Verse from the Veda to Focus Upon

It is a funny but sorry situation that the Rigveda, the world’s oldest spiritual text, is the foundational text of Hinduism yet is the teaching to become a Buddha. The teaching in the Rigveda is different from the teaching of Buddhism today, and the difference is significant. The teaching of Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism will not produce a Buddha, and the evidence is clear. The last Buddha called Buddha Shakyamuni, Gotama Buddha, or Angiras Kumara, lived about three thousand years ago.

If one even casually peruses the list of Rishis associated with the Rigveda, the evidence of its connection to Buddha is clear. A Rishi is associated with every hymn or sukta of the Rigveda, and here are a few from the first Mandala: Rishi Hiranyastupa Angiras, Rishi Savya Angiras, Rishi Nodhas Gautama, Rishi Gotama Rahugana, and Rishi Kutsa Angiras. Rishi Hiranyastupa Angiras composed portions of Annuvaka 7, Sukta 31-35. The word Hiranyastupa means Golden Stupa, and a stupa is a shrine containing Buddhist relics. Angiras were a lineage of Rishis and Buddhas, and the last of the lineage was Buddha Shakyamuni, who is of the Angiras lineage. It is my belief that Rishi Gotama Rahugana was his grandfather.

The Buddha is a title for the highest state a human can attain. The word in Sanskrit means awakened, learnt, a wise person, sage, the perfect knowledge, fully enlightened, and liberated from all existence. The word Buddha appears only once in the Sanskrit text of the first Mandala, although the syllable buddh meaning to be awakened, observe, attend to, understand, recognize, restore to life or consciousness, appears many times. There are many Sanskrit words meaning Buddha such as advaya, janaka, jaruna, muni, sramana, tathagata, traya, vidu, and yogin, so in an accurate translation of the Rigveda the word Buddha appears many times. The Rigveda is the path of liberation, closed for the whole of the Kaliyuga, but open again to tread.

Here is a verse from the Veda to focus upon.

Focus upon one sound is effective in meditation and strong devotion to deserve to be an Angira like Gotama, and the mantras to chant to celebrate the hero to hold to become a hero praised with purity.

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