Enlightenment: Techniques

Within this section, the Rgvedaschool lays down the important steps to master to become enlightened. It is a work in progress, and since no person in a few thousand years has mastered the teaching, there is work to do, but the foundation is clear. According to the Holy Text, purification of the body and mind will occur through a mastery of the practices. A light and a breath from heaven will arise within the body for a glow, and happiness, along with the Supreme Teaching for a Master to advance. The Teacher will speak a personal message to you, or to those around you, utilizing the breath held within. When that happens again on the earth, the Holy Message will be similar to the mantras published by the Rgvedaschool. The Supreme Absolute spoke the mantras aloud a long time ago, but the knowledge is the same today and forever. The mantras lay the Path to Enlightenment just as happened thousands of years ago when the Buddhas, Magians, Adityas, Priest Kings, and the Shining Ones walked the earth for the benefit of all life.

Heaven and Earth Yantra

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