on, such a one has work to do.

Here is a verse from the Oral Tradition of the Sacred Teaching.

To serve, a Buddha roars to be empty to praise and obtains the Authority to prove the Sacred Syllable, the Oral Tradition to love for to get to go with a measure to an appearance, to rise in with the love to convey.

Verse from the Veda to Spread the Righteous Act of Caring for the Suffering

A Caring Woman Giving Water

The humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the US is a crisis that needs amending, yet the country is in decline. Since I was born seventy years ago, the country has suffered a significant decline in morality, and recently, a significant drop. This is a result of Trump Administration policies, because Don is a racist, sexist, megalomaniac with a mission to destroy.

The Rgvedaschool supports all people, no matter their sex, sexual preference, race, religion or non-religion, rich or poor, whatever. The school loves to be around people from all around the world, and as such, supports immigration. We want people fleeing violence south of the border to come here to be safe, settle down, and have families, yet when they arrive, they face violence. Young childen are separated from their mothers and housed in cold cages, abused, and no concern to ever reunite parent and child. Yes, there are humitarian groups doing the religious duty of helping those in need, but the government and its agents at the border do not.

The Trump administration has criminalized humanitarian aid, and recently, two caring souls from the group ‘No More Deaths’ were arrested and face twenty-year prison terms for leaving water and food in the Sonoran Desert to help refugees and migrants survive exposure and dehydration on the deadly journey across the U.S. border. To make matters worse, Border Patrol agents routinely destroy or confiscate the water, food and other humanitarian aid they discover, condemning those seeking safety.

The religious thing to do is help people, you know, the Golden Rule says to care for others as you wish to be cared for.

Here is a verse from the Veda to spread the righteous act of caring for the suffering.

Gone is the vehement desire to roar aloud with people and offer, perhaps, to care for the disturbed.