Verse from the Veda for Healing

I chant the mantra of the breath every day. The best time to direct the Sacred Syllable to heaven is before sunrise and after sunset, but I enjoy chanting in the sunlight as well. Long ago I made an oath to chant a certain amount of mantra each day, but this summer, added a mantra for each death in the United States due to Covid-19. Taking an oath is an important undertaking on the Holy Path, and holding to it. You do not have to do anything elaborate in making an oath, but consider it seriously, and say you will do such and such without fail. God and Goddess know everything about you, and gladly provide you with encouragement, and it is said that by holding to an oath, favors occur twice as often. 

I am very happy to chant for less and less people each day, and hope the trend continues. So sad when so many people were dying each day due to the virus. Many days over two thousand deaths, and a thousand, so many because the government response was and is so bad, but thankfully, the number has come down. 

Even though the mantra of the breath is very simple it still takes time and effort to chant a couple hundred mantras, or a thousand.  Two thousand might not seem like a large number, but chant the mantras and it becomes a large number, and sadly, that is how many people were dying each day in the country. 

I draw in one breath for each person who can no longer draw in a breath, and send off the Sacred Syllable AH, as a cry, for each. I chant mantra every day, but it is different when chanting or moaning for someone who just died. I do not count every mantra, only the ones that feel right. 

Be careful and stay healthy, and especially now, during the pandemic. The virus effects everyone no matter the age, sex, religion, and the best preventative is to be careful and stay healthy. Get plenty of rest, eat vegetarian, drink plenty of water, and chant mantra, the Sacred Text says chanting AH with water is healing. 

Here is just such a verse from the Veda for healing. 

Water is divine to offer as oblation, and to serve with a measure of AH is healing.

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