Verse from the Veda to Succeed

The main religions of the earth offer no protection from becoming sick and dying from Covid-19, and in general, offer no protection from becoming sick and dying. Recently some people of faith opened their houses of worship and people gathered and became sick. All over the world the disease has spread when people gather indoors for religious ceremonies or whatever, and especially during large gatherings of people indoors loudly celebrating their savior.

Whether you are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or Christian, you will certainly die, and whether you received protection by following the doctrine is debatable. Such religions worship in structures, and as I mentioned in the previous post, the bigger and more elaborate the building the more ungodly, and at this time, more dangerous. God does not bless structures, but blesses open space, which is the church where I worship. I worship in the field, the forest, by the river, anywhere outside where it is safe, and the Holy Spirit freely flows to become holy.

Today, no Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or Christian has returned from the promised land as proof, so no one really knows if being a faithful Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and so on has any benefit in that regard. In the end, the faithful die, so we know the religions do not protect the body, and since they provide no proof of an afterlife in heavenly bliss, we would have to conclude that the religions do not offer a way to succeed.

The Sacred Teaching is to succeed and then offer the proof to others so they can succeed. I am a devotee, but have not succeeded. I can verify portions of the text, and comprehend it logically, so I do not doubt it, but have not succeeded. The teaching says when one is old to plan on returning home to heaven. At 70, I consider myself old, and since I am a devotee I have begun working on the methods to attain the enlightened state, and if I succeed, you will know the way. If you take on the work and succeed, then I will know the way. Either way, when successful others will know.

Here is a verse from the Veda to succeed.

For heaven on the earth, fill a mountain of AH coming from heaven with blessings to succeed, and to stop and hold tight like riches in the hand and succeed to become tender and loving and loosen the grip for giving. The air leads every prayer, carries the thoughts to heaven, blesses the righteous to serve, and opens a wide doorway to heaven for everyone.

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