Verse from the Veda for a Wonderful Life

I can imagine a world as God and Goddess intend, although now-a-days, it seems unachievable. An intelligent person would think that with all the religions in the world for people to follow, and since most of those of the earth consider themselves religious or spiritual, to live in a world as God and Goddess intend should be achievable. Not only achievable but the norm, but where we are is far from. I cannot speak for the world, but in the United States where I live I can say for certain that this place is going in the wrong direction. Obviously a great blame must be placed on the various religions in this country, especially Christianity, since that is predominant. I assume Christian ministers and priests speak about living a peaceful life and treating people kindly. That is the Holy Teaching of God and Goddess, and it is necessary to follow it to attain a wonderful life and everlasting happiness with the Heavenly Host. So why is it that so many people claiming to be religious do not follow the teaching?

I assume that all the earthly religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikh, and so on teach the Golden Rule of treating others kindly, helping people in need, you know, service. That must be the foundation and purpose of the religion, and if not, it is not in line with the teaching of heaven. Although I think religious people are fine with that, there seems to be an issue with people treating people alike, no matter the sex, age, color of skin or eyes, religious affiliation or not, sexual preference, and so on. Treating dissimilar people similarly seems to be the shortcoming, but one thing I have found that works on overcoming shortcomings is work on it. Work on it and work on it and if one is determined, I think, one can attain success. Take the time to meet someone who looks different. Go toward them in a friendly manner and most likely they will be friendly in return. I utilize that technique often and it works, it really works.

I enjoy meeting people who look different than me. We can look different, act different, and have different philosophical and religious ideas, but that is the enjoyment of it. With all the differences, most of use are the same in seeking happiness, and such is the Holy Teaching. Treat all kindly so that all can live happy.

Here is a verse from the Veda for a Wonderful Life.

A wonderful vision when Mitra appears in the flames, or Surya, or Varuna, but the Supreme Absolute is present everywhere. Stable at the center of all that moves, and to fill up with the air to push out the navel upon the earth to be together with a wonderful presence.

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