Verse from the Veda about the Fruit of Knowledge

I have been considering the truthfulness of the Bible, the Holy Text of Christianity, and Christianity, the most popular religion in the world today. In the last post, I claimed that the Bible is wrong on its creation story and dangerous in saying humans have dominion over the creatures of the land, air, and water. Since the Holy Teaching of heaven is compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry, harming those of the land, air, and water is wrong. Christians claim the commandment of do not kill refers to a human murdering another human, but even that is confusing because in war or in defense of the religion, killing another is praised. Christianity is not the only earthly religion to hold that philosophy and it is wrong and extremely dangerous.

The next major ungodly and dangerous story in the Bible is where woman was formed from a rib of man to be a helpmate to man. Now we know that is not true because of knowing the creation story and it not making sense, because male and female are necessary for creation to continue.

In the Garden of Eden story the woman eats the fruit of knowledge and is condemned by God to greater suffering during childbirth and servitude to man is especially dangerous and ungodly, and that ugly situation plays out every day. Around the world the most discriminated population are women. Even people most discriminated against discriminate against women. I do not think it matters where women live in the world they are seen as inferior to man. Women are subject to discrimination in the Christian Religion and most other earthly religions as well, whereas in the Holy Religion of heaven, the Veda, men and women are equal. If you do not see at least an equal number of women to men in positions of authority in the religion you follow, quit. The Holy Religion is equality for all, it does not matter the persons sex, sexual preference, race, age, religion, rich, poor, whatever. If you see discrimination of any sort, turn away and quit.

The eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil is an old story that appeared in the Rigveda a thousand years before the Bible, but the greater suffering and servitude to man is unique to the Bible. It is troubling, and the other thing troubling about the story is that God is portrayed as angry, vindictive, and deliberately causes greater suffering in people. That is definitely not the God of love that cares for everyone every moment of their lives.

Since the Holy Teaching of heaven is compassion for all, the Bible has clearly diverged from the truth, but it is truly astounding how far it has diverged. I am not going to read any more of the Bible.

The Holy Teaching is the Golden Rule; compassion for all creatures that grasp for the breath and cry, and that includes all the animals, birds, and fish that people kill and eat. Be a peaceful caring person, consume a vegetarian diet, and care for all creatures. It does not matter if the creature has two feet and walks upright, walks on four feet or has no feet, and speaks in a language you understand or not, treat them kindly so all can enjoy life upon the earth. Such is the doctrine of compassion for the whole of the universe. Here are two of the four mantras about eating the fruit of knowledge.

Two birds are bound together as sharing friends and take refuge in the same tree, one of the two eats the sweet fruit and the other clearly watches out of respect.

A steady mind feeds on the sweetness in the tree that enters the bottom for the top, they say the fruit is sweet, and the one who eats of knows Holy Father and Mother and right from wrong.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

Man and Woman

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