Rigveda Suktas

To me the first mandala of the Rigveda has six sections, each section being about 30 suktas. The philosophy is consistent throughout, although the teaching rises to a higher degree with each section. Here are a few introductory suktas from the Veda to think about and consider the Supreme Spirit as the author.

Sukta 4

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. An artist drives AH from the mouth similar to the AH sound drawn in through the nose to inspire, and in the same way, the Supreme Artist weaves a good milk cow and forms light. To weave AH in and out in a single sound is good to inspire a lot to maintain silence and stillness and milk out the love to serve all creation.
  2. It takes effort to bind to the breath for the Holy Rite, and endurance, and to enter deeply into come to understand the nectar absorbed in permeates the village and is a refreshing whirlwind for inspiration.
  3. For that reason, inhale the AH sound to bind to the presence. The limit of space and time is existent for the intelligent because comparison does not go beyond the known to direct.
  4. To go to distant space bind to the indestructible power of the wind that envelops everything, and the Supreme Spirit is there, as friendly as a lover.
  5. Woven to speaking is venom but to draw in to bind to the presence to change into the contrary. The sting of the tail is strong, and change is essential, and producing a strong even AH sound in and out causes the effect.
  6. Be around affectionate faithful people who accomplish wonderful deeds and harvest the consequence of their actions. Karma is the action and the result, and good karma to chant AH in the fourth note of the scale and draw in to bind to attain delight and great power for great deeds.
  7. Really, the rice ripens quickly in the rainy season and enjoys songs of praise. Devotion spreads light and happiness and exhilarated people rise for that and rejoice along with the field.
  8. Be saturated with a hundred powers as the deep sound restrains nonexistence, concealed within, and spreads out with a potent force.
  9. The womb emits a potent force to become brilliant, the sound of AH rises with a hundred powers and causes a distinctly powerful delight.
  10. The Buddha, the King of the earth, calls on the AH sound to fulfillment for the Superior of the Monastery to lead the way, sits still to prepare for and the highest behaves like God in heaven and comes with a loving associate.

Sukta 5

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. A mover sits still in meditation for AH to rise in to lead home, and the wind is quick and powerful approaching for filling for tranquility or chanting a mantra, and a virtue to be as friendly as the air you live upon.
  2. To be ever recurring with many names and looks or a master of time and space for the means of release from repeated rebirth, a devoted child to the power of the Holy Word.
  3. For the move, sound the means the Creator of the universe directs existence. The breath from heaven to live upon leads to heaven, and filling to meditate upon in stillness moves the spirit abiding in the navel.
  4. Sitting still with the air pleases the air and moves the serpent of wisdom from the deep to arise to urge reverence throughout. Hold to the knowledge and AH as tightly as the King and obtain an associate to arise bright and happy to urge reverence throughout.
  5. The highest of the mountain authorizes the glow to guide people straight in the valley. To associate with the moon to contemplate in the vessel of the body to come to live to gift AH to those in light.
  6. The holist generates substance with AH that spreads like the rays of the sun. Divine Being is supreme and directs creation deliberately, yes, AH has purpose.
  7. Indeed, one AH quickly divides into parts in the ether, and to gain the power of heaven put together into one AH sound and inhale to fulfillment to maintain meditation and arise bright and happy to serve a mover is the intent.
  8. I serve AH to mass a cover of skin for you to grow massive to hold or let loose gifting others, to become a master AH has hundreds of designs but cuts and binds together with one sound.
  9. Everlasting enjoyment is the reward and once the spirit takes hold victory is decided, and in that way, everything leads home to heaven.
  10. To dissolve the body you need skill and power chanting AH like heaven, filling, and holding still in the world of movers. Hold to the eternal sound without moving and the Lord takes hold to avert annihilation.

Sukta 6

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. The move to unite to and from is mighty and filling for the mighty fire to pervade a being to become indestructible and shining like the luminous sphere in the sky.
  2. The arrangement is to vibrate the body with a strong AH, and the same sound of heaven to come to crave flows as the lifeblood in people.
  3. Sound vibration constructs nothing artificial and the architect limits no shape, and the wisest form the same AH sound of heaven and burn with the intensity of the uncreated to create.
  4. Take hold of certainty with the inherent power existing in the middle of you and create a new form, disappearance is only in appearance for the sacrificial fire sustains.
  5. The ‘you’ to consume by burning to get to enjoy the breaking thunder and rain in a secret place. The Holy Wind rises and forms a river of light, delight, and water to serve to the living.
  6. The knowledge is clear; the breath is the guide and to experience the riches inhale a buzz to fulfillment and hold still to release nectar to enjoy holding more to listen more to arise with a mantra to know.
  7. The wind generates the power of the senses, and to stimulate Divine Intuition take hold to be together to turn around, to become greater hold to the middle between two extremes for the vital power to inflame.
  8. Faultlessly direct AH to heaven roaring like a bull and powerfully fill the middle to feast upon and come to foresee. To sum up, to be powerful but sensitive of a mover serve the sound of the breath for those to see.
  9. For that Holy AH pervades the earth to penetrate a mover to assent to the other luminous sphere giving the object of delight, and with that a mantra of wisdom is favorable to gift.
  10. Favorable to know the gift rushes to you from the Father of heaven to the Mother of the earth with a powerful rush for enjoyment, and to fill with a buzz to hold still the flames rise within with light and water to kindly gift to those of the earth.

Sukta 7

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. A powerful delight moves a mover when the AH sound is clear and powerful like the wisdom says, the one who praises is praised with Sacred Power that moves in the cavity with powerful delight.
  2. The master moves about happily praising the wisdom with the Sacred Sound that moves a mover. To command the honor of the living the powerful golden imperishable matter in the vessel of golden light brightens to illuminate the night.
  3. The Lord of the universe is deep to direct the revelatory knowledge and light and a wind to ascend to heaven. To sustain the sun with AH, spread the rays of light, and love to rise in to associate with you.
  4. To be quick and powerful for the infinite spirit to get in. To produce a similar sound the original source of the visible universe hurries to, and to fill with a buzz to hold still the mightiest obtain great wisdom and delight.
  5. The master delights in the one who weaves the precious garment, and the Lord is pleased with small sacrifices to amplify or prepare to exist as a precious possession that crawls on the ground and cries.
  6. For the serpent of wisdom to rise in the vessel, call on eagerly and to arise to roam throughout the forest with water from a concealed receptacle. To abide in to look like a mother-to-be and a mighty AH sound helps delivery, and from the well to trickle water to offer with AH to offspring.
  7. Strike by strike the light becomes more intense and to increase more to need the potent juice for the might. Fill the belly with a buzz and look beautiful holding still, like a mother-to-be to trickle out delight and water to serve offspring.
  8. The ancient Lord of multitudes, as it were, gives out a combination of cultivated ground to the extent of light and a splendor beyond comparison.
  9. Who alone rules over mortals, and to fill the belly with a buzz for stillness is the rule for the spirit to take possession of the five grounds to gain the name of an Aditya, a child of infinite space, to serve mortals.
  10. The spirit to delight in is all around and to separate from people fullness and stillness is a must, and to be together and aroused to give with love to those is a must to be with me.

Anuvaka 3

Sukta 8

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. Indeed, to gain great power and love for those to send forth blessings and the knowledge to delight in being together with you. For victory hold to the rule and the victorious are favored with songs of joy.
  2. To proceed in the manner of a prizefighter, lead with the right to take out the darkness. You are fractured but to fix the mind to become brilliant is the set up for you to lead others home to me, your Divine Grandfather.
  3. To advance toward others to see to love being the cloth in the loom for the one who weaves, for the light to be firm and endure to be born in to enjoy heaven upon the earth. To be with Grandfather and the knowledge remain separated from those born of a mother, a bright and happy descendant for those to conceive.
  4. A weaver is wise to proceed to fill the belly with a buzz to hold still and silent to kindle the fire to become brilliant and happy to proceed to show others, to advance the knowledge to rescue another to believe in and exerting oneself signifies.
  5. The mighty become mighty for the cause to abandon the earth and cast away with a mighty AH sound, and to cast away quick to return quick to spread out to hold to live upon. To live with me a precious possession dissolves with the now-a-days for wide space and the knowledge to spread out to cast off.
  6. Wisdom is the means, chant an even sound with the AH obtained from space, space is eternal and to fill the belly to hold still to become newborn. To become young again as a gift to guide others on the earth, to be here in heaven to be inwardly stirred and the best part is spreading out to delight in.
  7. Meditate upon the AH sound in the cavity in peace as the moon pulls upward at night, and to gather with people during the day, pull in AH to fill the belly to pull Holy Water up the vessel in light to look heavenly serving on the earth.
  8. One AH to urge in the vessel of the body for the truth to overflow. The Sacred Utterance of Divine Being is developed in fullness in the cavity of people, and a lovely place to rest.
  9. One AH to bring to people quick and powerful to fill the belly to hold perfectly still and silent. To despair as a mover to know but to gain a measure of air to hold to gain love for another, and to sacrifice for those, eternal happiness comes.
  10. One AH sets in motion everything, loves to move people to sacrifice for others, and comes for that with the means to fill and hold to the Lord in stillness to become a powerful happy King.

Sukta 9

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. Divine Being advances to people just as fish in water that breathe, and to direct attention to the stream the faculty that perceives everything comes with nectar from the mountain, and the authority of the inspired breath opposes the sacrifice of animals and rises to giving.
  2. Really, arise to serve and care for others. The jewel in the circle of the world is a child with the spirit to arise a bright powerful King happy to help, and contented holding as the fire shines with a current of water to cool and release with AH to people.
  3. Picture your own beautiful cheeks moving in and out chanting AH in praise of being happy, and to fill the belly to stay with the omnipresent in meditation, imagine the moon in the act of seeking the sun and slowly attaining a similar.
  4. To fill with AH to stay with to delight in to chant the mantras for those to know in light. To serve those to go toward with waves of pleasure, and to be insatiable and a bull filling to stay with to become bright and beautiful like me.
  5. Staying with the knowledge leads to a favorable fortune and brilliance for people to observe a kind and peaceful being. Surrender is a virtue and mastering desire, and for that, filling with the air to hold still is favorable for people to see.
  6. The field comes quick with AH to chant a powerful flowing sound and fill to hold still to brighten the field. For the strength to accomplish on your own, quickly filling with the power to hold still is best for the wind to convey.
  7. Hold still to become bright in the field and with that the power of the spirit rises in to say aloud, “A clear loud AH sound to and from quick and relentless and filling for peacefulness to form light and the knowledge to guide.”
  8. To know the stream of clear light chant a thousand AHs as clear and strong as heaven. Honor the dawn with a thunderous sound, and a champion of that becomes a leader to others and goes to a wicked person to acknowledge peacefulness.
  9. To see and enjoy a radiance of your own at daybreak master the words to teach in meter. Celebrate the sacrificial fire by offering oblation to others, and for that go constantly in the high tone of AH with speed.
  10. For an offspring, a King leads to a place of abiding, and fills with AH to hold still to direct a flow of speech to be faithful. The King is faithful to inhale AH to exhale AH and faithful to fill to hold peaceful to become bright and overcome time.

Sukta 10

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Anushtubh

  1. Sing a song of praise before dissolving in meditation before the sun is radiant with light. There is one sound for one to live and another to chant AH with intention and fill to become free of suffering. To contemplate sit calmly and faithfully to arise with AH and delight to serve others in light.
  2. To seek the summit of the mountain leap up, practice the release, the return, holding, and binding to an oath to accomplish, and regarding that, the Supreme Spirit is the object of sense to fix the mind on and the host is identical to the wind in anything living.
  3. Attaching to the protector of the field stimulates the fine long hair at the crown of the head for captivation. A virtuous act to inhale AH to chant an identical AH sound and inhale to hold for the knowledge to rise in to hold to become virtuous.
  4. Compassion arises from AH and to send forth to a multitude work at sending forth to the sky and the one most caring, work at quickly driving AH to heaven for the rays of light are set in motion from passion and the power of AH. Brahma splits into two for to and from and to call on to be together to become pure and shiny. AH is powerful to acquire for devotion and excellent to fix the mind on to fix.
  5. The saying, “to be as powerful as the King to be quiet,” means to chant AH with power and inhale to fulfillment for the power to hold still and quiet in devotion. From stillness the sound of AH arises and listening closely is the rule to become bright and capable of speaking as an offspring springing from.
  6. Being immovable moves a familiar and the everlasting spirit hurries to assist the King. The hero gains assistance with the power of the wind woven around to become a compassionate host, and to assist others the powerful rays of light possess the appearance.
  7. To possess supremacy to be strong enough filling to possess enough to make use of. The Lord loves those of the earth and has one AH sound to assist, and to draw in to serve or draw in to hold for a flow of speech to froth up to assist.
  8. To need to be quick and loud in and out with one AH sound for heat before filling the navel to make use of for light and a Sacred Verse. The Lord moves the celestial and rises within to work together with you, caused by trembling AH and filling and the shaking sets in motion the thunder.
  9. Listen attentively to the flow is good for a person, the ocean brings delight, and the waves sound similar to producing a nourishing breath. To be of assistance dog the AH sound and drive with speed in the fourth note of the scale, and know that if weak, drive more to draw in more controls and to beat like the heart to become super strong.
  10. Knowing to drive AH more to draw in more is nourishing and helps the Holy Spirit be heard, hidden within and undisturbed by time, and to separate from time, knowing the means to draw in more to hold more to promote thousand-fold delight.
  11. A split but identical stream to direct to birds to fly and people to become gentle and giving. To arise brilliant with a jewel on the summit chant AH in conciliation with me. To praise quickly and fill the belly for the strength to hold the tongue and body still, devotional words flow forth just as for the Rishis.
  12. The one AH to live upon separates into many syllables to be able to form speech there. AH is the authority and is everywhere, and to chant AH more and fill more to hold more, humans become stronger and invited to a delightful place joined by serving more.

Sukta 11

Rishi Jeta Madhucchanda; Deva Indra; Chanda Anushtubh

  1. The most powerful stop for everyone and bind to the protector to become most happy. To stay with and grow bright is a sign, and to grow more to stay more to become a King of the night, a champion, and to keep silent the spirit subject to being present lights upon and to AH to light upon or goodbye!
  2. To be devoted to that there like a powerful bird to exhibit the separation of a dead body. To be inactive to notice and for that reason to rise within with AH, and like a highly praised ship abiding on the water the King is still and bright abiding on AH.
  3. Brahma is a wizard to form the vital juice of life for all with love out of emptiness and scatter in two parts. All become exhausted on the earth, but all is woven by the wind and whoever can arises from. For the spirit to be understood, the wind forms the words, and says, “Tremble AH in and out and fill to hold still the spinning motion of the sound to delight in is a medicine.”
  4. Previous existence is similar to a bubble on liquids, but by filling and holding still, the air excites the boundless power of the unborn to attain liberation from mortal existence. The air pervades and moves everything in everyone to be helpful and to drive AH more to fill more to hold still in the vessel to begin to move and buzz. Brahma is the original source of the universe and the one who changes shape at will in the womb.
  5. To be drawn to a substance that passes for clear liquid, like water from a mountain conveying two kinds of fish but heavenly, and approaches with the Holy Syllable to you to inhale to penetrate. To tremble AH and fill to hold still to arise from mortal existence or reproduction joins the conceivable to suffering and a mother.
  6. Power for a wise person is to be generous to return vital power to the stream and offer both as a gift. It is true, and to comply with the Lord or abide in the end under rising ground. To die to be born again on the earth, and the sound taken as a bull plowing a field fades away but precedes the determination of this.
  7. Extraordinary power and wisdom are divided because Brahma is a skillful artist, bends one love into two and a wondrous experience to come together at dawn. The winnowing basket of the womb is the central point around which everything revolves, and filling to surrender is universally accepted or be cast in a waterfall to come out.
  8. To experience at dawn to become happy to serve in light. To waken early to chant AH and a manifestation is before to chant repeatedly, a hundred thousand is an obligation, and to become a leader, weave the light by blowing into space and striving after that.