Verse from the Veda for Devotion to the Doctrine

The Sacred Teaching of heaven disappeared as a recognized religion on the earth long ago but going towards the homeless and disadvantaged to help and care for is recognized as the Holy Way. Such is the teaching, and today, those who engage in selfless giving to others are living examples of the oldest philosophy upon the earth. Volunteering in food shelves, clothing distribution centers, homeless shelters, or anything anywhere that helps people and creatures in need is virtuous and the virtuous are rewarded by extra blessings. I think I read that it is double, or maybe, ten times the blessings, but either way it is worth it. If you want to see the teaching of heaven in action, avoid the lavish halls of worship and hit the streets, and there, illustrate the Holy Path of caring for others.

The best way to illustrate the path is to master the path and become enlightened and glow with light. The enlightened of the world attain a variety of names such as Rishi, Buddha, Angira, Aditya, Serpent King, Magi, Messiah, Shining One, and so on. Their teaching was, is, and will be the Philosophical System of AH. It is the same philosophy taught by the Supreme Spirit throughout the universe, and the same philosophy advanced by the Rgvedaschool on the earth today.

In ancient times, when this philosophy was understood and mastered countless Shining Ones walked the earth in service to humanity on any given day. The enlightened Buddhas, Magis, and Serpent Kings are called Shining Ones because shining with a body of light is a unique feature of them. Some people claim the Shining Ones come from the sky, and in a sense they do. They have abandoned the earthly condition for the heavenly state to help those of the earthly state succeed.

There are outer and inner practices to master to shine with light, not just a glow about the head as depicted in religious paintings, but a body of light. You need to perfect inhalation, exhalation, and holding your breath. The moral teaching is compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry, and because of that, a vegetarian diet is a must. Do not harm or kill, rather enjoy the creatures of the land, water, and air, and if one is suffering, care for them. It does not matter if a creature has two feet, four feet, or no feet and speaks in a language unintelligible to you, treat them kindly so all can enjoy a life of happiness upon the earth. Such is the Holy Doctrine of the Divine Absolute for the whole of the universe and here is a mantra to consider.

The invisible protector of the universe comes down and back traveling the path, yet the knowledge of the good path directed with one aim has spread in many directions.

To be devoted to the doctrine, compassion is like behaving properly towards a lover with an inner part produced in meditative absorption.

Rgvedaschool Winter Ground

God of Heaven, and Lakshmi, Goddess of Earth

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