Verse from the Veda Great for Protection

For most of my life I was a Buddhist, I believed in the doctrine, the Hinayana tradition, but gravitated to the Mahayana path when the Tibetans came to the area. There is much pomp and circumstance in the Tibetan spiritual practices, or sadhanas, when I now know the Holy Path is simplicity and the philosophy is difficult to understand when the Holy Teaching of Heaven is easy to grasp. Every sadhana ended with a prayer to become a Buddha for the benefit of humanity, which is noble to strive for, but never saw the goal reachable by me. Now I see a way, difficult, but possible with enough effort and good luck.

After a weekend retreat on the Prajnaparamita, or Heart Sutra, I retreated permanently from the Buddhist religion. As part of the teaching was a long and dreadful discourse on the hell realm, a fictitious realm after death and before rebirth. The horrors befalling a person were agonizing to hear and it went on and on, more like the hell realm of the Christian religion in it being everlasting.

Although a person is born to live and die, is born again to live and die again and it goes on and on, continuously until a person becomes awakened, a Buddha for the benefit of humanity. In the between you have no body to experience any horrors, no eyes to see it is dark, no feeling of pain or happiness, nothing. No one that I am aware of has returned from the dead to describe the horrors of the hell realm although some have claimed returning from heaven to describe the delights. The body is of the earth and does not go to heaven, so how to see, hear and feel the delight?

The mantra associated with the Heart Sutra is “tadyatha om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha.” It is called the Perfection of Wisdom and the English translation of the Sanskrit mantra is “gone gone gone beyond the wisdom is.” If you compare the two mantras, you might instantly notice that something is wrong. Even if gate means gone, which it does not, there are not enough in the translation, and the words tadyatha om parasamgate and swaha are not included. The ancient Sanskrit mantras associated with Tibetan Buddhism such as this one are considered extremely holy, so I would think they would want to know what they say. Many think the mantras are syllables of power but have no meaning. The mantras are the Holy Wisdom of Heaven to follow to awaken so it behooves them to know the teaching.

The same poor translations of the Sacred Text are associated with all the religions of the earth, so none of the recognized religions appears worth recognizing. To attain the state of a Buddha to attain the heavenly state, master the mantras upon the earth. Until the day comes that the various religious of the earth take to accurately translating their Holy Texts, know that the same philosophy of kindness to all appears in all, and that teaching appears at the Rgvedaschool now.

Here is a mantra from the Veda great for protection.

For happiness seek the air, the indestructible bounteous air is great in the care of, and to call on to become bounteous to hold steady is perfect for that.

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