Verse from the Veda to become an Authority

I have wondered for a while why people are becoming so ignorant. I cannot say that all people around the world are becoming dumb, because I am ignorant about that. I live in the United States and there, many people have fallen away from reality to support fantasy. One idea I have is that because of air pollution, the life-giving part of the air we all breath is less prevalent, and less oxygen to the brain lessens the ability to think. Another issue is that people have fallen away from watching legitimate news such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, or reading major city newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and so on, and are reading and watching fake news on the internet. And people who watch fake news call real news fake news so it is confusing, but there are ways to sort things out.

One way to find real news is to look for journalistic standards of reporting. Professional high-quality, investigative news sources have explicit editorial policies and they follow a code of ethics or professional standards, such as the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. If you do not find an editorial policy or a statement of ethical standards on a news source is a red flag indicating suspect content. Legitimate news sources make mistakes on occasion, but reliable sources issue corrections for errors and inaccuracies they subsequently discover. Fake news sources do not issue corrections as they are not accountable for their content. They create or partially fabricate misleading information as well as outright falsehoods.

In the three plus years of the current presidency, just about everything Trump says is a lie, and it is dangerous. Trump’s angry outbursts, his racist, sexist, bigoted remarks are very dangerous. His attack on science, attack on the American health system, postal system, and every government agency is dangerous. America is currently experiencing a great deal of social unrest, very high unemployment, the highest number of Covid deaths of any country in the world, a quickly growing number of homelessness, hunger, and feelings of helplessness. Currently about 50 million Americans do not have enough money to feed themselves or their families, so it is sad to see that almost 40 percent of Americans support the person responsible such things.

The Holy Teaching of heaven is speaking of peace and the truth, and acting in the benefit of all people. God and Goddess care for all creatures, and the teaching is similarity. Be kind to all, young, old, man, woman, no matter how others look, or if you can understand their language of not. Help those in need so that all can be happy on the earth as God and Goddess intend. Service to heaven is served upon the earth, and on judgment day, so shall ye be judged.

Here is a verse from the Veda to become an authority.

To spread the knowledge to tread the good path with good fortune and a light to investigate, with that to become an authority, and an authority is powerful with the power of love to care for others, for those to care for others and so on.

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