Verse from the Veda to Care for All

In recent days, a Christian GoFundMe site has raised over $300,000 for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old teen who shot three innocent people, killing two in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this past week.

Rittenhouse, a big supporter of the brutal Donald Trump, walked around Kenosha a week ago with a loaded AR-15 assault style rifle looking to shoot someone. He got into an argument with Joseph Rosenbaum, and rather than following the Holy Doctrine of kindness toward others, shot and killed the man. Bystanders who witnessed the shooting like Anthony Huber, ran after the shooter, but when Huber attempted to grab the rifle, Rittenhouse shot and killed him. Then Rittenhouse pointed the rifle at Gaige Grosskreutz and fired, hitting him in the arm. After that Rittenhouse calmly walked toward the police who did nothing. I think he was arrested the next day.

Since the murder of the two innocent individuals, the Christian site has raised a lot of money for the defense of the killer, and here are a few comments by contributors.

I support the right for Americans to defend themselves from the leftist Mobs that the Democrats are supporting. I want the looters and rioters to know that they will not be allowed to beat, harass, and terrorize American citizens. Down with the Democrats, Antifa, and anyone else who hates America. True Americans have had enough. God be with you.”

We know we live in dark times when Evil is called Good & Good is called Evil. Remember you are the Good!”

Kyle, you’re a brave young man! You did nothing wrong. I pray the peace of God be with you in these times. Just hang in there! Thank you for taking a stand! God Bless you.”

No doubt about it, we live in very troubled times in the United States. The president did not condemn the killing, just as some Republican congressmen. Keep this up and the Christian Religion and Republican Party will join White-Supremacists on the list of dangerous organizations. In the meantime, to be safe, best not to associate with those three irreligious groups.

Here is a verse from the Veda to care for all.

Care for all creatures that breathe and cry, enjoy watching the animals that live and play in the pastures, and praise the path that yama, death, does not walk.

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