Rigveda Hymns

To produce the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge, the English translation of H.H. Wilson (credited with the first English translation of the Rigveda) and those of many other translators are combined into one, amended to be consistent with the Holy Teaching of Grandfather. Although the translations of H. H. Wilson, Ralph Griffith, and Basanta Ganguly provide the main source material, the works of Swami Dayananda, Sri Aurobindo, Raimundo Panikkar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Shyam Ghosh, and many others were utilized. There is a vast library at the school, and much is available in English.

These verses have been revised, repurposed with help from the Creator, and as an honor, all the verses have been arranged so that Brahma is the speaker. In the process of rearranging the words of this revision, the school would kind-of dangle the words in the air and let the wind blow them into position. It was like that, but in the mind. Those who are familiar with the Wilson and Griffith translations will find similarities to the verses, but here, the allegorical story they speak of will make sense. The ancient gods and beings with strange sounding names appear in this text on occasion for continuity with its predecessors, but here, the text is easy to read and the message is clear.

The school has translated a portion of almost every verse from the First Mandala of the Rigveda, and this can vary from a few words to the complete mantra, so ones that are longer than those surrounding will indicate the degree of activity. For this undertaking, the school has taken the translations of previous translators and transformed them, stepped them up to a higher degree.

To me the first Mandala of the Rigveda has three sections. Suktas 1-60 are introductory, so the following are foundational. The philosophy is consistent throughout, although the teaching rises to a higher degree. Here are a few hymns from the Veda to enjoy the day with Brahma.

Sukta 14

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Vishvedeva; Chanda Gayatri

  1. A family arises for the Goddess gifts a voice and people join together on account of that, and the happiness of this grows in the womb for those, a shining dependent rises and proceeds to abandon whatever is calm for to and from.
  2. Like you on the one side seek the other and to pervade the cavity to awaken and make known to the living, as you know, the cry is filling for those and nourishes the light, and being a heavenly servant and a goddess to come reaching to help.
  3. With a giving arm take hold and stay with to watch those and speak to, see the affectionate carry and cleanse and give often to an appearance to convey the idea, compassion is bound to whatever form cries and grasps for the breath to think worthy to serve.
  4. To be a protector to carry the child to the heart and you have the power to give a pulse to delight in along with love. The sound of AH to sympathize with and show affection, and to be in need of hunger anything produced from milk to offer with a pure bond to a place of rest.
  5. A comfort for those is the assistance of the breath and with that to agree to gather in AH to serve to a wanted to hold, abandoning the world of mortals is believed to make happy and to answer the purpose the one who accomplishes shows.
  6. Concentration upon AH purifies awareness with the ability to remain stationary as the knowledge commands, focus the mind upon continuously to obtain union with the universal spirit. There is one AH to drive from heaven to you to offer as a gift to a mover with compassion, and to become divine the winds unite for the knowledge to become a Buddha there.
  7. To care for a mover, the breath is extraordinary to offer and to bring to all for this splendor of life. A Sacred Action to pick out a person to tremble AH for the knowledge to rise in for giving with light, to delight in the cause cast upward AH to inspire, and to gain the name of Sweet Voiced keep the attained.
  8. Worship must be steady for the light and compassion to be admired for that, and the strength of a young woman, a mother-to-be to carry and move tortuously to bring into the condition a creation to announce.
  9. What compassion, in Divine Light they are beautiful to move and make noise, and people love the divine for they move in the early morning to reach for, and to be awakened to lift and hold as they tremble and cry aloud and press forward to communicate at this time and announce a loss of knowledge you know.
  10. Every dependent is a flower that spreads and inspires honor but is unable to walk, and empty of strength yet able to tear a gift apart just to join the sound of negation, to move an appearance they construct sound with the air and present a magic formula to obtain.
  11. To serve as a Buddha to AH as a dependent for others to think about, but strong to draw in to drive AH in a straight line for the act of cutting and binding, and this sound does not injure the wind of a child.
  12. Attach to quiet on the one side and abandon the other, lie down in the sun with the Lord on the mountain to be strong like a heavenly tree, a virtue to be just as and to rise to heaven from that place through compassion and reverence.

Sukta 15

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Ritu; Chanda Gayatri

  1. To be powerful with speed to like and an unbroken sound helps move the stream of light, one AH divides into parts in the inner part of the primal drop, the beat is a refuge and filling for holding for the Goddess to speak.
  2. Move the stream for the nectar and time no longer exists, and the officiating Priest of the Sacrifice gives a spirit to the departed as a gift. To offer to abandon that place is best, and for the act of giving up, draw the air towards to lift up.
  3. With regard to prayers, honor a warm feeling towards others and send forth for the cause to draw in the nose. The Goddess carries the knowledge and rises in, and to continue in the condition of holding is the move to embrace.
  4. The Goddess brings you into a state of grace with free scope and a breath to walk the earth and giveaway with compassion, an arm of knowledge. The compassionate are a fountain that call on the thirsty and move toward a place people move, flowing water and steady AH for universal harmony.
  5. A Sacred Action to vibrate AH with power and speed and to become fit and happy is proper to move toward others with the sound of universal harmony. To draw in AH to live on and the nectar stimulates a flow of delight and light for an appearance to show the dying a Sacred Action to hold.
  6. Draw the breath towards to send out or grow with to honor in the pillar of fire, to need a powerful sound for the light and holding is difficult, but for the misguided, the light and the Goddess offer a broad view of the mountain.
  7. The palace is a kind of tree with branches spread out for the knowledge to arise in to perceive in the light. Smiling is virtuous and to AH to and from the sky is the method happiness rises from, to draw in AH to increase for the act of devotion to become bright and knowledgeable to serve the people on the earth.
  8. The branches kindly embrace you for gifting but you are the authority commanding the limbs to move and carry, virtuous to lead home the injured to scatter disrespect, and to go to those with love to direct a measure of AH for those to love.
  9. To suffer to lament, but to hold to the knowledge consumes internal grief. To draw in AH to grow with to hold to become happy to go to those to rouse, to drive AH to a wicked person purifies and drawing in to stop, and those who exist as a Buddha go to the Lord regularly as this maintains the wind in the breast.
  10. Spread out with one AH for the Lord of love to associate with and proper to regard the hurt and those who lament with a cleansing light and a way to change. To be happy giving to be strong consuming and filling to maintain mindfulness, to hold still and as AH rises up delusion disappears and suffering for happiness.
  11. To offer AH while helping people and go to those with enjoyment in the heart to inspire the same, now-a-days the splendor of the sacrificial fire is set with a heap of that, and surrender, and a strong AH to and from unbroken serves, and flowing with a smile to direct.
  12. To become old and die goes away for those who surrender and enjoy heaven, as it is known, and delight in helping people. The air for that is before and around, and to abide in to rise in to serve, and a favorable fortune to attain for those living.

Sukta 16

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Indra; Chanda Gayatri

  1. To be hidden in a resting place for the certainty of that, and to direct your reverence to the breath and the sound of AH in meditation, to be quick and powerful to take hold of AH to grow with to hold still to create the fire to shine for people.
  2. The flow of sound causes the ego, the self, to burn and perish to honor with a shine and paradise, and a flow of water and compassion for serving to others. To reverence the air for that and hold tight for the protector of the field to say, “The Lord and master wander about to comfort the heart of others and wisdom is the vehicle.”
  3. The Lord and master wander in the early morning in paradise bestowing the knowledge and water to people blessed to see the master make fast filling for holding for that, the anxious come after for the precious of their own, and to wander about or hold to the air, a measure of that grows in the heart of those.
  4. The relationship is binding and to urge the disturbed to have compassion for and staying with helps, and the knowledge to release fear and confusion. For that to infuse the tree with a kind of perfume and that prepares for this, it conveys one to heaven on one side a Holy Wind on the other from heaven to help.
  5. Abide with an empty collection or the compassion to go and abandon along with time, and to come from the mountain with the breath and the knowledge to help. To live with me, the move is to stop for the sound of AH and the seven principle rays of the sun to stir, to attain in peace, and a virtue to be peaceful and go toward others with water to gift.
  6. To rise to heaven to serve on the earth to form a road to drive to a mountain on the one side an ocean on the other to cross to possess supremacy. A quick and powerful AH to and from for that and to consume to get rid of a cover to come is peace and a presence to love, to love the heavenly way and to be present with to happily serve.
  7. Good fortune for those to praise Brahma and a powerful AH sets free, and to join in the heart to help spread delight among people. Air is universal and to grasp for to pervade with nectar to love to serve Holy Water to the living, to AH as heaven to obtain one sound to grasp to press out the navel and stop to move the ocean.
  8. To live for people to give out refreshment with love and go to the disturbed to gladden and dissolve the poison by advancing with a light to cleanse, to follow a course of giving to become detached from disturbance, and to call on the air to press out the navel and stop, happiness grows in the heart for those.
  9. The air to obtain has a sound to fasten to and the Sacred Sound to love to serve, and serve with compassion to promote the Sacred Knowledge on the earth, to reverence AH in the fourth note of the scale to make sweet for meditation, and in this way, people cross over for enlightenment.

Sukta 17

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Indravaruna; Chanda Gayatri

  1. You have the power to run here and there because of the air and the power to speak of the power. Power is necessary for enlightenment, power to drive AH to gift and draw in to hold to become blessed, and with compassion in the heart to go toward others to honor.
  2. To imagine the Savior urges the devoted to this to prove that, heaven emits a sound to inspire to restrain for the sound to form a resemblance to consider, and being in the vessel of the body for those with love directs them to go as a God of love with the knowledge of love to serve.
  3. To serve others to love to offer the sound of AH, a virtuous action and auspicious with power, the air is certain and comes for living and serving to another with compassion, and rises in with a nectar to delight in holding and serving.
  4. To honor the Holy Syllable to live with to hold still to urge the capable to arise and reverence another, the agreement is to urge the intention to serve and come into being to advance the knowledge, the knowledge to be kind and giving and serve all living beings.
  5. To see the cause to give up as a way to become victorious with a splendorous fire, for extraordinary power and wisdom hold to the universal air in stillness, in silence to analyze carefully, and a breath with AH rises in enlightenment with the light to go toward others to serve and consider.
  6. A Holy Wind with AH rises from the womb and is most refreshing to serve to others, but to hold still to gain for another is an agreement for a light to guide the way. To and from with AH and devotion is the knowledge to help and with that to consume to hold for a wicked person, filling to delight in and serving to stop.
  7. To gladden the unhappy to draw in the air to hold rises with nectar to delight in, and to go toward others to offer an oblation, the air to attend to forms light and water to gift with affection.
  8. To be powerful serving to show the way to draw the air into the nose with sound to honor, and to bind with to teach of being secure and compassionate. To grow with the air is the intention, and to send out AH to draw in AH to abide in delights a coverer, and because of delight to serve often.
  9. To be filled with the air and present with the Lord to enjoy a beautiful form to serve, to become bright to illustrate the way and advance an offer, a challenge for one to AH on the earth, and send out and obtain to hold in the same manner as the Buddha for the cause to glow.

Sukta 20

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Ribhus; Chanda Gayatri

  1. AH sustains the Shining Ones and to AH for a mover to produce the understanding, for the multitudes to be inwardly inspired and with love in the heart to gift the knowledge and AH to people to remove the cause of illusion.
  2. The wind needs to be powerful to gift the syllable and attain good fortune and to unite to and from with AH to transform into brightness, the knowledge for the world is effort and to advance to meditate on AH and sustain the act of devotion.
  3. To become happy and friendly, tremble AH in the fourth note of the scale, to pervade the consciousness and the body to form a river yielding nectar and the knowledge to mind to become happy and friendly to all.
  4. To be together in the vessel to move an abundance of delight beside the mantras of heaven, trembling AH and holding is a magic formula, and urges the corn to seed and directs becoming, to be active in various ways but moving to a stop makes happy.
  5. Connected with the pulse is a wind that exhilarates the thoughts and to sustain to become bright, to connect to the air to breathe to become healthy and the creative power rises up to become illustrious.
  6. To become bright to call on a wicked person with the knowledge to stop and to be together with to illustrate, to give out to spit out the inarticulate sound of AH, to and from as if running a race and coming to a stop to purify.
  7. For those to chant AH a gift from heaven comes and to hold to obtain a third, and the compassion to be together works for those as nectar and a breath to enjoy arise, to extract in stillness from the one sound gifted to you and a pleasure to live and gift to others on account of.
  8. To consume AH from heaven to gift there is virtuous and to reverence in the navel in meditation causes the nectar to rise, the AH to gift to you to gift has a flow to reverence and to move quickly and roar, yes, but fill up to hold to be worthy of worship.

Sukta 22

Rishi Medhatithi Kanva; Deva Vishvedeva; Chanda Gayatri

  1. To be awakened to love to sing the knowledge, and to AH in the fourth note of the scale and bind with is the means, at dawn to approach with AH to fill up to hold to rise with nectar and light to see.
  2. To call on the highest one, the Divine Absolute, the Two Divinities are the finest drivers to guide a righteous vehicle to the highest.
  3. The wind is righteous to hold and stirs in the holiest to whip up righteous thoughts dripping with nectar, the soma, a sweet honey-like substance people love.
  4. The two are close to the home of the one to offer soma and the Sacred Knowledge of AH to all.
  5. Call on Savitri before dawn helps for the golden rays know the place of the highest light.
  6. To awaken to delight in carrying water for the thirsty, chanting the Sacred Syllable to inspire a life of service, and kindness to all is the Holy Way.
  7. To be together with the thirsty to chant beautifully but for a wicked person with the desire to stop, for those to look toward the enlightened, to see the finest distributor of wisdom glows with light and serves all.
  8. Friends come near the enlightened and sit by to praise with the wisdom, and such is for people to be happy together.
  9. The knowledge and light rise in the enlightened to see, to become holy to undergo the nature for the love of Tvashta, the soma to delight in, and a drink to gift to anyone.
  10. The Goddess Wind to gift with compassion rises to heaven and the God Wind returns to serve to Hotra, Bharati, Varutri, Dhisana, or whoever.
  11. The Goddess rises to open the wings of the holy to rise to heaven for a favorable fortune to care for those below, and to draw towards with light is perfect for that.
  12. The breath comes from heaven to everyone, and in the light to see the guide loves to chant AH to draw into the state, and calls on Indrani, Varunani, Agnayi, or whoever with a drink to serve.
  13. To fill up with heaven to hold to heaven on the earth to find pleasure in blending Holy Water with a mantra, and the air to fulfillment for the cause of fulfillment on the earth.
  14. In Gandharva’s steadfast place, the air is rich with a slight taste of clarified butter, and a virtuous activity to fill up to spread out and stand fast for the cause.
  15. The earth is a wide domain and to spread out with heaven for the cause, to stand fast to become comfortable and happy to serve.
  16. To serve heaven, become a protector on the earth, the place where Vishnu steps the seven regions.
  17. The prime germ of thought spreads throughout the universe, and to stand fast to become bright and contented as the dust of the three times gather into a whole.
  18. To serve as a heavenly protector on the earth, do not deceive and the three steps establish the order to the highest.
  19. For the unholy to see the holiness is an accomplishment of a protector, virtuous to care for others, and the air to fulfillment helps in being a great and powerful protector.
  20. As the eye ranges over the sky, the supreme station of Vishnu to see spreads out everywhere, just as the wisdom to become a protector and glow with light.
  21. To praise the wisdom spread out wide with heaven, and a sage fills up and holds still and from the most sublime station of Vishnu to kindle the fire for the light to spread.

Sukta 24

Rishi Shunahshepa Ajigarti; Deva Varuna; Chanda Trishtubh, 3-5 Gayatri

  1. The air is immortal and to become immortal meditate upon, to attain a name of Buddha become wide with infinite space and hold or again be held by a father and mother upon the earth.
  2. The wind leads to the first among, the Immortal One, and to acquire an auspicious name first grow wide with boundless space to hold to Divine Father and Mother.
  3. The air for a Buddha to chant the auspicious syllable is everywhere and continuous to be of help, a master attains a wealthy amount to hold and attains happiness and the way to share with others.
  4. The riches held in the lap of a master are shared with everyone to be highly praised and exempt from jealousy or criticism.
  5. Together with the Lord of the universe is wondrous and to care for everyone, to attain the power of love for that, and rise up to buzz AH to and from together for all.
  6. The flying birds do not have the strength or skill to reach the highest region, but to work with the rushing wind to become fat and secure to rise up to reach.
  7. To become powerful to become a master and pure to sustain a bright light, from the baseless region the rays stream downward and sink deep within to be hidden as a source of existence.
  8. There is a path for the sun to travel on a daily course and a path to the heart, and to follow the path across the pathless space.
  9. To become a guide a hundred thousand mantras with force helps, and to favor others with is a medicine, to grow wide with wide space to hold holds harm far away, and surrender releases the failings committed whenever.
  10. The constellations placed high in the sky are invisible by day, but visible at night with the moon in order to spread the light, and such is an undisturbed law of the one who presides over the night.
  11. Spread out with the breath is the order to honor to preside over the night, and rise up with prayers to be respectful giving, a righteous action for a life of happiness and to offer to people in the act of honoring heaven.
  12. The enlightened repeat the mantra of the breath day and night and it is always the same, and to say the same consciousness arises from, fettered Shunahshepa invoked the Lord with the air and called unbroken.
  13. When Shunahshepa was seized and bound three times the child of Aditi repeatedly called for extraordinary power and wisdom to overpower and release the bonds of ignorance to set free.
  14. The Lord knows everything and an illustrious presence to be among to loosen the bonds, and though worship, prostrations, and the sacrifice, good fortune comes to serve the weary.
  15. To loosen the bonds hold still, to loosen the upper, middle and lower bond to love, and become a free and faultless child of Aditi, of infinite space.

Sukta 27

Rishi Shunahshepa Ajigarti; Deva Agni; Chanda Gayatri, 13 Trishtubh

  1. To sacrifice to the Lord is best, and to adorn with light to scatter the foe, or be born an animal to enjoy brushing off flies with a tail.
  2. To generate the light produce a loud continuous AH sound in the fourth note of the scale, quickly draw in the sound through the nose to similarly send off, and to offer to everyone blessings flow down like rain.
  3. The Lord of everything goes towards everyone and is for life, even enriching those who seek to harm.
  4. Heaven enriches everyone and to draw in to hold to generate the mantras to praise to become gracious offering.
  5. Hold to the most high to share with those below and enjoy with that which is between.
  6. One becomes resplendent to distribute the knowledge and water to those, and the waves of the Sindhu flow forever as a reward to worshippers.
  7. The air is endless for strength and incites one person to become a protector and another to battle, but both require energy.
  8. The air is everlasting and can never be diminished for you to become glorious and powerful like the King.
  9. The air is throughout for everyone to enjoy, and a King becomes bounteous to hold to the highest for devotion to all below.
  10. The air and AH pervade to an old age to become awakened and a sage to serve all people, and to enter to hold to honor for the completion of the sacrifice.
  11. The air is limitless to fill to the limit for the bright waving smoke, an inspirational action to honor to become happy to display.
  12. A Buddha is a lord of mortality and brilliant, a messenger of heaven, wise to act upon the mantras and it shows.
  13. The King becomes great and lesser and becomes glorious like the stars of heaven for the young and old, all are praised with a breath from heaven and to let loose a quick and powerful AH in the fourth note of the scale is the finest praise to heaven.


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