Rigveda Verses

Translation of Rigveda Verses

The following verses are from the Rigveda. The first line was spoken by the Supreme Spirit and the second line is the composition of a Rishi, a Seer. The Rigveda is considered the oldest text in the world. It is the teaching of the Creator for all the grandchildren to be happy.

1. For a verse from the Lord an imitative sound of a bleating goat for bestowing to get into and lo and behold, the sound to make happy and caused by the act of giving to people is healing.

The very trembling of that confers a benevolent flow to gladden in stillness.

2. To move the Architect is connected with and to be comfortable in the body extend one’s self before for the Presence to be present with and the Protector to AH in the morning to be with you.

To be there with unbroken AH to delight in and a brightness and for Whom to be with to be born in to keep silent, for filling with to drive AH to consume and the wind to squeeze out, yes, and for the cause to partake of to be bright to hold.

3. To have free scope to enjoy and to like to be present in the light of Whom to become fluid in the fourth note of the scale with AH, to buzz is the ruling filling with the Protector to be powerful and to stop to be in to honor the Goddess of earth, to be satisfied and to AH on account of.

Tremendous to chant and be absorbed into the measure to stir people and to guide a coverer with compassion, to be purified by austerities good fortune to rest on that and to prepare the way to stand still, for those to be victorious to stay with the knowledge to give out and a wind to enter deeply into.

4. The living undergo the nature of time and the body of people to go, for giving a Master to meditate on the Supreme Spirit with compassion and the wind to take away to delight in calling on the earth, all-pervading AH to lead to and to master the wind to speak.

To direct Divine Power to breathe, approaching with prayers is a manner of life and dwelling in the woods, a measure of AH for the cause to be drawn into the nose is best for that and the cause to live for a mover to cause to be born of light.

5. Contiguity of space to sound Divine AH and to satisfy with AH for giving, surely, to set the mind on and to be strong to adorn with a glow for the essential juice of the body to serve to, to be together with to serve to work to send forth and to celebrate in songs and hymns to call on the wind is a means of proof to acknowledge.

To be powerful giving and a powerful act is to go with water and a song of happiness for the weeping and AH is extraordinary going towards for attaining the sound of boundless joy to offer and anyone ought to do.

6. Whom to roar and to be identical to roar and the wind to depart and a little to drop on the one side to the navel on the other and rattling AH to unite in love, gracious indeed to sound a favorable fortune for those and two are there to gift.

Set the mind on the Protector and the light to ascend for purifying, to be an unbroken sound and strong for this and to abide in a measure of AH the sound to decrease to be quiet to maintain and the sound and a shine to give out, to be difficult but the Word to arise from.

7. To flow out AH on the one side for restraining on the other to delight in and to stay in meditation in fulfillment to obtain a wind to live in the world of mortals for a mortal and to sound AH and exert one’s self for to come to be two for those to gift.

To obtain to hold to enjoy and to send forth a song of praise as a means of proof, celebrate in song but become a master to stop, to move tortuously before and roar by pouring out praise loudly is bad to advance to a wicked person for the light to direct the mind to advance the endeavor to obtain.

8. I send forth a flow a speech and that is how to serve, and the One who changes shape at will to form a nectar to love to dog AH and to call on a wicked person is suitable, to tend to Whom to AH and to form a buzz to dog a day or to extend.

To lead home to extend one’s self before as an act of cutting off a burden and to offer in the early morning and exert one’s self to a roar, to roar aloud to be powerful a luster is a certainty for the attentive and to rest with the wind is nourishing and gives strength to sing with a shine to give out.

9. Giving to give back and to give away to gladden are identical and the act of cutting off and to abandon and live as a Buddha and know me or move tortuously without in a dwelling and cry aloud and out of respect I carry a wind to and from and to AH to enjoy.

Devote one’s self to the end of life for people and live approaching with prayers and to stay in meditation as a religious act, to chant you know for a beam of light for giving with and to sound the knowledge of that the body a little to hurt.

10. It is necessary to direct the thoughts toward and praise loudly and extend one’s self before along with giving or depart and be born of grasping, to detach from is filling with to cut down and in this manner to sustain the act of cutting off to nourish the flow of godly delight.

Fulfilling to produce the unbroken, indeed a virtue, and to shine with a beam of light indeed, a virtue for sacrificed is to long for on the one side to be complete on the other, unbroken, and a champion of that is giving with love and heaven to gift AH.

Peace, the Rgvedaschool, an ancient tradition today

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