Four Meditation PositionsMeditation is critical on the path to enlightenment. A person is in a sort of meditative state when absorbed in listening to music, intent upon a video game, reading, running, gardening, whatever, and when someone nearby says something to them there is no response. The similarity is the strength of concentration, but for religious meditation, the focus is upon a single virtuous object like the life giving breath.

To reach a state of peace, stop, and to demonstrate, take a break from reading and focus upon the breath. The text says, “You stop to be powerful, and to love to pause and grasp for the breath is identical.” It is easy to stop, and relaxing, and to take a break from tasks every so often, take a big breath to fulfillment for the texts say, “Fulfillment of breath for fulfillment of life.” When I was young and angry, a wise woman said to inhale and exhale the breath quickly and forcefully three times before inhaling to fulfillment for holding to stop, and such is the ancient wisdom.

A person can focus upon a single virtuous object for a short or long time depending upon the amount of breath inhaled, and if the mind wanders from the object, you have the power to bring it back. You can stand, sit on a chair, sit cross-legged on a cushion on the floor, or kneel in the Thunderbolt Posture. While sitting in a chair it is important to keep the torso upright. The lower legs should be perpendicular to the ground, the feet slightly touching and flat upon the ground. Place the hands upon the knees or on the lap. In the kneeling or Thunderbolt Posture the knees are together in the front and for sitting, the toes are touching and the heels are a little to the sides creating a comfortable cushion.

The Sacred Text says to chant the mantra of the breath repeatedly and strongly before inhaling to sit down for meditation. To begin, pull up to bind the bottom before quickly pulling in a breath through the nose to fulfillment. To prevent the air from escaping upward, let the head hang down and lock the chin to the upper chest. With the Anal and Chin Lock to bind to the breath, the focus is inward not outward and stillness is important. To bind means to restrain, to make fast or tight, and the Webster’s New World Dictionary says, “To unite or hold, as if by a feeling of loyalty.” Lo and behold, the air keeping you alive is the Holy Spirit, so a little loyalty is in order.

The mantras describe numerous breath meditations, and when altering the natural rhythm of the breath, physical, psychological, and psychic changes will occur and that is the purpose. The best advice in this regard is caution. Moisture escapes the body by sending out the AH syllable from the mouth, so drinking additional water is important. Water and the breath are necessary for life, nourishing, refreshing, and filling with the air to fulfillment is beneficial. Expand the navel area, and when the belly is puffed up the breath will push up to the chest, and with practice, the mantras say happiness will arise.

“Yes, prepare the way by giving, and anyone ought to be the one to honor.”

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