Verse from the Veda from the Creator of the Universe

There is no way in Hades that a religious person can justify support for Donald Trump, the unrighteous wicked person currently occupying the white house at the end of Black Lives Matter Boulevard. No person who is a supporter of God, and certainly not a supporter of the Goddess, could support such an evil person. He is a racist and sexist, a provocateur of violence, constantly lies, hobnobs with ruthless dictators, and seems to corrupt everyone around him. He and his cronies have decimated the country so much that the pandemic in the United States is much worse than the rest of the world with no end in sight. In just a few years, he has taken a country respected in the world to one the world looks upon with disgust.

Many people are sexist, but that is no excuse for being sexist. Most religions today are sexist, male dominated with no mention of the Goddess. Stop, look around, there would be no world if there were no Goddess. Thousands of years ago, religion and way of life was very different on the earth for the Goddess was worshiped.

A religious person who follows the Veda is peaceful, friendly, supportive, and caring to all no matter what, and such are not qualities of Donald Trump. It does not matter if you can understand another or not, if the person is young, old, male, or female, treat them kindly. Do not harm any breathing creature that cries and all can enjoy life upon the earth, just as God and Goddess intend.

Here is a verse from the Veda from the Creator of the Universe.

I am eternal and like the sun but supreme, and for all to see to give a wondrous place and the vital breath of life to enjoy, young or old, whatever, it is for all to enjoy.

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