Verse from the Veda to be Born into the Order of Knowledge

A hotly debated topic in the United States is abortion and the rights of the mother. I wish it was only a hotly debated subject, but restricting legal abortions has led to the permanent injury and death of many young people. In the legal argument in Roe vs Wade, the court ruled on the side of the mother, but today, Christian zealots are favoring the rights of the unborn over the rights of the mother. In some states legal abortion clinics are scarce, and unfortunately, it is likely to worsen.

I have translated portions of all the major religious texts on the earth, and although none addressed the topic of abortion, it is easy to extrapolate the righteous position. The religious position is compassion for whatever grasps for the breath and cries. Therefore, compassion for mothers, fathers, and people of all shapes, sizes, and looks. Compassion for the breathing crying creatures of the land, water, and air is the Holy Way. Do not harm, do not kill, rather help and care for others as a loving mother.

The fetus is an organism living off the mother and is not a person. The Sacred Text refers to the body as a nonentity, and the English Dictionary calls a nonentity nothing, nobody. The soul enters the body with the first breath, and usually the child announces the occasion by crying AH loudly for the mother to hold and care for with compassion.

Here is a verse from the Veda to be born into the Order of Knowledge.

High praise for the effect of the rite for the performer is rendered immortal, born into the Order of Knowledge to care for all breathing creatures as God of heaven and Goddess upon the earth.

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