Verse from the Veda for Good Karma

Recently, the Rgvedaschool revised the dates of the yugas, or ages of humanity on the earth. There are four ages where the mentality and spirituality of mortal beings rises and falls on the earth. It is associated with axial precession, the 26,000-year cycle where the earth is spinning like a top about to topple over as it revolves around the sun. The length of the cycle changes over time as the current cycle is closer to 25, 772 years. The earth spins in a circle once a day, but the force of gravity causes the earth to wobble, and the wobble causes the star field to slowly change over time. The pole star will become Gamma Cephei in a thousand years from now, and we will slowly cycle though the twelve constellations of the zodiac, each lasting about 2,167 years. We are currently transitioning from Pisces to the age of Aquarius.

The Veda is quite specific as to the length of each yuga. The Kaliyuga lasts 1,200 years, Dvaparayuga 2,400 years, Tretayuga 3,600 years, Satyayuga 4800 years. There is a rising and falling of each yuga, so it totals 24,000 years. So, what is the deal? It must have been the length of the cycle at some time, but since it is now almost 2,000 years longer, the school readjusted the dates to be in agreement. I have no idea how accurate the calculations are, but I lean towards it being more accurate than other versions I have seen. If anyone has better information on this, please let me know.

Earthlings have been suffering in the Kaliyuga for the past 3,000 years, the worst of times where people quarrel and fight, but luckily, slowly transitioning into the second age called Dvaparayuga. In Sanskrit, dva means two, para means different, yuga means age, so we are now in the dawn of the age where things will be different. During Tretayuga people will treat others kindly. They will be helpful and peaceful, and care for others as family. Satyayuga is called the Golden Age of Humanity and people will follow the Golden Rule of compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry. Yes, but that will be many thousands of years.

According to the school’s new calculations Dvaparayuga began a couple of hundred years ago in 1800. The yugas have a dawn and dusk of 10 percent each, so the dawn of Dvaparayuga is 260 years. The age where people will become kinder on the earth will officially kick in on 2060 and last for 2,600 years., and after that, life will get better. Yes, but in the meantime, here is a mantra for the action to overcome suffering now.

Be around very affectionate faithful people who accomplish wonderful deeds and harvest the consequence of their actions. Karma is the action and the result, and good karma to chant AH in the fourth note of the scale and draw in to bind to attain delight and great power for great deeds.

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