Verse from the Veda to Enjoy

Pottery from Mehrgarh, The Indus Valley Civilization

India has been populated for a long time, and current archaeological research has revealed an urban culture by 6,500 BC in Northwestern India and Pakistan that some researchers think the text of the Rigveda originated. The settlements of Mehrgarh and Mohenjo-Daro were well-planned cities by 3,000 BC and of considerable size for the time, populations of fifteen to twenty-five thousand inhabitants. The houses were of brick and many had running water and bathrooms with a sewer system constructed under the streets. There does not appear to be any fortifications for safety so we can assume it was a peaceful time. The Indus Valley Culture, as it is called, is believed to have collapsed after the Sarasvati River partially dried up around 1,900 BC. Because of the close vicinity of the Himalayan mountains earthquakes were the likely cause of that. Over 2,500 towns and cities have already been unearthed from the sands of what is now known as the Great Indian Desert.

Some researcher’s think the Indus Valley Culture was built upon an older and larger culture known as the Naga Empire. The word “naga” in Sanskrit means serpent, a teacher, and the word “nagara” is the written character.  Interestingly, the written script of the Sanskrit alphabet is called Devanagari. It is often translated as “City of the Gods” but such is a little short sighted. The Sanskrit language is the root of most western languages, including English. Sanskrit is accepted as a Divine Language and many of the world’s oldest spiritual treasures, such as this one, are written in it. Many scholars claim the Rigveda is written in an archaic form of Sanskrit because they cannot translate or understand it, and many describe the difficulties of translating the verses. If you examine their work, you will easily come to realize the problem. In fact, if you examine their work very closely you will discover that their translations are completely made up, fabricated, and tailored to fit a particular religious agenda. Translating the verses is difficult, but when fully and accurately translated, they describe the Path to Enlightenment. Yes, and this, and all the ancient spiritual texts of the world are the guidebooks the Creator of the Universe gives to humans for a life of fullness.

Here are a few words from the Divine Absolute.

To chant in reverence,

For I, Brahma, am compassionate,

And bestow this abundant universe with love for you to enjoy.


Verse from the Veda for Praising the Lord

All Creatures Praise the Lord by Chanting AH

All Creatures Praise the Lord by Chanting AH

The Rgvedaschool is an obscure site on the web, although a few people have found it. I am happy about that, but really do not know how they found the site, because when I typed Rigveda or Rigveda Hymns and searched with Google, the site did not appear. Instead, all manner of sites were discovered propounding completely incorrect information about the ancient text. It was highly disappointing.

What is not disappointing is that you have found the site, and I encourage you to ask any questions you might have. I suspect that you are interested in the Rigveda or religion, and in either case, likely associate with a particular religion or spiritual practice. The spiritual teaching you will find here has similarities and differences with the major religions of today, so I encourage you to read all of the pages and posts on this site to become familiar with the root of all religions. If you do that, I am of the opinion that you will discover a completely cohesive religious philosophy for living peacefully upon the earth. I definitely want you to understand the teaching Heavenly Father has given us to live as one big happy family upon Mother Earth, so if you have questions, please ask.

The many translations of the Rigveda from Sanskrit into English are known to be terrible, but the translations of the Holy Book, the Bible, from the Hebrew and Aramaic texts is just as appalling. Nevertheless, there are acceptable verses in both books, and the school has utilized some of them with a little tweaking to be in line with the Sacred Text. For example, here is a verse from the Bible: Psalms, Hymn 148, Verse 3.

Here is a verse from the Veda for Praising the Lord.

Praise heaven for giving the light,

And the sun and moon,

And to praise the Lord of all the stars of heaven,

By giving to all upon the earth.



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Verse from the Veda about Helping Others

Nora al-Awlaki

Nora al-Awlaki

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, had only been in office a little over a week and already authorized at least two terrorist missions overseas. In the second, it was reported that a commando style raid on a village in Yemen resulted in up to 24 innocent civilians being killed, including eight women and eight children. Among the innocent killed in the raid was Nora al-Awlaki, who was eight years old and a citizen of the United States. It was reported that she suffered for hours before dying of a gunshot wound to the neck.

I had heard that the president made a promise to kill people just like the little girl during campaign speeches leading up to the election, so he has already fulfilled his vow. The Holy Teaching of Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother is to be kind and helpful to all of the family. Countries and walls separate family members, and anything that separates is wrong. If there is an interest in tasting the delights of heaven, a person must make the promise to not kill, and be kind and helpful to others, and keep it.

A person has a choice in whether to support the president or support the Holy Teaching. I choose the later and denounce and disobey the other.

Here is a verse from the Veda about helping others.

Do not abandon the promise to help,

and adherents do not kill or become angry with regret.

Verse from the Veda About Heaven and Earth

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

It is a bit misleading to post a picture allegedly depicting Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth, because they do not look like that.

To create the universe, Brahma, the Divine Absolute, split into two parts. On a grand scale, the duality is God and Goddess, heaven and earth, but also inhalation and exhalation, yes and no, in and out, and so on, and even computer language is a binary system.

Because Brahma split into heaven and earth, it is easy to locate them. Lakshmi has the appearance of all heavenly and earthly bodies, she looks like you and me and all living creatures. Everything of matter is the mother. Vishnu, on the other hand, does not have an appearance, because heaven encompasses all the space around matter. Although you have a connection to the earth, all around is heaven, so you can understand why the Sacred Teaching is to grasp for a large amount of air for holding within for staying together with in meditation.

Here is a verse from the Veda about heaven and earth.

I, Brahma, am infinite and encompass heaven and earth,

And to shine like the King to embrace the wisdom,

To be together with to AH in the fourth note of the scale,

And to come to be filled with, you know, to hear the knowledge.


Verse from the Veda for Spending Time in Heaven

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

Brahma separated into Vishnu, God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

In the previous post, I mentioned that Brahma, the Divine Absolute, divided into male and female, and the division into the Two Great Forces creates, sustains, and populates the universe. On the grand scale, these two forces are God the Father of Heaven and the Mother Goddess of Earth, as well as the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. The Heavenly Breath comes to all living beings for life and the Goddess Breath returns to heaven.

Mother Earth does not just represent the earth, but all earthly and heavenly bodies. All matter is the Mother, and everything else is the Father. It is easy to ascertain that the earth exists because we can see it, feel it, taste it, and such, and although heaven is invisible, we can sense it by a wind on the face or filling up the belly. Even though the space between two earthly bodies appears empty, it contains the Supreme Spirit, the life breath, light, and the love of heaven for all the living. Heaven is all around for comfort and happiness, and the way to reach that from here is to reach for the Heavenly Breath.

The Sacred Teaching of Heaven is logical, and it makes sense to fill up with heaven to spend time with heaven, and now is the occasion, not after death.

Here is a verse from the Veda for spending time with heaven on the earth.

A favorable wind blows the pleasant medicines of Mother Earth and Father Heaven to you to be happy to sound the mantras.

You have Two Divinities to be together, unbroken as one to enjoy, and to stop for meditation to remove the separation.

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Verse from the Veda for Joining Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth Yantra

I consider all of the ancient spiritual texts on the earth to be the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. The Aramaic and Hebrew texts of the Bible, the Arabic text of the Quran, the Avestan texts of the Avesta, the Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Brahma Sutras, Shiva Sutras, and so on are the Veda.

The Veda is composed in a Sacred Text and when it is translated as such rather than a common language, the same religious teaching is advanced in each. Such is the case because the composer is the same. In ancient times, Brahma spoke the mantras through the Enlightened Ones, those you had mastered the teaching. That was many thousands of years ago, but the mantras were memorized and passed on from generation to generation from mouth to ear until they were written down in the various languages.

Today, there are many religions based upon the ancient texts, but unfortunately, they are based upon the common translation and not the sacred. Because of that, the religions are different, misinformation abounds and those who follow the words will not attain the promised result.

Below is a translation of a Hebrew verse from the Bible, Psalm: 68.4 and it is based upon the common translation of the words. Because of that, it is not entirely correct, but for now, I will overlook that, because what I want to point out is that the Hebrew l-aleim of the verse is often translated as Elohim in English. It is often translated as God although the word means Goddess with the im masculine ending, so it is God and Goddess. In addition, if you look up the word Virāj in the Sanskrit Dictionary, you will find that it means Ruler, Sovereign, Queen, Cosmic Feminine Force, or Brahma divided himself into male and female. Brahma divided into God of Heaven and Goddess of Earth, so Brahma is the Ruler of Everything, and creates, sustains, and populates the universe.

 Here is a verse from the Veda for joining heaven and earth.

! לֵ אהִ ים l· זַמְּ רוּ n! שְׁ מ סֹ לּוּ !

shiru l·aleim zmru shm·u slu


Sing to the God and Goddess,

And to make up a melody with AH,

To make a highway to you.



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A Verse from the Veda for Understanding the Sacred Way on Winter Solstice

Woman Before the Rising Sun - Painted by Caspar David Friedrich in 1819.

Woman Before the Rising Sun – Painted by Caspar David Friedrich in 1819.

Recently, I have been enjoying the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, a 19th Century German artist. I had been familiar with a single oil painting of his called The Sea of Ice since childhood, but last week, I became familiar with a large body of his work.

What strikes me is the spiritual nature of many of his paintings – where it is one person alone in the grandeur of nature. Nature is God upon the earth so you can see the connection, and in that regard, Friedreich said, “I have to stay alone in order to fully contemplate and feel nature.”

Today is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, but for the next half year, each day will become a little longer as the sun rises a little higher in the heavens. Being a lover of the sun, I highly praise the day. For this occasion, I like to rise early to praise the Goddess and be especially kind and helpful to others. Like the woman in the Friedrich painting above, the Goddess is looking out over her domain, and naturally, her palms are forward for nature is giving.

Here is a verse from the Veda for Understanding the Sacred Way on Winter Solstice.

The brilliant Goddess charms with a loving voice,

And generates the force to awaken descendants at dawn,

And to praise as Gotama in the blackness,

The precious ego is the first to go for the light.

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Verse from the Holy Veda from the Heavenly Being

A painting depicting Sufi teacher Mansur Al-Hallaj being executed in Baghdad for blasphemy in 922.

A painting depicting Sufi teacher Mansur Al-Hallaj being executed in Baghdad for blasphemy in 922.

The religions of today have an immense problem in that they require a belief in the unbelievable and in some parts of the world, those who publicly question their legitimacy can be found guilty of the crime of blasphemy. It is no small issue, especially in the Muslim nations of the Middle East where people are murdered for it. Killing in the name of religion certainly gives religion a bad name, and it muddies the waters of who is irreverent. It is a mixed up world today, so it takes a keen eye to discern the truth from fiction.

In the previous post, I wrote a little about Moses and the receiving of the Ten Commandments. This is an important story in the religions of Christianity and Judaism because it gives them a foundation, but the story is just a story and the directives are wrong.

I will not list what has come to be known as the Ten Commandments because the only one that is required by God is non-killing. Although you still need to master the meditations, it is vitally important to hold to not hurting or killing any living being.

We have been given the directives, and they have been carved in stone in ancient Egyptian and Pre-Mayan Temples and scribed in numerous ancient languages. What should be of interest to many is that every one of the ancient Holy Books of the world comprises the knowledge that a Loving God has given to his children. It includes the ancient Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda, the Upanishads, the Gita, the Avesta, the Quran, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and so on, but there is a problem with the translations of those texts in print today. The translators of those books are mistaken in thinking that the texts are written in the common languages of Sanskrit, Avestan, Hebrew, Aramaic, and so on. It is a big mistake because the texts are written in a Sacred Language and when they are translated as such, they say something quite different than is currently known. Yes, and interestingly, every one of the ancient Sacred Texts of the world advances the same body of knowledge.

In such unfortunate times, it is particularly lucky that the Rgvedaschool cracked the code of the Sacred Language. When the code was broken, it was discovered that even though the ancient spiritual texts are written in many languages, they can be translated with a single dictionary. Furthermore, they share a consistent philosophy of kindness toward others, and yes, such is the very philosophy advanced by the Rgvedaschool.

 Here is a verse from the Holy Veda from the Heavenly Being.

The Subtle One is a spirit to be absorbed into for a favorable fortune,

and to AH with compassion to be together.

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Verse from the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of God

A still from the movie "The Ten Commandments" by Cecil B. DeMill. An imaginary depiction of God carving the Commandments in stone.

A still from the movie “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. DeMill. An imaginary depiction of God carving the Commandments in stone.

The Ten Commandments are associated with Christianity and Judaism and are said to have been inscribed by God on two stone tablets that were given to Moses while he was upon Mount Sinai. The picture above is a depiction of the incident in Cecil B. DeMill’s 1956 movie by the same name. It was a very dramatic scene to watch with the fire and smoke, but as you might imagine, it is imaginary. The Commandments are listed twice in the Bible due to their importance in the religions, so it is quite unfortunate that the translation of those Hebrew verses is so far from the truth.

The Ten Commandments that appear in the Bible are not the words of God, but the words of men. However, in distant times, such as the last Golden Age, a set of rules was known on the earth, and it was given by God. The Golden Age started around 16,000 BC and ended about 7,000 BC, and since then, the Knowledge of Heaven has disappeared and the rules and regulations of men appeared.

What is known as the Golden Rule appears in religions and cultures across the world, and because of that, it is likely from the Golden Age. Here we are 10,000 years later and we still know about treating others as we wish to be treated.

The Ten Commandments of Christianity and Sharia Law of Islam are deemed the word of God, but are simply the words of men. If you are confused, you cannot go wrong by following the Golden Rule. If you follow that, you will not kill or harm any living creature of the land, air, and sea. Nonviolence is paramount if you have an interest in tasting the delights of heaven. Those walking the Holy Path are peaceful and dedicate their lives to helping others. Such is a necessity on the path to heaven, along with mastering the meditations to become enlightened for helping all upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda.

To exert oneself for a mover to be absorbed into on the one side to bring into a state on the other to smile, a virtue attaining for the suffering, and of the five, the number “one” is to be able and to serve a sort of mantra to urge.

Rocks on the Ground



Verse from the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of Divine Mother and Father

Mount Meru - considered as the physical and metaphysical center of the universe. The mountain is sacred in the Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist religions

Mount Meru – considered as the physical and metaphysical center of the universe. The mountain is sacred in the Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist religions

People inspire the breath to increase their strength,

and to enjoy rising up as the Conqueror on the mountain,

you may be little but to call on to be great in the darkness is huge,

for the force of life is protecting and brings the light.

Rocks on the Ground