Verse from the Veda to Learn About the Holy Path

An acknowledged Master by the name of Patanjali receives credit for writing the Yoga Sutras around 200 BC. He had written a book on grammar so he was obviously a Sanskrit Scholar, but was he the author of the Yoga Sutras? When the text receives a proper translation, as it has here, the philosophy set forth is neither Pashupati nor Shaivite. The name of Shiva does not appear in the text, so the question arises, and in answer, Patanjali did not compose the Sutras. Maybe he heard the text in a dream as did Muhammad of the Quran, or maybe someone gave the text to him. Who knows, but when correctly translated, the text is identical to the philosophy set forth in every ancient Holy Book of the world. The holiest texts of the world are composed in Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Avestan, Pali, and until now, were untranslatable. Oh, there are thousands of translations of the holy texts in English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, and so on, and they are widely considered holy, but the translations are anything but.

Here is a verse from the Sutras, from the Veda, to learn about the Holy Path.

The Subtle One is a spirit to be absorbed into for a favorable fortune and to AH with compassion to be together with, fulfilling to measure out a place of rest to be mindful, and for those to send forth.

Verse from the Veda to Act On

"The Sermon on the Mount" A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

“The Sermon on the Mount”
A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

The First of the Ten Commandments of the Christian Religion says, “Do not Kill.” As a ruling, a decree, or an edict, it seems straightforward enough, but for followers, there is confusion. I wish that Pope Francis and all the Christian Ministers and Priests would clarify the issue, so that everyone in the world will know what the proclamation means.

If they are not clear on the subject, the Sacred Hebrew and Aramaic Texts of the Bible and the Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda make it clear that it is wrong to kill another human. The Holy Texts also say that it is wrong to kill animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, and so on, for food, and certainly not for sport. The rule is nonviolence, and it must be maintained whether someone has killed another, has violated some religious belief, or is deemed an enemy of the state.

The Holy Father in Heaven is extremely clear, and says that it is wrong to harm any creature living upon the same air you live upon. The Holy Father says to go towards others to help, to be of service. That is the Holy Path, and if you are interested in spending time with the Holiest in Heaven, you need to follow the Holy Way.

Here are wise words of the Veda to think about and act on.

To exert one’s self for others separates the good from the bad.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

Verse from the Veda for Living with Holy Being

Heaven and Earth Yantra

Some religious adherents believe that they will attain the heavenly state upon their death. Some believe that by simply believing in such in enough. Some believe that by sacrificing their life in support of a country or a religion will do it.

There are many beliefs, and they are beliefs, because such and such has not been proven, and that is a problem with the earthly religions of today. Luckily, the ancient teaching of the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Bible, the Arabic text of the Quran, the Sanskrit texts of the Upanishads, the Rigveda, and so on, has now been deciphered and the teaching is provable.

All beings live upon the same breath. The breath is the Supreme Spirit Pervading the Universe, and there is no doubt, the breath is God upon the earth. Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, has many names, but is the same.

Here is a verse from the Veda for living with the Holy Being.

The breath to call on and exhale is a magic formula for the Ruler to get into.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma


May everyone have a joyous day of Brahma. Do whatever you want to do to have fun, good clean fun. No one is hurt or yelled at or whatever because the goal is that everyone is happy. Brahma created this amazing universe and this wonderful planet to be happy in… so go for it for the day.

I am going to be happy, and for me that is translating the verses of the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of the Creator. I have done that for many years and I enjoy it so much I spend many hours completely absorbed in it every day. Today the afternoon is free, a little fire in the evening to celebrate the Solstice and herald the sun. Yes, I am going to be happy and I hope you can be as happy if not happier. Have a very happy Solstice.

Even though this is the first day of winter with lots of cold days to come, I already feel better knowing that the sun will rise a little higher in the sky for spending a little more time shining upon us every day. A little known fact is that light contains knowledge so that is no small matter, and knowing the darkest days are behind and the light becomes more direct every day for at least the next one-hundred and eighty days gives me lots of hope.

During this dark time things move a little slowly, people tend to feel more dreary and tired because of the lack of sunlight. But lo and behold, during the darkness people wish happiness on others much more frequently than normal and are much more giving. They like to lite lots of candles, wrap small flickering lights around trees and such, and decorate dwellings so everything looks bright and festive. At this time of year people like to huddle together and care for one another, as if they have just lived through a tragedy… and they have. The darkness is dreadful, and an ancient tradition for destroying the darkness is being together with others and being bright and cheerful.

During this dark time of year, people sing of the Magi, the Shining Ones, and tell stories of three of them following a star to the outskirts of a little town where a child had been born a King and to show reverence they bowed down and offered gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I have translated verses from various ancient Holy Texts, including the Rigveda, that speak of the Magi so they must go back to very ancient times. Even so, the teaching of the Magi is the same as published by the Rgvedaschool since the school publishes Sacred Verses from the Veda and the Magians are associated with the first Veda. I have come to understand a Magi as being similar to a Rishi or a Buddha; all three names are titles, just as a King. According to the Sacred Text, a hallmark of a title is to be shining with light, to be a Shining One, and a Magi, Rishi, and a Buddha have mastered the teaching.

Here is a verse from the Holy Quran to enjoy the day with Brahma.

To be striking to attain a brightness and to be able to be one of the Magi to go and roar aloud for the discharge of poison and have light because of.


Verse of the Month

I know now for certain that we have not been born on this distant planet in the outer fringes of a galaxy in the vastness of space by happenstance. It has been by design and the Creator and Preserver of the universe is here to help us every moment of our lives. Breath by breath God is here for us, for the strength to do just about whatever, and all of the ancient spiritual texts are the guidebooks for living with purpose. I am certain of that and there are voluminous amounts of texts scattered about the earth in many languages. How wonderful is that?

When I speak of the ancient spiritual texts I include every text of the genre composed more than two thousand years ago, but the list can be expanded. The list includes hieroglyphics and the written character, the root texts of all the major religions and minor ones, the timeless songs and sayings of indigenous people all over the world, the many mantras joyfully chanted in Sanskrit, or Arabic, or Hebrew, and many other languages are included. The translations of the sayings and texts other than those of the Rgvedaschool are not included and it is certain that the commentaries and speculations based upon the poor translations of the texts are not, and the list can be expanded.

The human race has just begun to emerge from the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of the world. The Kaliyuga began about two-thousand seven hundred years ago and the Rgveda was written down by Shrila Vyasadeva before to preserve it through, and lo and behold, it was successful. The Rgvedaschool recently figured out how to translate the text and consequentially the way to translate a plethora of spiritual texts in many languages using the same Sanskrit Dictionary of Sir M. Monier-Williams. Quite amazing I think but Sanskrit is the root of a great many languages upon the earth, including the European Languages and English. The great discovery of this is that all the texts present the same message. Through an accurate translation of the texts the Composer is made known and is the one and only God and the message is to treat everyone as brothers and sisters. Yes, we all share the same air to be together and these texts share the guidance for attaining a state of happiness on the earth, for the purpose of benefiting the world community.

In this verse from the Rgveda the one and only God mentions the sacred teaching associated with the Magians to Rishi Kanva Ghaura, the founder of the Vedic School. The Magi are mentioned in the Quran and the Bible and they were of a lineage, just as the Angiras of the Rgveda. These lineages would have flourished during the Golden Age of the world, about nine thousand years ago, but disappeared before the Kaliyuga, which is why it is called the Dark Age. The lineage of Angiras and the Path to Buddhahood disappeared when Buddha Shakyamuni went beyond to be with Brahma, the Divine Absolute.

Fulfilling for now the Absolute is present with a wind for those to raise a mystical verse from the Rgveda of the Magians, and in this manner to be skilled in praising the day.

To strive for to know to be powerful with speed to call on extraordinary power and wisdom and a fix in the earth to break to pieces, and attached to a measure of Divine AH is Brahma to enjoy to cast a shine for the love of giving.

The text referred to is most likely the Avesta and here is a short verse from it.

The air to love calling on and to bind to for meditation to point out the cause to come clean, air is the vehicle and to be quick as a Buddha abandoning to come to be pure.

Usually, if an author quotes a verse from a book in another book, the book quoted from is previous, so if the Avesta is the Rgveda of the Magians then it must be previous, but in this case the Eternal One is the author and in the Eternal Present there is no before or after.


Verse of the Week

The word Rgveda in Sanskrit means the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge. The Sacred Knowledge is not just available in the ancient book referred to as the “Rig Veda” but is contained in all the ancient spiritual texts. It is unfortunate that the translation of the world’s key religious texts is so poor because the world is in a mess because of it. For those interested in knowing the truth of the matter, the Rgvedaschool has discovered the correct method for translating the ancient texts. It is worth noting that all of the texts promote the same philosophy of giving and the goal of becoming enlightened… becoming a Buddha and living for all beings. It is the teaching of the Creator, the Divine Absolute, and referred to as the Philosophical System of AH, the Path, the Middle Way, and so forth, and teaches compassion for all beings. The Absolute decided long ago that if a person is to have compassion for all beings the ego must be abandoned. Only in that way can one give to others without obstruction. Here’s a short mantra about such things. It’s a mantra associated with Tibetan Buddhism and chanted in Sanskrit, but it’s great to know what it says. It begins with OM… OM in Sanskrit means yes.

Yes, an enthusiast of a Buddha is great if the impulse for those is to abandon the ego.