Verse from the Veda to Remove the Cause of Illusion

When I began translating the ancient texts, I was surprised to discover certain notions. I think a good illustration of that comes from the word dog. The Sanskrit word for dog is shvan, and all the published translations of the Rigveda, reference the animal, but in every translated mantra of the Rgvedaschool, the word dog is a verb and comes before the noun. To dog refers to following, pursuing something closely, such as dogging or hounding the Sacred Knowledge. I asked a few people how long they thought the word expressed the concept of following something closely, and like myself, thought it might be a few generations. Since it appears in the Rigveda that is likely four thousand years old, the concept might go back to the beginning of domesticated dogs, maybe twenty-thousand years. Who knows how long, but it points out translations of the oldest religious text in existence that have no meaning, and translations of the Holy Text to dog.

A few billion years ago, in the event called viraj, the physical universe came into being with a thunderous AH, which is an ongoing process. At that moment, the Divine Absolute, Brahma, separated into male and female, two divine forces to move everything of heaven and earth. The Sanskrit word viraj also means far and wide, preeminent, and the cosmic feminine force. It sounds like virage but has an opposite meaning to the English word mirage that means illusion. The play of opposites is a key feature of the Rigveda, and nothing is greater than knowing and basing one’s life upon the truth rather than a lie. Today, in the era of fake news to know the truth is critical. Know the difference and dog the righteous path.

Here is a verse from the Veda to remove the cause of illusion.

AH sustains the Shining Ones and to AH for a mover to produce the understanding, for the multitudes to be inwardly inspired, and with love in the heart to gift the knowledge and AH to people to remove the cause of illusion.

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