Verse from the Veda to Rejoice Along with the Field

The Creator is divine to provide all creatures with a beautiful and holy place, and a breath to live upon and flourish. All seasons have their beauty, but I enjoy the spring the most. Spring is certainly an exciting and active period of the yearly cycle. All of the birds and animals around this part of the world have become quite active, many loudly proclaiming their activity. The vegetation all creatures rely upon, either first or second hand is beginning to rise from the earth or emerge from the trees and bushes.

Plants and creatures are much the same in liking the sunlight, although some are more active at night. They are also much the same in a liking to tending. Yes, plants love attention and nursing or just enjoyed for their beauty or scent. They love when a person bows down to reverence or caress and what one breathes out the other breathes in. Plants are even caring enough to clean the air other creatures live upon.

Plants with the proper amount of sunlight, moonlight, and water, will flourish, but tended to aides their growth and productivity. When tending to the garden, I chant the Holy Syllable AH, and the plants and animals respond.

Here is a verse from the Veda to rejoice along with the field.

Really, the rice ripens quickly in the rainy season and enjoys songs of praise, devotion spreads light and exhilarated people rise for that and rejoice along with the field.

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