Verse from the Veda for Change

The Anushasana, commonly called the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is separated into four padas, or parts. In short, the four parts reveal the path to Buddhahood, and yes, a Buddha is the highest state a human can attain. The word Yoga in Sanskrit means a remedy, a cure, a method, an opportunity, uniting, joining, fitting together, and so on, but in short it means becoming whole and healthy.

The four steps reveal the path to ultimate happiness, the way to generate the very mantras of the Yoga Sutras with a breath within the belly, raise a beam of light, and water to serve with Sacred AH to anyone. This is how one will know the enlightened. They will generate a light that spreads out from the body, not just a glow about the head as depicted in religious pictures. Since light is hot, water rises to cool the body and gift to others with Sacred AH. This would certainly have been an amazing thing to see in ancient times, and it will again when a hero reaches the top to the mountain. That is the grounds for enlightenment and the mission is compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry. A Buddha will live as an example of the teaching, but the Holy Spirit will rise from the womb with light and speak the Holy Message to the people of the earth. No doubt, it will be a life-changing event, but that is the purpose.

To make a person live quietly, to pass away is certain, but follow a course of conduct of a Buddha and go on account of descendants. To go to and to go and surrender to take to oneself the sound of AH to be received in a hospitable manner for to come to change.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

In 1985, New York City dedicated an area of Central Park directly across from the Dakota as Strawberry Fields, where John Lennon had frequently walked. In a symbolic show of unity, countries from around the world donated trees and the city of Naples, Italy, donated the Imagine mosaic centerpiece.

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