Verse from the Veda You May Not Have Heard

The Winter Solstice is a very special day because during dark times like this, the sun is reborn to bring light to the world. The darkness leading up to this time is dreadful, especially for those with SAD, seasonal affective disorder. The Winter Solstice is a wondrous occasion, the true significance of this time of year. Yes, the Sun of God is divine and begins its yearly assent to heaven, aided by twelve disciples. They have different names in different places, but here they are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December. Among the disciples are a number of women, a key feature lacking in many of the earthly religions.

One earthly manmade religion in particular has subverted the yearly event and molded it into a fictitious event that unfortunately is widely celebrated. In fact, it is the most popular religion upon the earth today. It is hard to believe but the religion claims a man was born a god a couple thousand years ago of an earthly mother without an earthly father, but such is impossible. As I look around the three worlds, I can clearly see that all breathing, crying creatures are born of a mother and father. Creatures of the water world, the land, and those of the air have parents, and even earthly beings that have attained the heavenly state were born of a mother and father.

Widely considered the most significant teaching of the so-called godman is “the Sermon on the Mount.” I have read it and it does not even present the moral teaching of heaven, with nothing about the critical meditations. To become a master of the outer and inner teaching is the only way to attain the heavenly state, so it is unfortunate that such is missing from the sermon. Therefore, those who follow that religion will die upon the earth to be born again on the earth, but in which of the three worlds is not known. People are born upon the earth with the freedom to believe whatever, and there are many popular religions upon the earth today, but unfortunately, not one guides a person on the path to heaven.

The moral teaching of heaven is not difficult to understand. I present it often enough, but here it is again. Compassion for all breathing creatures that cry is the Holy Way. Be a peaceful and caring person. Consume a vegetarian diet, and enjoy watching and listening to the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. Do not harm any creature. It does not matter is they have two feet, four feet, or no feet and speak in a language you do not understand, treat them kindly, so all can enjoy the glorious sunlight.

Here is a verse from the Veda you might not have heard.

You may have heard that a loving God dwells within mortals, but have you heard that to spread out with the air to praise, the Goddess praises with light and thoughtful words to benefit all mortals.

Verse from the Veda to Become Spiritual


Rather than wasting your time protesting mask mandates, attending Trump rallies and listening to lies and falsehoods, spend the time working on redemption, which in the end will be time well spent. Salvation is lost to those who believe falsehoods, … Continue reading

A Verse from the Veda Opposed to the Killing of Turkeys and Other Creatures

The other day I made three loaves of bread, although a comedy of errors in the process, that is if it qualifies as a comedy. It began well enough and everything was ready in the mixing bowl for the flour, but upon opening the bag, the bag ripped which set into motion a string of missteps. The rip caused spillage and difficulty pouring into another container, so I stopped and cleaned up. I scooped the flour from the bag but used the wrong sized measuring cup, discovered upon mixing and seeing it so sticky. Naturally, I added more flour but not enough since it was still sticky but decided to go with it and set it aside to rise. The two-hour rising period turned into four hours and the dough had over risen the bowl, but placed it in the three bread pans and set aside to rise again. The half to one hour rising period also went way beyond… an extra three plus hours, but good fortune, only one had risen out of the pan. Parred it back some, put it in the oven with the other two loaves and baked.

The thing about making bread is that the process is so forgiving, a virtuous action in many religions. I have made bread for fifty years with and without leavening agents and to me, they have all been a success. On this occasion, the bread is light but perfect to put into a toaster and toasted on the dark side. I like carbon on the edges, and with butter and Current Jelly, the taste is outstanding. I served a friend a couple of slices in the way I like it, and she even asked me for the recipe.

Indoor dining is not happening here now, but look forward to eating at one of my favorite restaurants, a Middle Eastern buffet. I just love to look at the loaves of bread, so many different kinds, and all look so tasty, but with all the other wonderful foods to enjoy, I just look at the bread.

Bread making goes back many thousands of years, grinding stones have been discovered that are 30 thousand years old. Bread is a staple all over the world, and every country has their specialties. There is something spiritual about the simplicity of eating bread with wine or water, and bread and wine comprise the Eucharist, a Christian sacrament. The Jewish Religion utilizes bread and wine in their rituals. During Roman times, bread was used as an offering to deities, and today in Hinduism for the same purpose.

The stomach of a person is called a breadbasket. A fruit and vegetable basket would also be appropriate, but definitely not a meat basket. The Holy Teaching of the Sacred Veda is very clear on that. Do not kill any creature that cries and breathes the same air we breathe. To serve a righteous meal according to the Holy Teaching of Heaven this Thanksgiving, serve bread, fruit, and vegetables. Wine is optional, but no turkey or meat of any kind. Heaven will certainly look more kindly upon you on judgement day if you do not commit the highest offense and help spare the life of the 46 million holy turkeys set to be killed and eaten on Thanksgiving Day.

Here is a verse from the Veda opposed to the killing of turkeys and other creatures.

A breath comes to a person for fulfillment for the righteous act to stay in devotion and rise up bright and happy to serve all in the field. To remain righteous, separate from a sacrificing priest who kills for they commit the highest offense, and for that reason bow to others as an expression of homage to the highest.

Verse from the Veda to be Born into the Order of Knowledge

A hotly debated topic in the United States is abortion and the rights of the mother. I wish it was only a hotly debated subject, but restricting legal abortions has led to the permanent injury and death of many young people. In the legal argument in Roe vs Wade, the court ruled on the side of the mother, but today, Christian zealots are favoring the rights of the unborn over the rights of the mother. In some states legal abortion clinics are scarce, and unfortunately, it is likely to worsen.

I have translated portions of all the major religious texts on the earth, and although none addressed the topic of abortion, it is easy to extrapolate the righteous position. The religious position is compassion for whatever grasps for the breath and cries. Therefore, compassion for mothers, fathers, and people of all shapes, sizes, and looks. Compassion for the breathing crying creatures of the land, water, and air is the Holy Way. Do not harm, do not kill, rather help and care for others as a loving mother.

The fetus is an organism living off the mother and is not a person. The Sacred Text refers to the body as a nonentity, and the English Dictionary calls a nonentity nothing, nobody. The soul enters the body with the first breath, and usually the child announces the occasion by crying AH loudly for the mother to hold and care for with compassion.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be born into the Order of Knowledge.

High praise for the effect of the rite for the performer is rendered immortal, born into the Order of Knowledge to care for all breathing creatures as God of heaven and Goddess upon the earth.

Verse from the Veda to Focus Upon

It is a funny but sorry situation that the Rigveda, the world’s oldest spiritual text, is the foundational text of Hinduism yet is the teaching to become a Buddha. The teaching in the Rigveda is different from the teaching of Buddhism today, and the difference is significant. The teaching of Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism will not produce a Buddha, and the evidence is clear. The last Buddha called Buddha Shakyamuni, Gotama Buddha, or Angiras Kumara, lived about three thousand years ago.

If one even casually peruses the list of Rishis associated with the Rigveda, the evidence of its connection to Buddha is clear. A Rishi is associated with every hymn or sukta of the Rigveda, and here are a few from the first Mandala: Rishi Hiranyastupa Angiras, Rishi Savya Angiras, Rishi Nodhas Gautama, Rishi Gotama Rahugana, and Rishi Kutsa Angiras. Rishi Hiranyastupa Angiras composed portions of Annuvaka 7, Sukta 31-35. The word Hiranyastupa means Golden Stupa, and a stupa is a shrine containing Buddhist relics. Angiras were a lineage of Rishis and Buddhas, and the last of the lineage was Buddha Shakyamuni, who is of the Angiras lineage. It is my belief that Rishi Gotama Rahugana was his grandfather.

The Buddha is a title for the highest state a human can attain. The word in Sanskrit means awakened, learnt, a wise person, sage, the perfect knowledge, fully enlightened, and liberated from all existence. The word Buddha appears only once in the Sanskrit text of the first Mandala, although the syllable buddh meaning to be awakened, observe, attend to, understand, recognize, restore to life or consciousness, appears many times. There are many Sanskrit words meaning Buddha such as advaya, janaka, jaruna, muni, sramana, tathagata, traya, vidu, and yogin, so in an accurate translation of the Rigveda the word Buddha appears many times. The Rigveda is the path of liberation, closed for the whole of the Kaliyuga, but open again to tread.

Here is a verse from the Veda to focus upon.

Focus upon one sound is effective in meditation and strong devotion to deserve to be an Angira like Gotama, and the mantras to chant to celebrate the hero to hold to become a hero praised with purity.

Verse from the Veda for People to Live Together in Peace

One group of people I associate with associate with many paths. The group is comprised of about twenty people. Among the group are five African-American, a couple from the Philippians, one person from India, Kuwait, China, Thailand, and the rest appear white like me. My Mother is Finnish and Father is a mix of Swedish, German, and Scottish. My Maternal Grandparents immigrated from Finland and Great Grandparents on the other side.

If you are not Native American, you are here because of immigration. In the process of immigration, the Native population was slaughtered and displaced, and I am extremely sad about that. I occasionally visit an area where during the late 1800s; many natives were interned and died, and if I wander off the walking path to the interior of the island, I can still be struck with an overwhelming sadness and many others experience the same.

We cannot go back and undo what was done, but if we all live together peacefully and care about one another today is a way to heal. I enjoy meeting people from different cultures so I am for immigration. The group has an equal number of men and women, and some are couples but most are not. Some fit the category of LGBTQ and some do not. Some are fit and some not so, just as some are religious and some not. Those who are religious follow the earthly religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam, and we get along. We care about one another and have fun together, and such is the Holy Way.

Here is a verse from the Veda for people to live together in peace.

The highest knows the thoughts in the mind of everyone and brings the air to move the thoughts higher, and a guide to the highest is a kind and peaceful person devoted to caring for others.


Verse from the Veda for Healing

I chant the mantra of the breath every day. The best time to direct the Sacred Syllable to heaven is before sunrise and after sunset, but I enjoy chanting in the sunlight as well. Long ago I made an oath to chant a certain amount of mantra each day, but this summer, added a mantra for each death in the United States due to Covid-19. Taking an oath is an important undertaking on the Holy Path, and holding to it. You do not have to do anything elaborate in making an oath, but consider it seriously, and say you will do such and such without fail. God and Goddess know everything about you, and gladly provide you with encouragement, and it is said that by holding to an oath, favors occur twice as often. 

I am very happy to chant for less and less people each day, and hope the trend continues. So sad when so many people were dying each day due to the virus. Many days over two thousand deaths, and a thousand, so many because the government response was and is so bad, but thankfully, the number has come down. 

Even though the mantra of the breath is very simple it still takes time and effort to chant a couple hundred mantras, or a thousand.  Two thousand might not seem like a large number, but chant the mantras and it becomes a large number, and sadly, that is how many people were dying each day in the country. 

I draw in one breath for each person who can no longer draw in a breath, and send off the Sacred Syllable AH, as a cry, for each. I chant mantra every day, but it is different when chanting or moaning for someone who just died. I do not count every mantra, only the ones that feel right. 

Be careful and stay healthy, and especially now, during the pandemic. The virus effects everyone no matter the age, sex, religion, and the best preventative is to be careful and stay healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat vegetarian, drink plenty of water, and chant mantra, the Sacred Text says chanting AH with water is healing. 

Here is just such a verse from the Veda for healing. 

Water is divine to offer as oblation, and to serve with a measure of AH is healing.

Verse from the Veda to become an Authority

I have wondered for a while why people are becoming so ignorant. I cannot say that all people around the world are becoming dumb, because I am ignorant about that. I live in the United States and there, many people have fallen away from reality to support fantasy. One idea I have is that because of air pollution, the life-giving part of the air we all breath is less prevalent, and less oxygen to the brain lessens the ability to think. Another issue is that people have fallen away from watching legitimate news such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, or reading major city newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and so on, and are reading and watching fake news on the internet. And people who watch fake news call real news fake news so it is confusing, but there are ways to sort things out.

One way to find real news is to look for journalistic standards of reporting. Professional high-quality, investigative news sources have explicit editorial policies and they follow a code of ethics or professional standards, such as the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. If you do not find an editorial policy or a statement of ethical standards on a news source is a red flag indicating suspect content. Legitimate news sources make mistakes on occasion, but reliable sources issue corrections for errors and inaccuracies they subsequently discover. Fake news sources do not issue corrections as they are not accountable for their content. They create or partially fabricate misleading information as well as outright falsehoods.

In the three plus years of the current presidency, just about everything Trump says is a lie, and it is dangerous. Trump’s angry outbursts, his racist, sexist, bigoted remarks are very dangerous. His attack on science, attack on the American health system, postal system, and every government agency is dangerous. America is currently experiencing a great deal of social unrest, very high unemployment, the highest number of Covid deaths of any country in the world, a quickly growing number of homelessness, hunger, and feelings of helplessness. Currently about 50 million Americans do not have enough money to feed themselves or their families, so it is sad to see that almost 40 percent of Americans support the person responsible such things.

The Holy Teaching of heaven is speaking of peace and the truth, and acting in the benefit of all people. God and Goddess care for all creatures, and the teaching is similarity. Be kind to all, young, old, man, woman, no matter how others look, or if you can understand their language of not. Help those in need so that all can be happy on the earth as God and Goddess intend. Service to heaven is served upon the earth, and on judgment day, so shall ye be judged.

Here is a verse from the Veda to become an authority.

To spread the knowledge to tread the good path with good fortune and a light to investigate, with that to become an authority, and an authority is powerful with the power of love to care for others, for those to care for others and so on.

Verse from the Veda to Care for All

In recent days, a Christian GoFundMe site has raised over $300,000 for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old teen who shot three innocent people, killing two in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this past week.

Rittenhouse, a big supporter of the brutal Donald Trump, walked around Kenosha a week ago with a loaded AR-15 assault style rifle looking to shoot someone. He got into an argument with Joseph Rosenbaum, and rather than following the Holy Doctrine of kindness toward others, shot and killed the man. Bystanders who witnessed the shooting like Anthony Huber, ran after the shooter, but when Huber attempted to grab the rifle, Rittenhouse shot and killed him. Then Rittenhouse pointed the rifle at Gaige Grosskreutz and fired, hitting him in the arm. After that Rittenhouse calmly walked toward the police who did nothing. I think he was arrested the next day.

Since the murder of the two innocent individuals, the Christian site has raised a lot of money for the defense of the killer, and here are a few comments by contributors.

I support the right for Americans to defend themselves from the leftist Mobs that the Democrats are supporting. I want the looters and rioters to know that they will not be allowed to beat, harass, and terrorize American citizens. Down with the Democrats, Antifa, and anyone else who hates America. True Americans have had enough. God be with you.”

We know we live in dark times when Evil is called Good & Good is called Evil. Remember you are the Good!”

Kyle, you’re a brave young man! You did nothing wrong. I pray the peace of God be with you in these times. Just hang in there! Thank you for taking a stand! God Bless you.”

No doubt about it, we live in very troubled times in the United States. The president did not condemn the killing, just as some Republican congressmen. Keep this up and the Christian Religion and Republican Party will join White-Supremacists on the list of dangerous organizations. In the meantime, to be safe, best not to associate with those three irreligious groups.

Here is a verse from the Veda to care for all.

Care for all creatures that breathe and cry, enjoy watching the animals that live and play in the pastures, and praise the path that yama, death, does not walk.

Verse from the Veda to be a King with the Knowledge of Heaven

I find people despicable who claim themselves religious, people of God, yet live ungodly and support ungodly actions. There is a segment of Christianity that seems to have completely lost its way. Evangelical Christianity believes that salvation is grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement, although it appears some believe salvation is through grace and Donald Trump. Let me remind them of the Trump Death Clock in Times Square, New York, that estimates US. Covid-19 deaths due to his inaction or wrong action. The current estimate is that 101,276 people have died in the United States as a result of his mismanagement. Obviously the Holy Teaching of heaven is compassion for breathing creatures and obviously Trump does not, and people who support him must not as well.

Death from the virus is only part of the ugly situation, but because of mismanagement, fifty million people are out of work, and many will never get their job back. If they were able to get unemployment benefits, they might be OK for a while, but others who relied on the stimulus check might or might not see that. Food distribution centers are very busy already, homelessness is at an all-time high, crimes against people and robbery are way up because people are poor, and help is not coming. The Holy Teaching of heaven is caring for the suffering, and while the distribution centers are following the teaching, those in the Trump administration, and the Republican Party who have the power to help are not.

Out of the many despicable acts of Trump, I think the worst is the taking of migrant children from their mothers without any intention of reuniting them. The main reason given for the action is cruelty, and this cruelty continues today. A couple of months ago a judge ordered the Trump administration to release migrant children from ICE detention centers because of COVID-19, but that has not happened. Evidently evangelical Christians and Trump supporters are fine with that. No need to say, this behavior is totally against the Holy Teaching of heaven.

Just about everything Trump says is a lie, and the Holy Teaching of heaven is truthfulness. Trump is a sociopath, and those with the antisocial personality disorder cannot understand other peoples feelings, often break laws, and make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause. Trump does not care if people suffer and die, does not care how many, and such is not the Holy Teaching. Those who support Trump support and encourage his ungodly activities, and such is not the way to heaven. Salvation does not happen through grace, it happens through knowing, living, and mastering the Holy Teaching of heaven.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be a King with the Knowledge of Heaven.

To be acceptable to heaven today master the calling and become a King, always happy to call on to care for others for those to become mindful and call on others, and to become a King with the knowledge of heaven is best for caring for those.