Rigveda Hymns

To produce the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge, the English translation of H.H. Wilson (credited with the first English translation of the Rigveda) and those of many other translators are combined into one, amended to be consistent with the Holy Teaching of Grandfather. Although the translations of H. H. Wilson, Ralph Griffith, and Basanta Ganguly provide the main source material, the works of Swami Dayananda, Sri Aurobindo, Raimundo Panikkar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Shyam Ghosh, and many others were utilized. There is a vast library at the school, and much is written in the English Language.

These verses have been revisioned, repurposed, with help from the Creator, and as an honor, all the verses have been arranged so that Brahma is the speaker. In the process of rearranging the words of this revision, the school would kind-of dangle the words in the air and let the wind blow them into position. It was like that, but in the mind. Those who are familiar with the Wilson and Griffith translations will find similarities to the verses, but here, the allegorical story they speak of will make sense. The ancient gods and beings with strange sounding names appear in this text on occasion for continuity with its predecessors, but here, the text easy to read and the message is clear.

The school has translated a portion of almost every verse from the First Mandala of the Rigveda, and this can vary from a single word to the complete verse, so verses that are longer than those surrounding will indicate the degree of activity. For this undertaking, the school has taken the translations of previous translators and transformed them, stepped them up to a higher degree. Yes, and for a devotee, such is the Sacred Teaching. Here are a few hymns from the Veda to enjoy the day with Brahma.

Hymn 1

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Agni; Chanda Gayatri

  1. To praise the High Wizard with acts of devotion with the wind to bring into the state, to be conscious of the Presence and the truth to be within and to be present with to offer to those of the earth.

  2. Fire precedes the revelation of the Sacred Hymns and is glorious and powerful, and to be there to direct the divine is me.

  3. The wind is the guide and to obtain the Divine Wealth in abundance, and day-by-day become beautiful in appearance as followers of high degree.

  4. The wind comes to the Guide for the move to sacrifice the way everything surrounding comes into existence, to accumulate to be together with, indeed, and Holy Power quickly moves mass.

  5. The Priest of Holy Power gifts enlightenment and the Fundamental Truth and for a most wonderful reputation to be divine and go directly to God.

  6. Even if the body given to the fire is beautiful, it is like dry cow dung, yes, so great is the Fundamental Truth of that for a Rishi.

  7. Day-by-day the fire eliminates the darkness existing in that place, to be thoughtful and bow and to be a Master to arise from.

  8. To rule the inner part of the path, and to mummer as the Superintendent of Sacred Law in heaven to conquer divided conceptions.

  9. Meditation on the mystical sound is like death is imminent, but in the vessel the fire impels the arrival of a life of enjoyment without property or the division of time.

Hymn 2

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Vayu; Chanda Gayatri

  1. The Divine Wind agrees to move and bring an appearance of a Buddha and this completed form is a little accomplished, for that reason to be calm to observe to convey the intention to learn knowledge to give out.

  2. To weave praise as a solvent for One to cause decayed skin to be removed, a Master of Prana breaths in and collects moonlight on the mountain for holding for the Sacred Knowledge.

  3. The wind of AH to unite with to be enriched with is like a river, and to be born from to serve at dawn is far reaching for the nectar increases and spreads.

  4. The powerful breath of Brahma is brought forth to be together with and wanders as far as the departed, and the primal drop is emitted in a presence to love.

  5. The Divine Wind is powerful in the seventh mansion and the Master is swift for the rays of light, for the Sacred Syllable to really be understood by the motion of continuous space.

  6. Prana is powerful and to love to press outward for what has entered as time to be removed, really, and quick to be mindful of the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe.

  7. The Friend is summoned with the pure strength of will to preside over night and the enemy fiend, and to be mindful to fix the gaze upon to be illumined as that bears fruit.

  8. Unless day presides over night the truth is prohibited from increasing, and connected to pious worship is the intention and vast expectation.

  9. To be enlightened and see all people as the King of the Universe to have a powerful nature and a wide habitation for giving in the field, giving has merit for those and to AH the wind to be connected with.

Hymn 3

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Ashvins; Chanda Gayatri

  1. To offer the precious fertile juice for holding and like the month of the rainy season the sword of the eminent Master often sweeps down, but for others, perhaps not.

  2. To be devoted to the Two Divinities for mighty and wonderful deeds, and like the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe for a place of rest, for followers of the light of wisdom a heap of earth serves as an altar, wood for kindling a fire and virtuous praise.

  3. To accomplish wonderful deeds to unite with the wind of AH, the sound to convey to a Master of Wind is unbroken AH, and for the truth to gather in the sweet energy, it is known to be enjoyable and to roar to become fluid with to direct the course of the river.

  4. To see to love to really move in different ways and to appear to be born of that, to be out of love and to spread out to envelop everyone, and the sound to set in motion is continuous AH to produce the substance to delight in.

  5. To be powerful giving with compassion for the light and to convey with delight, the wind of good fortune is in the navel and to be wise to drive, to impel is a virtue and to call on the wind and the Sacred Mantra to blow upon is striking for a Buddha.

  6. To be powerful with speed to be similar to and for the light to help to be a strong living being with the power of Brahma to drive a ray of light, to generate in stillness and to gift with the sound of AH to delight in and to speak the Sacred Word.

  7. Yes, people sit quietly and fix upon the all-pervading Lord of the Gods who is really situated within, to give a wind serves the act of cutting off and for a Master to dawn in to possess the supremacy to stop.

  8. All-pervasive Supreme Being is the inner preceptor and brought forth as clearly as the overpowering light, the brightness is similar but has perfect knowledge and delight.

  9. For the faculty that perceives everything to be with the Supreme Being and to be set free to hold to extraordinary power and wisdom and freedom from harmful intent.

  10. Pure love is together in the Sarasvati and the Spirit in front is potent to lead like the God of Love, and to offer the substance nourishing existence is excellent.

  11. In the Sarasvati the One to impel the bud is luminous and a cause to become mindful of, the flowers turn toward as the Sacred Thought and to give delight to abide by.

  12. The great syllable flows along the golden path before we perceive the Giver, to form the King and to unite all parts to understand.

Hymn 9

Rishi Madhucchanda Vaishvamitra; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. Divine Being advances to people and fish in water that breathe and to direct attention to the stream the faculty that perceives everything comes with a nectar from the mountain, and the Authority of inspired breath is opposed to the sacrifice of animals and rises to giving.

  2. Really, and to live to serve, the jewel in the circle of the world is a child and to be inspirited to be powerful as the King, to delight in the Lord to be contented releasing AH to people as the fire shines in the current of the river.

  3. Your own beautiful cheeks move with AH in praise on account of being with the Omnipresent for people, and for meditation, imagine the moon in the act of seeking the sun and slowly attain a similar.

  4. To stay and chant to delight in to see, for giving the verses to go toward with waves of pleasure and being as insatiable as a bull for being as beautiful as the Master.

  5. The knowledge leads to a favorable fortune and for people to observe to be calm, surrender is a virtue for mastering desire, and desirable to stay with, to consume the wind, yes, and for that reason to sing about becoming and filling with for abiding in.

  6. The field to come to moves quickly and to press out to flow with to be powerful as a King for the brightness of a beam of light, for one’s own to hold to and be strong, to accomplish to join together with and being within is best as the wind to express.

  7. Connected to the light is me for this and to be powerful the Spirit to say to be expansive with for sounding clear sounds, to move tortuously to stop and to rest in the breath of Brahma to be present with.

  8. To know the stream of clear light to be strong with a thousand AHs as Brahma and to honor the day by being powerful giving to a wicked person, to be a champion of that to be a Guide and to go to and acknowledge by holding.

  9. At daybreak to see and enjoy the radiance and to master the words to teach in verse to celebrate with praise and an oblation, it is for the fire, and for the fire to go constantly in the high tone of AH with speed.

  10. For an offspring a King leads to a place of abiding and being wide to grow with AH to direct a flow of speech to be faithful to, and to see to love to AH as Whom for the strength to sing and overcome time.

Hymn 53

Rishi Savya Angiras; Deva Indra; Chanda Jagati, 10-11 Trishtubh

  1. To offer the wind to adore being powerful, the wind is perfect for love and being mighty with to dwell within the worshipper and achieve great riches that those who sleep or do not value benevolence will ever find.

  2. To help mortals to call on the wind to need and to enjoy the use of force, to delight in with the light and the Lord chants the hymns to honor to be a Master of the wisdom and care for others as friends.

  3. To worship and praise is most wonderful and being powerful to accomplish great deeds, the knowledge gathered by the Victorious is spread around to understand, and to trust the expectation is always satisfied.

  4. To be pleased with the fire offering the force of light scatters the darkness, to satisfy with a libation to need to be together and with offering to enjoy singing the knowledge of AH.

  5. To attain wisdom and happiness to be great to flow with heaven to attain a great flow uniting the God and Goddess, to be glorious is special with the Source of Illumination, and to fill with to be pure to see.

  6. With fulfillment the nectar brings delight to inspire fortitude in the fight with the foe, and to offer, to praise the offer of the self and ten thousand obstacles are removed.

  7. To go from fight to fight seems endless and it destroys the body, to be powerful to love being away from like Namuci, the friend has the breath of AH to serve with the knowledge of AH to set free and make the foe bow down.

  8. To eliminate the body and delight is born and an unbroken breath for the love of giving to a mover like Parnaya or Atithigva, for the cause the inarticulate sound of AH to attain for one’s self destroys the hundred forts of Vangrida.

  9. The means to be powerful is speed and to be renowned the Mantra of Breath to roar aloud to sixty or a thousand followers, to be twenty or ninety-nine, but to possess supremacy the flashing wheel puts an end to one’s self in a hurry to be a King.

  10. It helps to be powerful with speed, to have protected Sushravas and for helping to be quick with a sort of mantra for a mover is the knowledge, a specialty of Kutsa, Atithigva, and Ayu, to be mighty attending to for giving with delight and to grow with to love to come with brightness.

  11. Through the protection of Heavenly AH to remain upon the earth, to be a most fortunate friend to praise with and excellent for being powerful with speed to be prosperous with and to favor with a life to long for.

Hymn 62

Rishi Nodhas Gautama; Deva Indra; Chanda Trishtubh

  1. To focus upon Divine Being is effective in meditation and being powerful in devotion to deserve to be an Angira, the Sacred Mantras to chant to celebrate the Hero and to attend to for being praised with purity.

  2. To chant is great, but to admire being vast with the wind for devotion, for the luminous force to roar aloud as your ancestors, the Angiras, found enlightenment through meditation and praise.

  3. A Rishi is powerful and peaceful and both are discovered through worship, and just as, Sarama set out on foot to find cattle and secure milk for her young and prayers to the Lord and following a course of conduct to rescue the cows and to joyfully be proclaimed.

  4. The Holy One is three for the love of protection and to praise with seven notes; to be devoted to the hymns the Conqueror has a powerful voice like thunder for quickly dividing the cloud of heaven to be fruitful.

  5. The foundation in the ethereal region is set so the rays of the sun spread down to the earth, and to praise as the Angiras to destroy the foe as the darkness scatters with the dawn.

  6. This action is most worthy of all honor, the fairest, most wonderful marvel even heaven bows down, to be powerful attaining the wind to fulfillment and powerful abandoning to make a river of sweet water spread out on the earth.

  7. The Eternal One accomplishes an amazing thing by parting into the two cherished regions of heaven and earth and a Conqueror is unbroken with AH in the fourth note of the scale to be devoted to the Sacred Mantra for attaining.

  8. Descendants are repeatedly born as children with different complexions, but at night to be dark and at dawn to have luminous limbs, from very ancient times to have traveled one after the other on the earth and heaven is around.

  9. To retain that ancient kinship or be a Conqueror for those and diligent in Sacred Actions, to be skillful to store the ripe glossy essence within for the immature multicolored substances.

  10. The paths of wisdom are old and connected, unchanging, and with enduring might preserve the Eternal Order, with devotion to come to happen to bring into a state to be satisfied and a Lord to wait upon the many with a thousand faithful actions.

  11. The best are powerful and for those a virtuous desire is the wisdom to hasten the wind for the Sacred Hymns, the Lord is affectionate and to get into for the knowledge to cling to and to lead with a loving heart.

  12. Since days of old the wind to hold to for the knowledge has never decreased or perished, to be powerful and firm to be wise and illustrious, yes, strength and determination is the action to be in the hands of the Lord.

  13. The Eternal Source of Wisdom composed this new hymn for you to attain a name of Buddha, to agree with to roar with has merit and to harness the Force the wind is a sure guide and comes quickly from One.

Hymn 113

Rishi Kutsa Angiras; Deva Usha; Chanda Trishtubh

  1. As the most excellent light of all lights arrives to be wide extended with the wind and the knowledge is born, to be together with to impel with force and to roar aloud a virtue to send the night away and yield a birthplace for the dawn.

  2. Mother Usha is bright and shining when she arrives with the sun and the darkness seeks another abode, both are related to the same Immortal, and succeed each other and mutually change colors to traverse the heavens.

  3. Heavenly to be guided by the radiance on the road or to be unending and traveled in succession, the purpose is to be similar but with a form as different as night and day to move without obstruction for giving to be born to be for each other.

  4. The Guide is brilliant with the truth and splendid to observe when the Goddess opens up the portal, the world is illuminated for all living beings and this to wonder about or to awaken and manifest for all.

  5. The magnificence arouses the sleeping to activity, one person to enjoyment and another to the love of devotion, to enable those whose vision is obscured to clearly see Mother Usha awakens all living beings.

  6. Dawn arouses one person to acquire wealth and food and another to attain divine illumination, one person pursues their own benefit and another is a benefit to all people, there are various ways but Usha awakens for all living beings.

  7. Dawn is luminous and to treasure a day of Brahma together with the Goddess to be enlightened and shining, to be for everyone with a radiant garment today and a favorable fortune.

  8. To follow the Path the mourning to pass and to be with One and everlasting morning to come, Usha disperses the darkness to arouse everyone from sleep and awakens in a living being.

  9. To arise in is a blessing and to kindle the fire to be bright like the sun to reveal to all creation, a noble action for people to offer to others and to awaken to serve Heavenly AH.

  10. In the morning to arise is how and it may take a long time, but she will arise in you if your purpose is to persevere for those, and to go before and proceed to be bright.

  11. To have seen the dawn before, but being visible in a mortal now is different for rising and approaching to observe or to see in later times.

  12. Dawn follows the darkness and to be born in to be filled with the light for serving with and to bring to mortals with the truth and happiness, awakening is pleasant, like a lovely flower that adheres to heaven and carries the love of that place, and through devotion to dawn in with a light to illumine the night for now.

  13. To be divine to rise in the early morning continuously, a source of riches since ancient times and with the will to continue to be immortal and free from decay, and to rise with to go to be splendorous.

  14. Divine Usha lights the regions of heaven and is splendorous throwing off the veil of darkness to awaken the world, and to rise with to sound AH for drawing towards for the reddish forces to be golden.

  15. To bring the life-sustaining breath with blessings for awakening and a sort of mantra for those to focus upon continuously, to serve to roar aloud to serve with a beam of light, to see is wonderful but is similar to countless that have abandoned the world.

  16. To arise to inspire the life force with a great force and the darkness passes away, as Surya arrives to wander a course like a snake or a bird or a living being delighted to return every day.

  17. To be continuous to rise in praise like Usha to celebrate in the brilliance of Surya, and to offer words of adoration the opulent Goddess dawns within with the light of God.

  18. Meditate on the wind in the body and with morning light various followers study the Vedas to illumine their devotion and mortals can reach that light, the power of concentration directs the Goddess of truth to arise within, and to prepare for by producing the sound of AH.

  19. To burn with AH to be shining with the glorious force of bounteous space, to be splendorous to sacrifice to and awaken and to rise with words for devotion, heaven cherishes every one of birth and gives to.

  20. To become luminous for the force of AH burns, but releases a shower of blessings for a worshipper to love to spread out with and with the light to preside over night to see the inexhaustible river in the body glow.

Hymn 137

Rishi Parucchepa Daivodasi; Deva Mitravaruna; Chanda Atisakvari

  1. Pressing outward with the wind for concentration is essential for the delightful nectar to rise and the brightness, to be like the Royal Divinities to infuse with the Wind of Heaven, to come with the vital force and the juice is essential for the exhilaration needed to be purified, to mingle with Mitravaruna is a mixture and flows together to be bright.

  2. The Soma drops are blended by concentrating upon the wind drawn towards with force and to mingle with to know purity dawns in like the rays of the sun, to be clear in awakening to be grateful to press the juice for a fix in the earth breaks to pieces, and being filled with the wind sings the truth of the wind so all will know to be strong in devotion.

  3. The juicy stalk is milked like a cow to be present in the radiance, a complete measure to press outward the navel for concentration and to come to be present with, the essential juice is absorbed into and rises with bliss and a flow of Sacred Words, and to be a friend of the knowledge to love to sing of the wind to enjoy the flow.

Hymn 141

Rishi Dirghatama Aucathya; Deva Agni; Chanda Jagati, 12-13 Trishtubh

  1. Yes, God is recognized with inspiration for the spirit to spring from that is visible, and to understand the Presence forms a Sacred Mantra and rises up to release a flow of truth to be mindful of.

  2. One is how the Eternal is personified, but to split into two to be complimentary, to delight in to be three and to generate the ten spaces and seven temples the sustenance for that is the best of its kind and totally free.

  3. The wind leading home is powerful and shaped by the Principal from the primary seat of force, from this highest wind an illumination is formed with a measure of AH in the navel for giving with reverence or for resting in stillness with One, yes, the union of wisdom and delight is the same now as in the past.

  4. When the highest wind flows downward an essence rises within the delicate branch and when both combine light is created, and yes, to be born pure and everlasting.

  5. The brilliant fire rises with the Mother Wind and is strong for purity, to enter with the Everlasting Wind to increase in extent with to remain with God for the knowledge to run among the new lower branches, and to be before to fix the mind of a mover there.

  6. To consume AH for a flow of speech for worshippers to be devoted to the message of love from heaven for the many, to adore the ancient Kings or adore the mighty force for all and be just as, to be righteous to be touched by the will of God and to come together with to be immortal and obtain for a mortal.

  7. In ancient times the wind of the Holy One was encouraged to rise with an unrestrained force, and to snake through the void the dust that laid upon the way was consumed to be born pure for everyone, the Dark Age of the Kaliyuga is over on the earth and to delight in the change to be intent upon those born and regard anyone as Brahma.

  8. To like the means to pull the curling fingers of light and the Guide lifts upward to heaven to reverence, the darkness is consumed by the flames for traveling the Path and to be powerful to be purified with the radiant waves before anyone.

  9. Out of love for extraordinary power and wisdom abandon gold and fix upon a pure manner of life, be a friendly person of mild character and to run here and there rich in the bounty of a cloth, to be gentle but have determination sounding AH like the Subtle One to seek, I am the entire universe and to be as steady as a mountain and love enough a band of thunderbolts will surround to be invincible on the earth.

  10. To be most vitalized by the wind to come for fulfillment and being diligent with to pour out the knowledge to offer, born through the force of wind is enjoyment and a brightness to praise the Divine Wind, and being powerful and firm with the Highest gifts enlightenment and the knowledge of AH for everyone.

  11. To offer riches to everyone and for the discerning the object of the senses is within the house with the power to rise above with perfect wisdom, the guiding rays are directed to the world with the knowledge to be born from, to and from and being powerful filling with for staying with is the direction and to pray to be a Lord of truth.

  12. To be filled with the wind to enjoy the pure light and the message of being swift and forceful as the Everlasting Wind for lasting with, the Eternal is happy to carry the means of being successful and being similar for purification by fire to reach with the wisdom and happy to advance on the earth.

  13. A sort of mantra to praise with force to advance with fire to the summit to the Supreme, to chant with a powerful sound is enriching and to be like the sun to break through the clouds with an illumination to spread everywhere.

Hymn 149

Rishi Dirghatama Aucathya; Deva Agni; Chanda Virat

  1. The wind has to be quick for a Master of the House to be stationary for leading others with an illumination and the brilliant point of view of Grandfather, the Lord of Lords comes to for pressing out the belly, and being steady for treasuring to come to my place of light.

  2. The Creator of Heaven and Earth enters into the womb of people to be born and abides with for life, and being stationary with to be glorious and flow with the highest truth.

  3. Wisdom flows rapidly through the ethereal regions and a number of Illuminated Manifestations in that abode are delighted with a radiance like the sun.

  4. To be twice born and illuminated with triple brightness to be shining throughout for everyone, the luster of heaven is beautiful and to love being in this place when the waters are calm.

  5. A favorable fortune for the Highest to be there with two birthplaces in everyone’s house, the precious syllable rises from praise and being loud with is virtuous for advancing in the world of mortals, as that prepares the Children of Brahma for giving the cause to advance to people.

Hymn 150

Rishi Dirghatama Aucathya; Deva Agni; Chanda Ushnih

  1. Purifying to break the precious ego to pieces with One AH to be gracious and faithful to speak to a person about, and direct prayers to the God of Fire to instigate the discharge of arrows from the God of Love for the compassion to serve others as the Lord in the Heavenly Light.

  2. Heavenly to AH and to be attentive to a Master is mindful of both, a Sacred Action to be steady with and for That to acknowledge with praise to offer.

  3. The wind to bring into the state and to go beyond is an excellent mantra for a mortal to be attentive to become enlightened with the great knowledge of heaven, in that way, worshippers have an exceptional choice forever.

Good Fortune to All!Victory

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