Verse from the Veda to Serve with the Love of Brahma

I typed “What is the most truthful religion” on a search engine, and one response said that Christianity is the most truthful. Another response said that Islam is the most truthful and only religion, and another said Judaism. It is believed that the 19 major world religious groupings can be subdivided into about 10,000 distinct religions, and likely, everyone believes they are followers of the true religion. 

Since Christianity has the highest population of adherents, one could assume they believe the religion to be the most truthful. In 2007, Gallup reported the results of a national poll on the truth of the Bible. It found that 31% believed, “The Bible is the actual word of God, and is to be taken literally, word for word.” 47% believed, “The Bible is the inspired word of God, but not everything in it should be taken literally.” 

Within the last year, I read the beginning verses of Genesis in the Bible. I read as far as the third verse of the third chapter before quitting in disgust. I found the first three words to be truthful. “In the beginning,” is fine, but everything after is a lie. Old Testament, New Testament, it does not matter, there are no great truths to be found. In fact, the Bible promotes the Big, Big Lie of Jesus, or Joshua, being born divine of a virgin. No one is born divine. People are born of a father and mother, and the truth is it takes effort to become divine. If one knows the Rigveda, the oldest spiritual text in existence, one knows the truth. One can see the truth. Look at all the creatures of the land, air, and water around the world, there is a commonality in being born of a father and mother.  

Even in the whole of the Bible, the Holy Teaching of compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry cannot be found. Jesus never taught the Holy Way. In his final hours on the cross he is said to have cried out, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani,” which means “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” 

If Jesus knew God as I do, he would have known that God does not forsake anyone. It is not something a Divine Being forgets because it is incumbent on becoming divine. You can follow any of the many religions on the earth, even Christianity, but to become a Divine Being, you must follow the Holy Doctrine of kindness towards all. Consume a vegetarian diet and enjoy watching the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly so all can enjoy a life of happiness upon the earth. Such is the Holy Doctrine for the whole of the universe and here is a mantra to consider. 

Abandoning the ego with sacrifice and compassion for others is highly spoken of, and being as powerful as the King to serve with the love of Brahma, to be in the house with love and the power of heaven for that, the relationship is binding and AH to offer.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground


Verse from the Veda to Care for the Living

A very sad day in America as the Supreme Court of the land ruled against the Holy Teaching of the Supreme Being. A very sad day when girls and young women will be forced to carry a fetus harming their life. Maybe the result of rape, or incest, or a medical reason, it really does not matter. Maybe the ensuing mother does not have the means to care for a child, maybe she is not ready, or maybe she does not want the child. It is a horrible situation, and without going into detail, the court’s ruling is going to harm people, even kill girls and young women, and cause harm to the child. Yes, a sad day in America when the status of women as free and equal partners is taken away.

The ruling has been criticized by people around the world, but closer to home, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the decision “horrific” news for women and that no “government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body… we will always stand up for your right to choose.”

The United States President Joe Biden said the Supreme Court’s decision marks “a sad day for the court and for the country… the health and life of women in this nation is now at risk.”

The World Health Organization reaffirmed its position saying, “safe abortion care is essential to protect the health of women & girls everywhere… Removing access to abortion care will put more women & girls at risk of illegal abortions and the consequent safety issues that would bring.”

On the flip side the Vatican praised the ungodly ruling. The Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion comes from the idea that human life begins at conception, and as such, the life must be protected from the moment of conception. They claim abortions are a sin against God and one should “obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29), but they are confused. They do not know what God thinks, because if they did, they would find that the life of the mother is paramount.

Similar to the Holy Doctrine, Jewish law says that life begins at birth, not at conception. “A woman is not just entitled to have an abortion [in Judaism], she is required to have an abortion to protect her mental wellbeing, to protect her health, to protect her safety” said Rabbi Barry Silver. This law would prohibit Jewish women from practicing Jewish law.

The Holy Doctrine is compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry, and such happens at the birth of the child. If the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations want to support a false doctrine is fine, but pushing their ungodly ways on others is the sin. I recommend quitting the religion and becoming a peaceful caring person to the living. Consume a vegetarian diet and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly so all can enjoy life and happiness upon the earth. Such is the Holy Doctrine for the whole of the universe and here is a mantra to consider.

To become blameless and divine, God and Goddess sit in the lap and sow good things to all. Supreme Being is auspicious to watch over the universe and a sage is similar to care for the earth.

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Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

Verse from the Veda on Virtuous Actions

Popular among a certain group of people are banners, t-shirts, and other items with the words “God, Guns, Trump” printed on them, but it leads people astray. It leads people astray because the last two words do not lead to the first.

God supports all breathing creatures, supports the birds of the air and the animals of land and water. God supports the beef cattle, pigs, chickens, and all the other lovely creatures people like to eat. God supports you, me, and even people as ungodly as Trump. God supports all creatures on livable planets throughout the universe, but important to understand, the amount of support is dependent upon the person.

Anyway, to connect Trump with God is misleading. If you consider the Holy Teaching then Trump is anti.

The Holy Way is compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry, and since guns have a single purpose of killing, you cannot associate guns with God. Holy people are not gun owners. Holy people speak against the killing of people and animals and the eating of flesh. They are peaceful and caring and if they see a creature suffering, they care for them. Holy people are not racist or sexist and treat all kindly, no matter what.

To enjoy the heavenly state takes virtue, and one gains virtue by engaging in virtuous activities such as caring for people and creatures. Such is the doctrine of peace for the whole of the universe, and here is a mantra to consider.

To become beautiful in light, ten virtues are set to abide with and to and from conform to five; virtuous activities purify the body and mind and bring about happiness in yourself and others. A guide to others on the earth in no way worships where a creature that grasps for the breath and cries is sacrificed, to a ray of light the hide is the same and to be present with the Lord the light decorates the victorious.

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Imagine Peace

Verse from the Veda on the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is known around the world as treat others as you want to be treated, or something similar, and is the norm during the Golden Age upon the earth. The Golden Age, Satyayuga, is called the Golden Age of Humanity. Satya in Sanskrit means to be genuine, sincere, truthful, virtuous, and follow the fundamental truth, and during the time, people did that. Unfortunately, the good times ended around 7,000 BCE, although fortunately, we have crossed the Age of Darkness and are now enjoying the dawn of the Second Age of Dvaparayuga where things will get better. The next Golden Age is technically 6,000 years away, and a way to bring it about sooner, start following the Golden Rule.

The problem with the maxim today is that it is not clear enough. The rule was spread by word of mouth for many thousands of years before being written down, and in that time, it changed. The word ‘treat’ can mean to give another something, but here it is more likely to care for another, but who are the others? Most likely the others are people and not the many creatures of the land, water, and air, that the rule must include for all to live free and happy. It might sound a bit odd to say treat chickens, pigs, and cattle the same way you want to be treated, but that is the case. If I go back to the oldest spiritual text in existence, a text written down before the Age of Darkness for preservation, I find the Golden Rule.

The Two Divinities are divine to attain and sustain devotion to arise divine for righteous actions benefitting all, gain a favorable fortune and the means to direct the Golden Rule of the Golden Age in golden light to all, “Compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry”.

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Verse from the Veda for Good Karma

Recently, the Rgvedaschool revised the dates of the yugas, or ages of humanity on the earth. There are four ages where the mentality and spirituality of mortal beings rises and falls on the earth. It is associated with axial precession, the 26,000-year cycle where the earth is spinning like a top about to topple over as it revolves around the sun. The length of the cycle changes over time as the current cycle is closer to 25, 772 years. The earth spins in a circle once a day, but the force of gravity causes the earth to wobble, and the wobble causes the star field to slowly change over time. The pole star will become Gamma Cephei in a thousand years from now, and we will slowly cycle though the twelve constellations of the zodiac, each lasting about 2,167 years. We are currently transitioning from Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

The Veda is quite specific as to the length of each yuga. The Kaliyuga lasts 1,200 years, Dvaparayuga 2,400 years, Tretayuga 3,600 years, Satyayuga 4800 years. There is a rising and falling of each yuga, so it totals 24,000 years. So, what is the deal? It must have been the length of the cycle at some time, but since it is now almost 2,000 years longer, the school readjusted the dates to be in agreement. I have no idea how accurate the calculations are, but I lean towards it being more accurate than other versions I have seen. If anyone has better information on this, please let me know.

Earthlings have been suffering in the Kaliyuga for the past 3,000 years, the worst of times where people quarrel and fight, but luckily, slowly transitioning into the second age called Dvaparayuga. In Sanskrit, dva means two, para means different, yuga means age, so we are now in the dawn of the age where things will be different. During Tretayuga people will treat others kindly. They will be helpful and peaceful, and care for others as family. Satyayuga is called the Golden Age of Humanity and people will follow the Golden Rule of compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry. Yes, but that will be many thousands of years.

According to the school’s new calculations Dvaparayuga began a couple of hundred years ago in 1800. The yugas have a dawn and dusk of 10 percent each, so the dawn of Dvaparayuga is 260 years. The age where people will become kinder on the earth will officially kick in on 2060 and last for 2,600 years., and after that, life will get better. Yes, but in the meantime, here is a mantra for the action to overcome suffering now.

Be around very affectionate faithful people who accomplish wonderful deeds and harvest the consequence of their actions. Karma is the action and the result, and good karma to chant AH in the fourth note of the scale and draw in to bind to attain delight and great power for great deeds.

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Verse from the Veda to be Similar to a Holy Child

There is no doubt Vladimir Putin is visibly the evilest person alive today. He seems to relish killing civilians, especially babies and children. He has his military bomb businesses, apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and recently, a theater sheltering a thousand women and children. I guess 300 innocent women and children were killed in that attack. They bombed a maternity ward and children’s hospital. He has fired his supersonic missiles from a thousand miles away to destroy structures and kill people just trying to live. Even people waiting in bread lines or trying to flee via ‘safe’ corridors are shot. About 4 million people have fled the country with little more than a suitcase and are now living as refugees. The many millions of Ukrainians who cannot get out are living in basements and shelters with little heat, electricity, water, and food, with a constant threat of bombardment. 

The Holy Religion of Heaven says no war, no killing. It says compassion for any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. Christianity, Islam and every other religion upon the earth fails to support that position, but I think, any religion claiming allegiance to the Divine Word, should. The Russian Orthodox Church is an unholy religious organization with 80 million supporters and claims allegiance to the devil, yes, the devil. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “A devil is the personification of evil as it is conceived in various cultures and religious traditions… seen as the objectification of a hostile and destructive force. It occurs historically in many contexts and cultures, and is given many different names – Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Iblis – and attributes: It is portrayed as blue, black, or red; it is portrayed as having horns on its head, and without horns, and so on.” 

Christians believe the devil to be a fallen angel who rebelled against God and was condemned to hell, but is able to influence and terrorize people. Hell is often depicted as a fiery, painful realm located somewhere under the ground where unholy people go after death to be tortured endlessly for their many abhorrent acts during life upon the earth.   

Truthfully, hell is not an afterlife state, but a condition upon the earth. Not everywhere on the earth, but many areas due to extreme weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, fires, and of course, war. It is hell on earth for many millions of people on the earth today, and currently the most hellish place I see on the news is Ukraine, and the immoral mortal being responsible for that is the detestable Dictator Vladimir Putin, the personification of evil. Anyone or group supporting his evil, such as the Russian Orthodox Church, is demonic, and best to quit and get away. Here is a way to change. 

To welcome the day, awaken and chant before dawn, wherever the Holy Children reside they faithfully waken early every day to recite prayers on behalf of the sleeping and unholy, and are perfectly happy to.

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Illustration of the Devil on folio 290 recto of the Codex Gigas, dating to the early thirteenth century. 

Verse from the Veda to Know Well-being

It was back in the 1960s that I first read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi, and no doubt, considered it one of the greatest books ever written. Then, in the 1990s I facilitated a book club, where the only book considered was Autobiography of a Yogi. We started at the beginning of the book and read a sentence or paragraph for inspiration and discussion. We met once a month for a couple of years and possibly covered the first four pages.

I remember very little of the book, so I dug out a copy and researched a little on the internet. I remembered Yogananda’s guru was Sri Yukteswar whose guru was Lahiri Mahasaya, but did not remember anything about Babaji. It is claimed by some that in 1953, Babaji said he was born in 203 in a coastal village now known as Parangipettai, in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, Chola Kingdom. Yogananda said he met him, and even said that Jesus Christ went to India and conferred with Babaji.

One of Babaji’s gurus is said to be Agastya Maitravaruni, a highly revered sage from ancient times. Agastya is one of the rishis, sages, associated with the Rigveda. He composed Hymns 165 to 191 of the First Mandala. The spiritual text was likely written down in Sanskrit around 1500 BC, and the lineage of rishis associated with it, such as Agastya, had likely ended by 3000 BC.

In the autobiography, Yogananda said, “The Mahavatar (Babaji) is in constant communion with Christ; together they send out vibrations of redemption, and have planned the spiritual technique of salvation for this age. The work of these two fully-illumined masters–one with the body, and one without it–is to inspire the nations to forsake suicidal wars, race hatreds, religious sectarianism, and the boomerang-evils of materialism.”

At this point, the credibility of Yogananda, his guru, his guru, and a handful of others declines. I know the claim is that Babaji mastered Kriya Yoga and the technique to generate a new body, and with that, hide away in a cave in the mountains for thousands of years. What does he do all day? I think a new body full of energy would be great for serving people and creatures in the valley. Yes, if he is so enlightened, he should come down and inspire us to forsake war, racial hatred, religious sectarianism, and many other evils as well. Come down and show us the way. Come down and show us the way. Come down and show us the way.

To promote peace in the world today, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine said, “If you want to be a Leader of the World be a Leader of Peace.” If you want to be that person, fill the belly with the Holy Air and hold still and master the Holy Way. Here is a mantra from Agastya to consider.

The desire to destroy is powerful in people but to need power to destroy the bind to become empty for the love of heaven to fill. The air has a way of curing people, and to gain a wealth to hold like an intimate friend come to know well-being, arise bright and cheerful with the love of heaven to serve people to know a new way to love.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

The Maharishi (Great Sage) Agastya

Verse from the Veda to become Divine

Such a horrible situation in Ukraine, a peaceful country, its citizens fleeing to a neighboring country while another very large and aggressive neighbor is bombing, firing missiles at schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, buildings, whatever. About a million people have left home with little more than the clothes on their back and a suitcase. I have heard that up to 2,000 innocent civilians have already been killed. A horrendous situation indeed, and I think it is going to get worse. I fear that the beautiful cities in Ukraine are going to be reduced to rubble in the same way as the beautiful cities of Aleppo and Idlib were in Syria. I fear the Russian army will destroy the country, and those who have fled will have nothing to return for. There are many small counties in the neiborhood that should rightly be concerned, and they are. In fact, just about the whole world is worried, and has condemned the Russian actions. 

Yes, there are good people who live under good governments who treat their citizens pretty well, and it seems that they have united in their condemnation of Russia and its disgruntled dictator Vladimir Putin. It is very disheartening to hear neo-Nazis like Donald Trump, Pompeo, and Tucker supporting Putin, a person who jails and poisons his critics, and in past wars, deliberately targeted innocent people. There is nothing uplifting or spiritual about these people, so ungodly I do not know how they put up with themselves. 

A few days ago, Pat Robertson, the Christian media mogul returned to “The 700 Club” a show he hosted for 55 years on the Christian Broadcasting Network. In his return, he claimed that Putin was simply following God’s wishes when he invaded Ukraine – to fulfill a biblical prophecy. Oh, my God, where does Pat get his crazy ideas? I wish is his retirement, he come to know the loving caring God that wants all people and creatures to live in peace upon the earth. 

The Rigveda says that people are much like cows in the pasture, the best of people are like that, but the worst are more viscous than animals as they kill their own kind. I think most people believe they are more advanced, more intelligent and spiritual, a higher evolutionary being than animals, but I wonder. 

For those to rise above, the Holy Doctrine is compassion for all breathing creatures that cry. Be a peaceful caring person, consume a vegetarian diet and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. It does not matter if they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly so all can enjoy life upon the earth. Such is the doctrine of peace for the whole of the earth and here is a mantra to consider. 

To become blameless and divine God and Goddess sit in the lap and sow good things to all. Supreme Being is auspicious to watch over everything and a sage is similar to care for all of the earth. 

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

Peace in the World

Verse from the Veda about Helping Others

In the United States., the right is wrong, the Christian Right is wrong, the right wing of the Republican Party is wrong, the far-right neo-Nazi Party, white supremacists and other right-wing hate groups are wrong, wrong, and wrong. There seems to be a plethora of unholy people doing what they think is right but is wrong. They are wrong is right all right, and the wrong today want the world to know they are wrong, so they are loud and threatening. They are wrong because they do not listen to real news, and they believe any wrong or hateful words right-wing ministers, internet tricksters, or politicians tell them. Most who claim membership in the Republican un-American Party are dumb and dangerous, and still believe President Biden did not win the 2020 election when he had the largest winning majority of any Presidential election. Most claiming membership in that party think violence might be necessary to overthrow the government, and alarmingly but not surprising, they now claim its deadly attempt to overthrow the government of the United States on January 6, 2021 is normal political discourse. Not every Republican member of the House or Senate was involved in the deadly insurrection, only certain ones. Those who were not involved and not speaking up about those who were are not untarnished. By not speaking, they bear much the same guilt. Hateful words caused dumb and dangerous people to do dangerous deeds, yes, but hateful words are the cause. I suggest trying something different, how about trying loving caring words?

The same dumb and dangerous crowd is now in Canada, truckers clogging the city streets of Ottawa and blocking bridges to and from the United States. In the downtown Ottawa where many people live, the disrespectful truckers are blowing loud horns day and night. People working downtown cannot work and people trying to sleep at night cannot sleep, but the truckers do not think of others. They are protesting the Covid vaccine, mask mandates, when many places are beginning to wave the restrictions. It is only because of the unvaccinated, and people who do not want to wear masks that the pandemic has lasted so long and killed so many people. For a while now, it is mostly the unvaccinated and those who do not wear masks that are finding themselves in hospitals and dying of Covid. They are a dumb and dangerous crowd and best not hanging around with them.

There is no religious exemption to the vaccine, or wearing a mask, because both protect the person and others, and such is the religious position. Do no harm to any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. Care for others with the compassion of a loving mother. The righteous do not lie, cheat, steal, or disrupt the welfare of others, and there is more, so here is a mantra about that.

Do not abandon the promise to help others no matter what, and adherents do not kill, harm, or become angry to regret.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

Woman offering water to a traveler

Verse from the Veda about Doing the Work

In the previous post, I wrote about the Sacred Action of circumambulating Mount Kailash in Western Tibet. Walking the 32 miles at an altitude of 16,500 feet, where the oxygen level is half the oxygen at sea level is difficult for people not accustomed to the altitude. Full body prostrations around the mountain must be an incredibly difficult feat, although countless devotees accomplish that, some every year. There is plenty of flat rocky ground for travelling, but the mountain passes are two thousand feet higher. There is even less oxygen at that height, and it can be very cold and icy on the switchbacks leading up the mountain path. Prostrating upward is one thing, but coming down on a slippery rocky surface is slow and dangerous. It can take 3 weeks and longer to complete the Sacred Circle around the mountain, but devotees are rewarded by the elimination of obstructions on the path to good fortune.

The determination of those people is the determination is takes to overcome suffering on the earth. The Holy Teaching is to begin each day with prostrations, so if you are not doing that, you are not on the Holy Path leading to the highest on the highest mountain. People are given free will on the earth to do whatever makes them happy, so do what makes you happy, just do not harm any creature that grasps for the breath and cries. That is the moral teaching to master, but to attain the heavenly state, you must master the exercises, and one is full body prostrations.

Prostrations are a wonderful exercise because of working all parts of the body, and it does not take long to begin breathing hard and sweating. Great for a devotee, and according to the Holy Teaching, there is a promise of the elimination of obstructions to future happiness. Prostrations are the recommended exercise by the Architect of the human body, and I recommend trusting the one who knows as no one else. I start each day with prostrations. I look forward to it, and never miss a day. I feel better and think clearer after, and that makes me happy. I have missed days in the past for one reason or another but it is certainly not my desire.

The heavenly state is something that those of the earthly state must work on. No one is born divine, everyone is born a mortal on the earth of two mortal parents, but through effort, becomes divine. Here are words to cherish from your Maker to become a virtuous friend.

I like a friend to do the work to become virtuous, but serve nectar promptly to enjoy with the lessons.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

Prostrating Mount Kailash