Rigveda Mantra with Commentary

Grandfather has one AH to divide into parts to enjoy the effect, to sound complete to be together and powerful giving, and the words to sound express.

The universal is for those to gain for another, and being strong to care for a wicked person proves.

Viraj in Sanskrit means that Brahma divided himself into male and female, and such is the Big Bang, the explosive event that set the universe in motion. Brahma divided into the Divine Couple of Vishnu, God of heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of earth. Heaven and earth are a duality and exist outside of us for a place to enjoy and inside for a place to rise above in heavenly bliss, to return to the earth to care for all of creation. Because all of us upon the earth are the descendants of the Divine Couple, Brahma is our grandfather. 

We are all sons and daughters of God and Goddess, just as we are all sons and daughters of a father and mother. In ancient times, and especially during the Golden Age, the teaching spread around the world and some of it is still with us. Visible everyday people volunteer their time and effort helping those in need, helping whoever wherever with the compassion of a loving mother. 

Food, water, and the breath are necessary for life. Breath is a given that we do not think about, food and water are searched for. Heaven promises a breath will come as long as a creature has the strength to give back to complete the circle. A quick strong wind with the AH sound in the fourth note of the scale comes from space to inhale through the nose to exhale the same sound strong from the mouth to complete. The Veda says happiness will arise from that, but the technique is critical to know and master or after death, birth of a mother upon the earth is certain. Breathing is a sort of mantra to listen to and is an important step on the path to oneness. Through the mastery of the various breathing techniques, the text says the Sacred Syllable AH and a breath will be born from the womb with nectar to delight in listening uninterrupted in meditation, and arise brilliant for the act of giving to others with compassion. For this, the master will glow with light so that everyone can see that heaven is for those to gain for another, as that is how a person attains the state. 

The next King of kings will be in a state of breath suspension, abundant with the universal air and holding still and the Holy Spirit will form light and the mantras to speak aloud. The King will be there as an example of the teaching, but the Goddess will personally chant the mantras. The same universal message is throughout the universe and is a call to service, compassion for others, whoever, universally, and especially help change the wicked. It is difficult to be friendly and caring to another you do not like, and especially to a wicked, evil person, but that is the teaching, and one becomes a Buddha by abandoning the ego and living to serve and help change those. 

I am confident in the translations, because the same message of giving is given in the wise sayings, mantras, and verses of all the ancient spiritual texts of the world. It is certainly not surprising, since the composer is the same. I am certain the mantras give the steps to becoming enlightened and free of suffering, although personally, I have a long road to travel, but pray you will take to the path and rise from the mortal condition to illuminate the road… good fortune my friends!